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President Nelson Discusses Correcting the Name of the Church, Focusing on the Home, Gathering Israel


During the October 2018 General Conference, President Nelson stressed the importance of using the correct name of the Lord’s Church, focusing on remodeling our homes as places of gospel learning, and joining the gathering of Israel.

When You Reach for the Sacrament, You Reach for the Savior

hand reaching for light

Though I’ve taken the sacrament more times than I can count, lately it’s taken on new meaning for me. It’s become anything but routine.

How to Make the Sabbath Day #HisDay Wherever You Go This Summer

family at church on vacation

Our offerings on the Sabbath, especially when we’re on vacation, might look different depending on where we are in our journey to become more like God.

Sabbath Worship Drop by Drop

girl holding an oil lamp

I have found it helpful to think of my Sabbath day worship as filling a lamp—one that needs oil to burn, like in the parable of the ten virgins. Drops of holiness—small, simple things that fuel the flame of my faith in Jesus Christ.

President Monson Speaks of “Critical Need” at April 2017 Conference

President Monson

President Monson spoke of five critical things that will help protect us from the evil so prevalent in the world today.

Why “Good Samaritans” Are Needed at Church and Always


For many it is a leap of faith just to go to church on Sunday. Can we understand why it is so important that members of the Church reach out to others in loving kindness?

Can I Honor God While Working on the Sabbath?

construction worker

The tension between the Sabbath and work keeps me on my spiritual toes, vigilant to remember God’s holy day and to make time for mental rest and spiritual growth no matter the circumstance.

#HisDay Is for Love


On a day where we have the opportunity to restart, recharge, and recommit, the love of a Father in Heaven has to be at the heart of such a gift.

Sunday Journaling: A New Tradition for the New Year


There’s no wrong or right way to keep a Sunday journal. But here are a few ideas to get you started.

More Than Ever, We Need “His Holy Day”

Elder Holland

In a new video series, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland explains why we need the blessings of the Sabbath day more than ever.

With Pickles and a Cherry on Top: Sunday Toppings for FHE

picnic toppings

Try this tasty object lesson about the Sabbath next family home evening.

#HisDay Is Something to Sing About

family singing in a car

Eric Malizia of Utah wrote a children’s song about #HisDay. Download the music and sing along with your family!

How You’re Sharing #HisDay with the World

dad dressing a young son

We invited you to help remind the world what the Lord’s day is all about, and you’re doing just that.

A Reason to Go to Church Every Week


I know what it is like to be everyone’s worst example! So why did I do it?

#HisDay, Your Stories

family taking pictures in a field of flowers

We are inviting you to show us how you are making the most of the Sabbath by sharing #HisDay with us. Here are examples of how members are responding.

Making the Sabbath Better for Children—FHE Lesson


If Sundays in your home are filled with crying, complaining, or contention, here’s an idea for an upcoming family home evening to help your family work together to make #HisDay a better day in your home.

Share Your Sabbath: Blue Ribbon Sunday

children cutting paper cutouts

Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated. Give thanks with this fun Sabbath day activity.

20 Do’s for Making the Sabbath a Delight


While attending church is an important part of the Sabbath, it’s only a small part of the day.

A Dad’s Guide: How to Make Sacrament Meeting Special for Your Wife and Kids


Let me tell you about how sacrament meeting went for my family last week. Maybe we can learn something together. Or maybe this will just be therapeutic for me.

Is Sacrament Meeting a Top-of-the-Mountain Experience for You?


If we are willing to do what it takes to make it happen, sacrament meeting can be the most anticipated hour of our week.

How Do You Make the Sacrament Special?


It’s the most important part of the three-hour block. It’s why we go to church on Sunday. Do we make a conscious effort to make the sacrament count? Members share how they make the sacrament special.

My Heart-to-Heart with God about the Sabbath


God had a message for me, but first I had to get over my pride.

Why My Smartphone Makes Church Better


Should we use mobile devices at church? Ultimately I decided it isn’t a question of “we,” as in members collectively. It’s a question of “I.” Here are three questions that helped me evaluate my actions.

80 Ideas for More Satisfying Sundays


It’s a question asked by children and adults alike. What can I do on Sunday? We’ve got 3 hours in the day accounted for, but what about the other 15?

There’s Really No Such Thing as a Sabbath “Cannot”


To Invite God a little closer to your family each Sabbath day, offer Him signs of your love with “Sabbath cans.”

Why I Stopped Phoning It in on Sundays


It was just another day. And that was the problem.

The Sabbath Was Made for Mom, Not Mom for the Sabbath


I wonder if I've been overlooking one of the most important things that I can do on the Sabbath—namely, help my wife actually have a Sabbath day.

Making a Sabbath Day Plan


When determining appropriate activities for Sabbath day observance, make a Sabbath day plan.

How Would Your Family Describe the Sabbath?


Download these conversation cards to use in an upcoming family home evening.

A Day to Focus on What Matters Most


The Sabbath is a day to set aside world pursuits and interests and focus on what matters most.

Blessings of the Sabbath Day

women in a meeting

Picture yourself receiving the most important invitation of your life: a chance to spend a day with Jesus Christ. How would you prepare spiritually and physically for such a day? What blessings might you hope would come from such a visit?