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Face to Face with Musical Artists

Musical Artists

On October 11 at 6:00 p.m. MDT, join us for a question-and-answer session with musical artists Lexi Walker, Madilyn Paige, Nicole Luz, Nik Day, and Patch Crowe. In addition to answering your questions, our guests will perform several songs.

Youth can ask questions before and during the broadcast in the space provided below. This event can be watched as part of a Mutual activity, or you can participate with your friends or family at home.

Lexi Walker has performed around the world and with notable artists such as the Piano Guys, David Archuleta, Kristin Chenoweth, and Lindsey Stirling. She believes that music conveys what’s in our hearts, and she hopes that what she sings will uplift and inspire others.

Madilyn Paige competed on The Voice at age 16 and later released her first EP, which includes her single “Irreplaceable.” Madilyn continues to perform throughout the U.S. and Canada and is working on a new album of original music. She is passionate about helping youth get through the journey of life and enjoys sharing messages of self-worth.

Nicole Luz starred in the Brazilian version of American Idol at age 9 and Brazil’s version of The Voice Kids at age 13. Last year, Nicole participated in an international talent competition with 500 youth from 80 countries and won first runner-up in the teen category. Nicole has found exciting opportunities to share the gospel through her talents as she continues to build her music career.

Nik Day has been writing songs ever since he can remember. He currently works for the Church as the youth music manager, mentoring LDS teen musicians all over the world. He recently released a Christian album and hopes it will strengthen faith in Christ.

Patch Crowe started his music career putting on Jackson 5 concerts for his stuffed animals. He made the transition to more enthusiastic audiences when he became a member of Beyond 5. In 2015 he went on his greatest adventure yet as a missionary in the Scotland/Ireland Mission. He is excited to share his love and testimony in new ways upon returning home.

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Questions Asked:

Anonymous User 9 hours ago Washington, United States
I love that each of you seem to have found your own self and love who you are. How do you feel that you are able to love and find yourself? Do you have any advice for someone who is trying to do the same?
Colton R 11 hours ago Colorado, United States
I am someone who is looking to pursue music performance in the future. What can I do to prepare myself physically and spiritually for a career that can be hard?
Cecilia G 16 hours ago La Paz, El Salvador
Sé que es muy dificil mantener todas las normas siendo una figura publica, pero, que hacen en momentos en los cuales estan a punto de caer en pecado y sienten que nuestro Padre Celestial no esta ahi, aunque siempre este?
Anonymous User 19 hours ago Utah, United States
How do you feel about contests and the "uniform" that is required for bikini body builders, male body builders, dance contests, and other such events where the body is revealed for the sake of the sport or event?? Also, how do you feel about posting these types of pictures on Social Media?
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
Keep up the good work! Someone on my mission began to investigate the Church because of one of the youth album songs written. He was soon after baptized and confirmed :)
Marlee K a day ago Missouri, United States
You guys are all super talented, and are spreading the gospel through music and example, do you ever share anything in the gospel in other ways with your fans? if so what do you do?
Anonymous User 2 days ago Utah, United States
How would you suggest someone who wants to be a musician get exposure and "put themselves out there" so to speak, as you all have?
Andrew W 2 days ago Utah, United States
Any cool experiences receiving inspiration for your music?
Bryce C 2 days ago Utah, United States
Were you born into the church or converted?
Aaron H 2 days ago Utah, United States
Who is your favorite apostle?
Laelle P 2 days ago Utah, United States
How do you balance your love of the gospel with your love of music ?
Brendan W 2 days ago Utah, United States
Do you ever feel like your music expresses yourself more than your words?
Sarah I 2 days ago Utah, United States
How do you feel about girls going on missions?
Bryce C 2 days ago Utah, United States
What's your favorite song?
Scott C 2 days ago Utah, United States
Who is your favorite scripture hero?
Cheyenne W 2 days ago Utah, United States
What is your favorite scripture?
Jaylee B 2 days ago Utah, United States
Where in the world have you felt the most spirit in natural nature?
Spencer W 2 days ago Utah, United States
How did you feel about the dating rule before you were 16?
Lana S 2 days ago Sao Paulo, Brazil
How do you prepare to compose and sing your songs to young people from all around the world?
Luca S 2 days ago Sao Paulo, Brazil
How do you guys feel, sharing with the world the power of good music, in these difficult times?
Camila S 2 days ago Sao Paulo, Brazil
Nicole luz!! Tenho acompanhado seu trabalho ... sua voz ,junto com seu carisma .. tem certa forma incentivado algumas moças ... você ja fez um vídeo para mim exclusivo para passar em uma mutual com as jovens na estaca foi lindo ... Você consegue observa este tipo de efeito de impacto na juventude nos membros em geral que uma semente foi plantada com tal musica ? como você lidar com isso ? . Sei que é uma grande responsabilidade ..pois querendo ou não acaba sendo uma pessoa de exemplo para jovens observa e querer seguir tal exemplo .. seja no vestir no agir .. na alegria .. Ultima observação você gravaria uma musica boa rs ou seja uma musica para os jovens que guardo mais de 17 anos .. a musica e boa eu garanto ... por isso ela sobrevive ate hoje .. bjs
Nicole L 3 days ago Utah, United States
Does Nik eat anything other than trail mix?
Olivia R 3 days ago Utah, United States
What kind of music do you listen to on Sundays?