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#HisDay Is Something to Sing About

family singing in a car

As part of our invitation to share #HisDay, we invited you to record a favorite song or write your own to share your feelings about the Sabbath. Eric Malizia of Utah saw the invitation and responded, posting this cute video of him and his kids singing a song he wrote entitled “His Day.” Like Eric tweeted with the video, “#HisDay is definitely something to sing about!”

Malizia is obviously very talented. Music has always been a part of his life. He started writing children’s music a few years ago after watching a special on popular LDS songwriter Janice Kapp Perry. “I immediately knew I needed to write my testimony in song for children everywhere to hear,” he said.

Of the experience of writing “His Day” and teaching it to his kids, he called it “the most fun ever.”

“I wrote this song to focus on all of the positive things that can be done on the Sabbath,” Malizia said. “Often people turn their focus to the negative or the things you can’t do. I think we really need to be thankful and look forward to the Sabbath. It is truly a day to reflect and focus on what we are grateful for.”

The song is written from a child’s perspective, and Eric says it describes what the perfect Sunday would be like.

“These are either activities we already do every week or have done on a Sunday as a family,” he said.

But don’t be fooled. Doing all of the things mentioned in the lyrics, and even singing on the way to church with kids sitting still and smiling is not what every Sunday looks like.

“I can assure you we are just like everyone else. We’ve had days where some or all of us drag our feet just to get out the door to church,” he said. "At times life is hard, but the struggle is worth it and we learn something new each week.”

What have you learned over the past several weeks that has made #HisDay better? Send your story to

“His Day” Lyrics

1. One day out of each week I put aside to rest.
I gather with my family and wear my Sunday best.
At church I take the sacrament, I learn, I sing, I pray.
This is how I glorify the Savior on His day.
His day is Sunday so I’ll celebrate
By worshipping and honoring the Savior on His day.

2. I read the scripture truths and learn the word of God.
Each Sabbath day’s a gift to me to hold the iron rod.
I learn my fam’ly history and stories of the past.
When I’m ready I will pay my tithing and I’ll fast.
His day is Sunday so I’ll celebrate
By worshipping and honoring the Savior on His day.

3. I take a fam’ly walk or sing a sacred hymn.
I read or watch a conference talk that testifies of Him.
I visit with my relatives or serve a friend in need.
Gather round the dinner table to a Sabbath feast.
His day is Sunday so I’ll celebrate
By worshipping and honoring the Savior on His day