Using the ldsXML Tag Library

Element and attribute documentation

Each ldsXML element and attribute has its own page in this library, such as the one shown below. For each element or attribute, information is provided to document proper usage.

screen capture of tag library page

Image label Description Notes
A Node name The name of the element or attribute.
B Node type documentation Identifies whether the node is an element or attribute. Also indicates whether the element is block- or metadata-type and whether its whitespace is to be protected. “Protected” means that parsing applications should neither add nor strip whitespace from the element’s value at any level. In Oxygen, a list of “whitespace-protected” elements is stored in the application’s preferences, and Oxygen will not allow any changes to the whitespace inside those elements. Other applications may handle whitespace protection differently, if they handle it at all.
C Node definition A brief definition of the node.
D Child Nodes or Content (for elements) or Attribute Values (for attributes) For elements, a list of the attributes and elements the element can contain is displayed. In some cases, additional information on the number and order of these elements is included. Generally, elements that are not “block-type” can contain text content and other elements. For attributes, the allowed values and value formats are indicated.
E Parent Elements (for elements) or Used in Elements (for attributes) For an element, a list of elements that can contain that element. For an attribute, a list of elements that are allowed to use that atttribute.
F Code Sample A snippet of actual ldsXML markup showing proper use of the node.
G Display Sample How the content in the Code Sample (F) would be displayed in a published format, such as print or the Internet.
H Notes Additional details on using an element or attribute.
I See Also For some elements or attributes, links are provided to other elements or attributes that are similar in structure or use.
J Marking in Microsoft Word Description of how an element or attribute is generated in the standardized Word templates used by the Curriculum Department for producing ldsXML.