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Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults: A Face to Face Event with

Elder Quentin L. Cook

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On September 9, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. MDT, Elder Quentin L. Cook will host a Face to Face event for young adults. This will be combined with a worldwide devotional. The event will be broadcast live from historic Nauvoo, Illinois, and will focus on the Restoration of the gospel. Elder Cook will be joined by two Church historians, Sister Kate Holbrook and Brother Matt Grow. They will answer questions from young adults from around the world. We encourage you to submit questions below.

This event will also focus on Saints, the new narrative history of the Church. We invite you to read the initial chapters here.

We invite you to gather with your family, ward members, or friends at an institute building to participate. You can view the event live on this page, the LDS Facebook page, or YouTube (Mormon Channel).

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Anonymous User 3 days ago Utah, United States
I'm embarrassed to admit, but I'm not even entirely sure what the Restoration even means or what it is. What scriptures could I refer to so I can learn and understand?
Dylan B 3 days ago Oregon, United States
Why has the frequency of revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants decreased over each period of the Church's history?
Cara H 4 days ago Idaho, United States
When it comes to church history, the one thing I repeatedly struggle understanding is the “why” behind polygamy. Why did the Lord ask Joseph Smith to practice polygamy in 1840?
Zachary M 4 days ago Michigan, United States
What goes on behind the scenes when leaders of the church decide how to handle difficult issues from church history? What priorities and goals are at the forefront?
Mitchell S 4 days ago Ohio, United States
What's the most important distinction between the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ? How can I better explain the necessity of both as they go hand in hand?
Conor C 4 days ago California, United States
How exactly should we answer the concern about the 1978 revelation on the priesthood seemingly being "conflicting revelation" to some?
Amanda K 4 days ago Utah, United States
I have always loved church history and admired the faith of the early saints. I wanted to ask how it is that you think these early saints were able to stay faithful through such tumultuous trials and persecution. I am a convert of a few years and have faced many similar trials, but I feel that I lack the faith that these saints had.
Anonymous User 4 days ago Arizona, United States
Simple question for you. This may seem kind of silly but I have been curious. Why do most churches have a basketball court in them? Would love some insight and the history of when that began. (Great question to start with in my opinion, a real easy one)
Christian H 5 days ago Utah, United States
I seem to run into a lot of questions about the practice of plural marriage, what is a good way to answer sincere questions with sensitivity to the topic but also with doctrinal accuracy?
Shilo T 5 days ago Washington, United States
How can I gain a personal witness of the truthfullness of the restoration of the Gospel?
Stenner E 5 days ago England, United Kingdom
So many people find so much peace and joy from studying the Doctrine and Covenants and church history. I love the Bible, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, and parts of D&C so much but I find church history difficult to get into. Why is it so important to study church history when you already have a testimony of the church and how can I grow to enjoy it? Thank you!
Stuart D 6 days ago Pennsylvania, United States
What can I do when I take classes in US History on westward movement and they make the Prophets like Joseph Smith and Brigham Young sound as if they are not normal?
Wintrex N 6 days ago Misamis Oriental, Philippines
well Im serving as a fulltime missionary now my question is how can I help myself more dedicated missionary here in Phils. Naga Mission . I read Book of mormon everyday Preach my gospel but I want more dedicated as he does.
Anonymous User 6 days ago Unknown Location
Hi Elder and Sister Cook. I have read the comments section and saw that most of the questions are about the history of the church. But I would like to take this opportunity to ask about Repentance. I have committed the law of chastity (I am not endowed and haven't served a mission yet, I am 23 years old). I am ashamed of it and not proud of it. I still go to church every Sunday, but every Sunday I feel the guilt that I am not worthy to face before my brothers and sisters and especially to our Father in Heaven. I am afraid that if I will talk to my leaders, rumors will begin. Is it possible to repent all by myself without asking counsels from my leaders?
Madelyn H 6 days ago Utah, United States
How can I help others understand the sacrifice Joseph Smith gave in order to restore Christ's church upon the earth?

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