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How Seeing the “Little Big Things” Made a Huge Difference in My Life


I know that every family goes through its own challenges, but when my family was hit with what seemed like trial after trial, I started to wonder about the purpose of it all.

To My Friends Going through a Quarter-Life Crisis

woman in front of a chalk board

The quarter-life crisis emerges in young adulthood when you take the first steps into “real life” and realize you have no idea what you’re doing.

With Pickles and a Cherry on Top: Sunday Toppings for FHE

picnic toppings

Try this tasty object lesson about the Sabbath next family home evening.

#HisDay Is Something to Sing About

family singing in a car

Eric Malizia of Utah wrote a children’s song about #HisDay. Download the music and sing along with your family!

How You’re Sharing #HisDay with the World

dad dressing a young son

We invited you to help remind the world what the Lord’s day is all about, and you’re doing just that.

Five Ways to Make Family Scripture Study a Habit Everyone Can Enjoy

children reading books

Here are five suggestions I’ve found helpful for making family scripture study a more enjoyable habit.

A Reason to Go to Church Every Week


I know what it is like to be everyone’s worst example! So why did I do it?

Finding Self-Worth in a Selfie World


Maybe feeling cheated by 78 “likes” on a posted picture that I thought deserved a million means I’ve swung too far from what I once understood about self-worth.

#HisDay, Your Stories

family taking pictures in a field of flowers

We are inviting you to show us how you are making the most of the Sabbath by sharing #HisDay with us. Here are examples of how members are responding.

Making the Sabbath Better for Children—FHE Lesson


If Sundays in your home are filled with crying, complaining, or contention, here’s an idea for an upcoming family home evening to help your family work together to make #HisDay a better day in your home.

Share Your Sabbath: Blue Ribbon Sunday

children cutting paper cutouts

Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated. Give thanks with this fun Sabbath day activity.

How to Pray in a Way God Can Answer

woman kneeling by her bed praying

What are those things it is possible for God to grant? How can I make sure my wishes are the wishes of Christ?

What Did the Prophet Say at Conference?

President Monson speaking during conference

What did the prophet say at this general conference that is so important for our day?

Spring Will Come

spring blossoms on a tree

My heart ached. Like the outside world, this season in my life felt like winter. But I was sustained through those winter days by a few specific things.

4 Fun Ways to Make Your Family History Come to Life


Here are some fun ways to make sure your ancestors’ legacies live on.

20 Do’s for Making the Sabbath a Delight


While attending church is an important part of the Sabbath, it’s only a small part of the day.

7 Family-Friendly Ideas for Centering Easter on Christ


If you’re like me and you’re looking for new Easter traditions focused on the Savior, here are some quick and easy ideas to try.

Our Savior’s Atonement


If we could truly understand the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ, we would realize how precious is one son or daughter of God.

To Every Mom Struggling with a Toddler in Sacrament Meeting


I have a two-year-old. And he’s terrible. Well, not all the time. But this past Sunday in church, he was the poster child of the terrible twos.

What My Kids Taught Me about Loving Anybody


God loves us, even though we’re imperfect. So we too should love everyone, despite imperfections, beliefs, and choices.

Love One Another—14-Day Challenge


Love is in the air. Well, maybe not for you. But it could be.

How Will Your Goals Bring You Closer to Christ This Year?


If you are looking to come closer to Christ in 2016, here are some ideas from some of our followers on social media to help get you started.

What Can You Give of Yourself This Christmas?


My goal is always to teach my kids that Christmas is more than gifts and Santa. It’s about a Savior who was born—a Savior who changed the world. But sometimes it’s hard to drive that lesson home.

Simple Activities for a More Christ-Centered Christmas


Here are a few activity ideas that can make your Christmas meaningful and keep your thoughts centered on the reason we celebrate.

A Dad’s Guide: How to Make Sacrament Meeting Special for Your Wife and Kids


Let me tell you about how sacrament meeting went for my family last week. Maybe we can learn something together. Or maybe this will just be therapeutic for me.

Touching God’s Grace


The concept of divine grace can feel foreign, intangible, and abstract, but God’s grace is as real as the air we breathe.

Is Sacrament Meeting a Top-of-the-Mountain Experience for You?


If we are willing to do what it takes to make it happen, sacrament meeting can be the most anticipated hour of our week.

Learning from General Conference as a Family


These eight tips have helped us learn from general conference all year long.

How Do You Make the Sacrament Special?


It’s the most important part of the three-hour block. It’s why we go to church on Sunday. Do we make a conscious effort to make the sacrament count? Members share how they make the sacrament special.

My Heart-to-Heart with God about the Sabbath


God had a message for me, but first I had to get over my pride.

How to Answer the Toughest “Whys” of Life


If you’ve ever spent time with young children, chances are you’ve heard this question: Why?

How to Confidently Navigate the Maze of Life


We can all benefit from honing our navigation skills. Tune your spiritual headsets to the right voice and begin taking each step with more confidence.

Why My Smartphone Makes Church Better


Should we use mobile devices at church? Ultimately I decided it isn’t a question of “we,” as in members collectively. It’s a question of “I.” Here are three questions that helped me evaluate my actions.

Listening with Football Focus to the Voice of the Lord


Giving the voice of the Lord our undivided attention requires desire and effort. But when we do, other noises fade and we hear His counsel with clarity.

80 Ideas for More Satisfying Sundays


It’s a question asked by children and adults alike. What can I do on Sunday? We’ve got 3 hours in the day accounted for, but what about the other 15?

Conference Was Great. Now What?


Seven Ideas for Your Next Family Night

Who Am I, Really?


I am a child of God. Therefore, what? Answers from the general women’s session.

Do You Have a Relationship with God? Maybe It’s Time for a Spiritual Checkup


Take a giant step toward God by assessing your relationship with Him.

When God Feels Missing from Your Life


When God feels missing from your life, set your sights on the temple and the distance will diminish.

There’s Really No Such Thing as a Sabbath “Cannot”


To Invite God a little closer to your family each Sabbath day, offer Him signs of your love with “Sabbath cans.”

Seeking Spiritual Experiences Daily


Like the food and water we need to stay alive, daily spiritual experiences help us come closer to God.

Why I Stopped Phoning It in on Sundays


It was just another day. And that was the problem.

The Sabbath Was Made for Mom, Not Mom for the Sabbath


I wonder if I've been overlooking one of the most important things that I can do on the Sabbath—namely, help my wife actually have a Sabbath day.

Making a Sabbath Day Plan


When determining appropriate activities for Sabbath day observance, make a Sabbath day plan.

How Would Your Family Describe the Sabbath?


Download these conversation cards to use in an upcoming family home evening.

A Day to Focus on What Matters Most


The Sabbath is a day to set aside world pursuits and interests and focus on what matters most.

Blessings of the Sabbath Day

women in a meeting

Picture yourself receiving the most important invitation of your life: a chance to spend a day with Jesus Christ. How would you prepare spiritually and physically for such a day? What blessings might you hope would come from such a visit?