notes (symbol)

Node type: Block element (can contain only other elements)

Whitespace: Not protected


A list of endnotes or footnotes, referenced in the context document with symbol markers, such as asterisk or dagger characters.

Code Sample


<title paraID="1">Testimony<noteMarker noteRef="*">*</noteMarker></title>


<para paraID="2">Elder Dallin<nb/>H. Oaks</para>




<para paraID="3">…</para>


<notes listFormat="symbol">

<listItem noteID="*">


<para paraID="18">These talks are available (in many languages) at <urlRef urlPath=""></urlRef>.</para>



Display Sample


Elder Dallin H. Oaks


* These talks are available (in many languages) at


Wraps listItems with the actual note text.

Marking in Microsoft Word

Use one of the following paragraph styles to indicate the title of the note section:

NOTEnmbr_title   (listFormat = number)
NOTEsymbl_title   (listFormat = symbol)

Use one of the following paragraph styles to mark the paragraphs in the note list:

NOTEnmbr_para.first   (listFormat = number)
NOTEsymbl_para.first   (listFormat = symbol)

Place labels at the beginning of the paragraph, using the following character style:


It is often convenient to place a tab after the label, but this is not strictly necessary, as the conversion process strips tabs.

Note: The paragraph style of all lines within notes should begin with “NOTE”. If this isn’t practical, use the xmlPara paragraph style to enter beginning and ending <note> tags. Include the attribute; for example, <note listFormat="number">.