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Simple Activities for a More Christ-Centered Christmas


When you think about Christmas, what do you picture?

It might be a gift you received or gave or twinkling lights on a tree, but it’s likely that your favorite memories of the season are more about family traditions and activities. Maybe you picture your kids dressed up in nativity costumes or building gingerbread houses together. Maybe you hear your favorite Christmas hymn or feel the warmth that comes from spending time with loved ones.

Christmas traditions can vary widely from family to family, but they bring us closer together and remind us what’s really important. The best traditions are those that are not only fun but also fill our hearts with love and remind us of our Savior.

Here are a few activity ideas that can make your Christmas meaningful and keep your thoughts centered on the reason we celebrate.

“Peace on Earth” Print

Hang this print somewhere you can see it often throughout the season, and think about the story of Christ’s birth.

Christmas Gift Tags

Use these tags to customize your gifts and bring to mind your favorite Christmas hymns.

Customizable Advent Calendar

Fill this calendar with traditions and activities that will bring your family closer to Christ. We’ve given you some ideas, but you can turn it into something that’s special to you.