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Turning Our Messy, Complicated Lives into Something Holy


Is holiness even possible in the busy-ness of life? How can we seek holiness every single day?

Light Is Scattered among All of God’s Children


We can learn truth from all our life’s experiences and from a variety of people. When we see those not of our faith doing good, why not rejoice and sing with gratitude to the heavens that in a world of so many dark influences, light and goodness are getting a greater hearing?

The Power of the Scriptures in Our Daily Lives


What effect will the power of God’s word have in your life?

President Nelson Discusses Correcting the Name of the Church, Focusing on the Home, Gathering Israel


During the October 2018 General Conference, President Nelson stressed the importance of using the correct name of the Lord’s Church, focusing on remodeling our homes as places of gospel learning, and joining the gathering of Israel.

To the Women of the Church: “We Need You!”


Read inspired invitations and counsel for the women of the Church given by the prophet, counselors in the First Presidency, and female general officers of the Church at the general women’s session of the 2018 October general conference.

How General Conference Helped Me Join the Church of Jesus Christ

Mo Crocket in a winter landscape

I was considering baptism into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but I was sure that the space between who I was and who the Church wanted me to be was too great a distance for me to travel alone. The experience I had watching general conference was a turning point.

The Real Source of Confidence

two young women talking

As we understand our divine identity and keep our covenants, we can count on some wonderful blessings.

Using Agency and Revelation to Make Life Decisions

illustration of someone looking at a map

Every time I came close to making a decision, I felt nothing but confusion and silence. No matter what I did, I could not seem to find the path that felt “right.”

Relying on the Savior during My Chronic Illness

illustration of a girl being comforted by the Savior

I was 22 and physically unable to go to school, to work, to even maintain a healthy social life. It was like God had pressed a pause button on my life, my hopes, my dreams. But in this trial was an important message for me, my life, and my happiness.

How I Overcame Challenges and Found Hope in My Life

Sister Aburto

In a three-part video message, Sister Reyna Aburto of the General Relief Society Presidency shares some of the challenges she has faced and gives insight on how to find hope to all who are struggling.

Stand Up, Speak Up, and Shine

young adult woman with phone smiling

At some point, as a disciple of Christ, you will be called upon to articulate what you know and believe. How will you react when a situation presents itself to speak up for Jesus Christ and His Church? Joy D. Jones gives some insights.

Five Things the Prophet Invites All Youth to Do Now

President Nelson

President Russell M. Nelson invites youth around the world to do these five things now to prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

What the Global Ministry Tour Taught Me about Ministering in the Moment

President Nelson shaking hands with two children

My task of documenting President Nelson’s trip to eight cities on three continents in 11 days was serendipitous—it was filled with the repeated discovery of unexpected treasure. Watching President Nelson through the Church News window gives me the desire to minister in the moment, with the deliberateness of feeling at home with all of God’s children.

To Women: “Doing Better Doesn’t Mean Doing More”

a pile of tasks with a woman praying next to it

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all we are asked to do, but doing better doesn’t always mean doing more. You don’t have to do it all, you are never done, and you can be okay with that. As we seek the Lord’s will and strive to do it, we are assured that every small effort is accepted.

President Nelson Announces Changes, Speaks of Revelation and Ministering at General Conference

President Nelson

During the April 2018 General Conference, President Russell M. Nelson spoke of “opening a new chapter in the history of the Church” announcing significant changes and counsel to help members become more like Jesus Christ.

Diving through the Waves of Uncertainty

illustration of man looking at waves

Recognizing revelation has required plenty of trial and error on my part, but over time it’s become easier for me to get answers consistently. And along the way I learned that my concerns and questions are my responsibility and no one else’s.

The Biggest Barrier to Our Connection with God


I know God always wants a close connection with me, so what keeps me from keeping that connection constant?

A Message of Hope from a Painting and a Prophet

painting of Jesus appearing to Mary at the tomb

President Russell M. Nelson and the painting displayed during the historic event announcing the new First Presidency both shared the same message: hope in Christ.

Reflections of My Father, Thomas S. Monson

President Monson and Ann Monson Dibb

Ann M. Dibb, daughter of President Thomas S. Monson, shares memories of her father.

Five Lessons that Lead to Joy in the Journey


In President Thomas S. Monson’s long life of discipleship and leadership he taught and exemplified vital truths of the gospel.

The Sweetest Experience in Life


President Thomas S. Monson brought capacity, energy, loyalty, diplomacy, and diligence to the work. He was beloved by members and nonmembers alike for his true Christlike living.

25 Ways to #LightTheWorld This Christmas

nativity scene

In an increasingly dark world, we can be a bright light to those around us and a shining example of Christlike love.

Step into His Light

young boy smiling

Step away from the shadows of the world and into the everlasting Light of Christ. I testify that He is always there, even when you can’t see or feel His light.

Think to Thank

father and son embracing

Increase your happiness wherever you are in life with a simple yet effective formula: think to thank.

When You’re Already Tired and Can’t Do One More Thing

woman juggling multiple responsibilities

My head exploded. My brain shut down. The phrase that kept running through my head was “How am I going to do that?”

Sabbath Worship Drop by Drop

girl holding an oil lamp

I have found it helpful to think of my Sabbath day worship as filling a lamp—one that needs oil to burn, like in the parable of the ten virgins. Drops of holiness—small, simple things that fuel the flame of my faith in Jesus Christ.

Women Are the Glue

Hands around globe

Women are called to be glue. We are the bonds of unity and kindness. This unity, this bonding, this glue is the ingredient of conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ that is in our most basic doctrines.

Why It Will All Work Out

optimistic person

Overcoming fear requires a divine power, and we gain that power as we choose to act first in faith.

When Your Child Chooses a Different Path


When two of my daughters decided to leave the Church, I felt like somehow I had failed as a parent. In my conversations with other parents who are in similar situations, I discovered that the sentiment of failure is not uncommon. But parents don’t need to carry this burden.

When the Answer Is Peace


When I am struggling the most, I sometimes get a different answer than I hoped for. It’s an answer that is hard to “listen” to because it doesn’t always feel like an answer. It is when the answer is peace.

What It REALLY Means to Be a Child of God

word cloud

We can be more confident, happy, and content human beings if we are willing to shed our less important identities and place our divine origins at the very forefront of our self-perception.

I Studied More Than 2,200 Scriptures about the Savior in Six Weeks: Here Is a Little of What I Learned

President Nelson

Choose to be one of His true disciples now. Be one who truly loves Him, who truly wants to serve and lead as He did.

To Love Is to Lift: 5 Simple Things You Can Do Today


Together we can make this world a kinder, better place. Here's how.

We Don’t Have to Be the Same to Be Together


In this increasingly divided world in which we live, differences will persist. But as followers of Jesus Christ, we need to love, reserve judgment, and forgive.

Try This for a Change: 4 Simple Steps to Self-Improvement


Nobody’s perfect, but everybody can be better.

The Beginner's Guide to Family Councils

Family at dinner table

The most important priority of our family councils is facilitating open and candid conversation in order to solve each other’s problems.

Sitting in the Space of Not Knowing


Where do I fit in? Is God’s plan of happiness possible for me?

To My Friends Going through a Quarter-Life Crisis

woman in front of a chalk board

The quarter-life crisis emerges in young adulthood when you take the first steps into “real life” and realize you have no idea what you’re doing.

How You’re Sharing #HisDay with the World

dad dressing a young son

We invited you to help remind the world what the Lord’s day is all about, and you’re doing just that.

Finding Self-Worth in a Selfie World


Maybe feeling cheated by 78 “likes” on a posted picture that I thought deserved a million means I’ve swung too far from what I once understood about self-worth.

#HisDay, Your Stories

family taking pictures in a field of flowers

We are inviting you to show us how you are making the most of the Sabbath by sharing #HisDay with us. Here are examples of how members are responding.

What Did the Prophet Say at Conference?

President Monson speaking during conference

What did the prophet say at this general conference that is so important for our day?

What Can You Give of Yourself This Christmas?


My goal is always to teach my kids that Christmas is more than gifts and Santa. It’s about a Savior who was born—a Savior who changed the world. But sometimes it’s hard to drive that lesson home.

Touching God’s Grace


The concept of divine grace can feel foreign, intangible, and abstract, but God’s grace is as real as the air we breathe.

Who Am I, Really?


I am a child of God. Therefore, what? Answers from the general women’s session.