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President Nelson Discusses Correcting the Name of the Church, Focusing on the Home, Gathering Israel


During the October 2018 General Conference, President Nelson stressed the importance of using the correct name of the Lord’s Church, focusing on remodeling our homes as places of gospel learning, and joining the gathering of Israel.

To the Women of the Church: “We Need You!”


Read inspired invitations and counsel for the women of the Church given by the prophet, counselors in the First Presidency, and female general officers of the Church at the general women’s session of the 2018 October general conference.

The Truth about Dads

dad holding child on a beach

I’m not the dad you see on TV. The majority of dads are infinitely more nuanced than the two-dimensional cardboard cutouts we are depicted to be. So, then, who are we?

Nurturing Love at Home

garden being watered

No matter the state of our family relationships, we can always strive to create love at home—to do the small and simple things to nurture our relationships with the people who matter most to us.

Raising Missionaries Right: 8 Skills Parents Are Overlooking

mother sitting on the floor with children

Whether you’re trying to raise a missionary or not, these eight skills can help you better prepare your children to face the world.

All The Reasons We Love Dad

children talking about their fathers

Here are just a few of the countless reasons we’re so glad you’re ours.

With Pickles and a Cherry on Top: Sunday Toppings for FHE

picnic toppings

Try this tasty object lesson about the Sabbath next family home evening.

4 Fun Ways to Make Your Family History Come to Life


Here are some fun ways to make sure your ancestors’ legacies live on.

Simple Activities for a More Christ-Centered Christmas


Here are a few activity ideas that can make your Christmas meaningful and keep your thoughts centered on the reason we celebrate.

80 Ideas for More Satisfying Sundays


It’s a question asked by children and adults alike. What can I do on Sunday? We’ve got 3 hours in the day accounted for, but what about the other 15?

Conference Was Great. Now What?


Seven Ideas for Your Next Family Night

There’s Really No Such Thing as a Sabbath “Cannot”


To Invite God a little closer to your family each Sabbath day, offer Him signs of your love with “Sabbath cans.”

The Sabbath Was Made for Mom, Not Mom for the Sabbath


I wonder if I've been overlooking one of the most important things that I can do on the Sabbath—namely, help my wife actually have a Sabbath day.

Making a Sabbath Day Plan


When determining appropriate activities for Sabbath day observance, make a Sabbath day plan.

How Would Your Family Describe the Sabbath?


Download these conversation cards to use in an upcoming family home evening.

A Day to Focus on What Matters Most


The Sabbath is a day to set aside world pursuits and interests and focus on what matters most.

Blessings of the Sabbath Day

women in a meeting

Picture yourself receiving the most important invitation of your life: a chance to spend a day with Jesus Christ. How would you prepare spiritually and physically for such a day? What blessings might you hope would come from such a visit?