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To the Women of the Church: “We Need You!”


Read inspired invitations and counsel for the women of the Church given by the prophet, counselors in the First Presidency, and female general officers of the Church at the general women’s session of the 2018 October general conference.

Relief Society and the Power of Wheat

Sister Eubank at Welfare Square

For more than 100 years, the Relief Society collected and stored wheat to provide for those who needed food. When the Relief Society donated all its wheat to the larger Church in 1978, many thought the era of Relief Society wheat was over, but that has not proved to be the case. We still are exercising the “power of wheat.”

We Are Family: Ministering to Our Sisters and Brothers

Sister Bingham and her sisters

Whatever our age, our situation, or our need, I hope that each of us can experience ministering and being ministered to as the Savior would. Here are three ideas to help us know how.

Five Lessons that Lead to Joy in the Journey


In President Thomas S. Monson’s long life of discipleship and leadership he taught and exemplified vital truths of the gospel.

The Sweetest Experience in Life


President Thomas S. Monson brought capacity, energy, loyalty, diplomacy, and diligence to the work. He was beloved by members and nonmembers alike for his true Christlike living.

25 Ways to #LightTheWorld This Christmas

nativity scene

In an increasingly dark world, we can be a bright light to those around us and a shining example of Christlike love.

Why It Will All Work Out

optimistic person

Overcoming fear requires a divine power, and we gain that power as we choose to act first in faith.

To Love Is to Lift: 5 Simple Things You Can Do Today


Together we can make this world a kinder, better place. Here's how.

20 Do’s for Making the Sabbath a Delight


While attending church is an important part of the Sabbath, it’s only a small part of the day.

Love One Another—14-Day Challenge


Love is in the air. Well, maybe not for you. But it could be.