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How Do You Make the Sacrament Special?


It’s the most important part of the three-hour block. It’s why we go to church on Sunday—to partake of the sacrament.

As the ordinance that ties most directly to the Atonement, there’s no doubt partaking of the bread and water in remembrance of Jesus Christ is important. But week after week, do we really understand its significance in our lives? Do we make a conscious effort to make it count?

We asked on social media how you make the sacrament special. Here are some responses that could give you some ideas to implement this Sunday. 

“I make it first person so it is for me personally.” —Kelela Hussey (Facebook)

“As a parent and a mother, I like to ponder how difficult it must have been for God to watch His Son endure this trial and not intervene in His behalf.” —Shannon Owens Smith (Facebook)

“I look at the hands that deliver the emblems and imagine they're the Savior's and look at my hands as I pass the tray. Are they clean? Do they need repentance to cleanse them?” —Eve Erwin (Facebook)

“I always have a picture of the Garden of Gethsemane on my iPad as I am worshipping. I sometimes read and ponder the scriptures from the Gospels’ accounts of the Last Supper to Golgatha.” —@jr_barron (Instagram)

“I try to think as I partake that I am swallowing some of the ‘light of Christ’ to share as I strive to become more like Him. Each week is another fresh week to improve another one of my weaknesses.” —@tami_sassy (Instagram)

“I pray during it, thanking my Heavenly Father for the gift of the Atonement. I ponder on my weaknesses and mistakes and sins I have committed during the past week. I look for strength to not commit them again and ask for forgiveness. I ask to have the courage to right my wrongs, to see them or feel the wrong before I commit them, to have instant sorrow and to have the prompting of the Holy Ghost with me at all times.” —Pennie Lee Houston (Facebook)

“I open my heart to Him. Like really open it. Talking to Him is somehow more special during sacrament meeting.” —@saralina (Instagram)

“During the sacrament I like to study my patriarchal blessing to see what I can focus on in the week in order to ensure that those blessings come true.” —Zachary Houghton (Facebook)

“I love the hymns we sing on Sundays, especially the sacrament hymns. I think of the words and the message they bring and I also look up the scriptures that are listed at the bottom of each one. I ponder those words of wisdom as well and then read the words of the hymn once again. It never fails to bring the Spirit to my heart and makes the entire sacrament service so meaningful. I have done this for so many years and it seems new every time because my circumstances are ever evolving as I grow in the gospel each week.” —Margaret Ann Greider-Christensen (Facebook)

“When I eat the bread, I like to remember my feelings and attitudes throughout the week and review whether they were appropriate and Christlike and how I can have more positive reactions to events next time. When I take the water, I read over my patriarchal blessing, focus on the sacrament song, or I pray to my Heavenly Father and thank Him for helping me do better than last week, and I thank my Savior for His sacrifice and pray that I can do what He would do and think throughout the next week.” —@annieness_is_awesomeness (Instagram)

“I try to ponder in my heart all of the miracles the Savior did to help so many and how grateful I am for His atoning sacrifice. It makes me realize how excited I am to meet Him again in eternity!” —@mellayayI (Instagram)

“I have a toddler, so most of the time it's a struggle to be able to focus on anything but her during the sacrament. I made a ‘quiet book’ with ‘The Living Christ’ document and pictures of the Savior. We save it for the sacrament and read it to my daughter. It helps me to think about my Savior while keeping my busy toddler quiet!” —Rachel Michelle DuBray (Facebook)

“With two little ones it has been difficult to get a minute of peace!! But I recently discovered that if I pull my three-year-old boy into my lap and whisper stories about Jesus's miracles in his ear he goes quiet. So now the sacrament is a time for me to talk to him about Christ and start him on the right path while at the same time giving myself a small spiritual recharge.” —Brooke O’Dell (Facebook)

“Keeping the sacrament special for me actually requires a whole week of preparation. If I take time every night to ask for forgiveness of the issues that I caused to burden me that day, then when Sunday morning arrives, the sacrament has greater purpose in my life. I usually find my thoughts on Sunday morning turning to all the covenants I've made my whole life, and I'm motivated to recommit to keeping them, knowing that I can start new every week. During the actual partaking of the sacrament, because of the weekly preparation, I'm more able to fully appreciate and reverence the Savior and His Atonement and what it really means in my life and I have a greater commitment to always remember my Savior Jesus Christ and am more willing and able to keep all of His commandments.” —@lowanda1 (Instagram)

“During the sacrament, I find it hard to focus my thoughts on the Savior, so I often open my scriptures and read about the Atonement. It helps me to remember and understand the importance of the ordinance. I also like to read about the gift of the Holy Ghost to serve as a reminder for why I need to keep my baptismal covenants that are renewed each week—I am promised the constant companionship of the Spirit if I do so.” —@lucy__gleason (Instagram)

“Write down meaningful scriptures of the Atonement or the Savior in general (His teachings, miracles, etc.) in the front or back pages of your Book of Mormon or on a sticky note. During the sacrament, read and reflect the feelings and thoughts that come.” —@garettcarlisle (Instagram)

“Prepare!! Don't rush into the meeting like you are running into Wal-Mart to get milk. Slow down. Review the previous week ahead of time and reflect on times when you were weak and also when you felt the Spirit. —@lilredbarnetownky (Instagram)

The purpose of the sacrament was summed up nicely by @craltom on Instagram, who wrote, “The sacrament is already special, not because of anything I do, but because of what Christ has already done for each of us. The more I study the ordinance of the sacrament, His life, and develop reverence for the covenants I made at baptism, the more that becomes abundantly clearer.”

And as Dennis Ray Dunn commented on Facebook, “I don’t make it special … it makes me special.”

How are you going to make the sacrament more special this Sunday?