Node type: Attribute


Indicates the unique id of an xml file or document.

Code Sample

<chapter fileID="13254_000_intro">



This appears in the root element of every ldsXML file. FileIDs are usually in the format “13254_000_intro”, where “13254” is the 5-digit distribution sku or 10-character clarity project number, “000” is the language code, and “intro” is a unique name for that file.

Magazine article names are sequenced (“13254_000_001”, “13254_000_002”, and so forth).

Book chapter names should be given names like the following when practical:

Title Page 13254_000_title
Table of Contents 13254_000_contents
Introduction 13254_000_intro
Historical Summary 13254_000_summary
Chapter 1 / Lesson 1 13254_000_01
Bibliography 13254_000_biblio
Subject Index 13254_000_index
Author Index 13254_000_index-author
Scripture Index 13254_000_index-script
List of Visuals 13254_000_pictures
Maps 13254_000_maps
Appendix A 13254_000_appendix-a

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