referenceHeader (letter)

Node type: Block element (can contain only other elements)

Whitespace: Not protected


Contains metadata associated with a letter, such as the letter langauge, date of publication, and keywords or search terms.

Code Sample


<publicationID type="letter" title="first-presidency-letter-feb-1-2013"/>






<workTitle>First Presidency letter, Feb. 1, 2013</workTitle>

<shortTitle>First Presidency letter</shortTitle>


<title>First Presidency letter, 1 February 2013: Worldwide Leadership Training DVD</title>

<para>A DVD titled <emphasis>Strengthening the Family and the Church through the Priesthood</emphasis> will be sent to all units of the Church in March 2013.</para>









<authorRole>First Presidency</authorRole>


<editor>Doreen McKnight</editor>



<version stage="source" org="publishing-services" timeStamp="2013-01-28T13:44:13.216-07:00">2</version>




Any element that can exist in a file by itself needs a referenceHeader. Examples include book, chapter, magazine, article, topicBlock, and figureBlock.

Marking in Microsoft Word

The letter-specific Word template contains the reference header elements.