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An Hour with President and Sister Russell M. Nelson

President and Sister Nelson

Due to the recent passing of President Thomas S. Monson, the Face to Face event with President Russell M. Nelson, originally planned for February 3, has been postponed. This event will be rescheduled later in 2018.

The new date for this event, along with details about how to view it, will be communicated to leaders and members when more information is available.

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Anonymous User 2 days ago Utah, United States
It seems like everyone is worshiping essential oils saying it heals everything. They give me a terrible headache. It is hard to go to church because it smells so bad. I believe I can be healed with a priesthood blessing and consecrated oil and doing what I should to be heald. How can I keep going to church when the smell is making me physically sick?
Aurora S 16 days ago Washington, United States
How can I keep up on my scripture study and come closer to Christ in difficult situations?
Isaac G a month ago Nevada, United States
I have been struggling to find the Lord’s hand in my life because although I do pray and try to read the Book of Mormon each day, I haven’t been able to find a significant difference in my life. How can I know for myself if there really is a God? Also, how can I know for myself that the Book of Mormon is a true book and that this is the true church rather than just accepting what others in the church are telling me?
Abigail S a month ago Utah, United States
How can I differentiate between belief and knowledge? I have been taught the gospel my whole life, and whole heartedly believe what I've been taught, but I can't remember ever feeling the Holy Ghost testify to me that they are true. Do I just need to keep asking for a confirmation of these truths?
Anonymous User a month ago Utah, United States
A kid at school told me that religion is dumb, and that he, "refuses to believe in a supernatural being that performs magic tricks to please crowds". How am I supposed to respond to that?
Trevor S a month ago Utah, United States
Is the Holy Ghost a child of God, and will he ever get a body?
Kinley F a month ago Texas, United States
How can youth today better stand for truth and righteousness?
Anonymous User a month ago Utah, United States
When I am feeling inadequate about myself, or my progress to help those around me what can I do to get rid of those thoughts, and to bring uplifting thoughts into my head from those negative thoughts?
Anonymous User a month ago Utah, United States
If a member of the church is LGBT, and they don't act upon those thoughts, and the thoughts are controlled, what happens? Is their temple recommend revoked? Are they excommunicated? Why does the church always use the phrase, "struggling with same sex attraction", what if they aren't really struggling? What if they've come to terms with it and still live by the standards?
Anonymous User a month ago Utah, United States
What does it mean to remember Christ always and how can I do that?
Anonymous User a month ago Virginia, United States
About a year ago, I was really close to Christ and I had a firm testimony of him. But during the previous year, I wasn't reading my scriptures and doing everything I should have done on a regular basis. Because of that I grew further away from Christ and my testimony weakened. I’m trying to start back up, but it feels like I’ll never be back where I was or that I'll even have a good testimony. Can give me some advice on how to get my testimony where it used to be?
Cade S a month ago Virginia, United States
I’ve noticed that recently I haven’t been listening to my parents when they ask me to do something for them. What Can I do to help myself have a better attitude about work and listening to my parents?
Jazlyn B a month ago Kansas, United States
How do you know when you are ready and prepared to receive your patrarchal blessing?
Anonymous User a month ago Utah, United States
I’ve wanted to get my patriarchal blessing and thought about it lately. How do I know if I’m ready or not?
Alyssa L a month ago Oregon, United States
How can I learn to serve and sacrifice for others, even when I am upset with them?
Alyssa L a month ago Oregon, United States
How can I see the best in those around me? And (President Nelson) Thank you for being an amazing example! You helped my testimony of Prayer and scriptures grow immensely! Mostly from your October 2017 talk on The Book Of Mormon, and where we would be without it. Thank you for asking that question, because after that talk I live everyday feasting on it's words as if they would disappear the next day. - Alyssa Lawson, age 13.
Luke A 2 months ago Utah, United States
How can I get to know, and gain a strong testimony of my savior Jesus Christ?
Anonymous User 2 months ago Utah, United States
How can you help someone who is facing an addiction of any kind?
James P 2 months ago Utah, United States
Dear President Nelson, When I am at school I hear a lot of bad language at school, and I don't think there is much I can do about it, but if you were me in a kind of situation where you are in a room listening to people around you dropping the F bomb more than a dozen times in a few minutes what would you do about it? I mean I do the best I can, but it bothers me deeply that I hear such language, and I noticed in each sentence it includes the F word like 2 or 3 times. This is really hard for me, but I try to tune out the bad language the best I can even though it's everywhere I go, if I get in this kind of a problem what should I do about it that would be the best way to let it bother me less? I try everyday to follow Christ and to serve him I try to put him in my thoughts all the time, even times when I feel discouraged, or inadequate, because I don't feel like I can make good friends at school?
James P 2 months ago Utah, United States
Dear President Nelson, the language that I hear at school, and everywhere else I go I hear F bombs being constantly thrown out whenever I hear it, it is like my soul is grieved, because a lot of my older friends from elementary use this type of language, because of the friends they hang out with drops the F bomb whenever I am getting ready for gym in the Boy,' locker room, and I hear it all the times in the halls. President Nelson what would you do if you were placed in this kind of a situation?
Anonymous User 2 months ago North Dakota, United States
Why do I feel so alone even when I am trying my hardest to do everything right?
Zach 2 months ago Utah, United States
What Can I Do To Keep Living The Gospel Even When Hardships And Trials Are Devouring Me?
Sarah W 2 months ago Idaho, United States
Dear Sister Nelson. I know that I am loved and valued as a young woman in the church. I know that I don't have to be the top leader in the church to be noticed by God. But my friends don't understand. How do you feel being the wife of the Prophet? Do you get to travel with him? Do you feel you still have a voice and are heard even tho you are not fully in the spot light? In a world where people think everything has to be the same in order to be "equal", how do you feel "equal" to your husband even tho you are NOT the Prophet?
brennen l 2 months ago Washington, United States
What can we say to people who ask questions about the church's stance on the LGBT community, especially when my school has a lot of LGBT students? I don't want to say the wrong thing, but at the same time, I don't know what to say that would make sense.
Lydia L 2 months ago Utah, United States
How do you know when you're ready to get your patriarchal blessing?
Mary L 2 months ago Utah, United States
Sometimes I feel that I am not loved, or loved less than my younger sister, who seems to get more praise. I know my father in heaven and my earthly parents love me, but sometimes it's hard to remember that. How can I always remember that they love both me and my siblings all the same? #ldsface2face
Edward M 2 months ago Utah, United States
How can I prepare for the Savior's second coming?
Jacob B 2 months ago Oregon, United States
I am thirteen years old and I really struggle with my anger and my attitude, and I need some help. What guidance can you, as Prophet, give me to help me become a better member of my family?
Anonymous User 2 months ago Washington, United States
My school is extremely pro-LGBT to the extent of posters and "safe place" stickers being placed literally everywhere. It makes me uncomfortable, especially when someone gets angry at our church for being so-called "anti-gay"- I tell them that God hates the sin, not the sinner, but I still feel like I don't have a solid answer I can just whip out to these sorts of things. How can I feel better walking around my own school amidst everything that goes against my beliefs?
Ben F 2 months ago Idaho, United States
Hello President, I am a Missionary in the czech/slovak mission right now and i was wondering how we could help correct some of the misconceptions about the plan of salvation. a lot of people like it up until resurrection. then they replace it with reincarnation. how could we help them see that it is resurrection and nto reincarnation. any thoughts would be very helpful. Thank you for all you do for us. we pray for you daily.
Ben F 2 months ago Idaho, United States
I am a missionary in the czech/slovak mission right now, and one common question always comes up and I would like your oppinion on how to respond, this is a big hang up for our investigators here. the question is "How could a God exist if so many bad things happen in the world." we try to explain agency but it doesn't help. your advice would be very helpful. thank you for all you do.
Eli P 2 months ago Utah, United States
Why does sealing to parents matter if we're all brothers and sisters?
Lauren W 2 months ago Missouri, United States
What gospel principle has helped you the most? Which do you recommend to study?
Anonymous User 2 months ago Maine, United States
have you played any tabletop role playing games before?
Anonymous User 2 months ago Maine, United States
Is it alright to be a queer?
Justace D 2 months ago Arizona, United States
I was born and raised in the church and have a very strong testimony with no doubt that this is the true church, I do wonder and think about how men have most of the leadership and role in the church and this makes me think about how I would feel as a woman. These thoughts bother me.
Parker U 2 months ago Iowa, United States
What does it take to be a prophet?
Anonymous User 2 months ago Idaho, United States
I have a hard time finding time for all of the things I have to do. How should I manage my time and find time for the things that mater most?
Caroline B 2 months ago Arkansas, United States
How can we best support and uplift you and the apostles in your and their callings? I always try to remember you in my prayers, but I want to do more.
Anonymous User 2 months ago Colorado, United States
I would like to ask a question related to mental illnesses. I have Autism and I am high functioning but am constantly suffering under the effects of that mental disability. My question is how can I be an example of Christ and an instrument of him when I try my best to do good and it fails because I am Autistic making it harder to help and when I do it just turns into a mess someone else has to clean up.
Jared E 2 months ago Georgia, United States
What is it like being the new prophet in this dispensation?
David M 2 months ago Utah, United States
What is the best thing that happened in your life? and why? And what is the best scripture for preparing for and mission?
Anonymous User 2 months ago South Carolina, United States
Why must some of God's children be born without the gospel in their lives and sometimes not know about at all until they die, while others are born in the gospel and have its blessings throughout their whole lives?
Anonymous User 2 months ago Pichincha, Ecuador
I'm a ward missionary and I'm on my last year of high school. How can divide my time for church and studies?
Anonymous User 2 months ago Utah, United States
I'm thankful for the gospel and my testimony of Jesus Christ. I know because I asked to know. I believe our Prophet was called of God and was trained up for this day by his dedicated service throughout many callings and by his years as a member of the twelve apostles. This means he also spent a lot of time with President Thomas S Monson. I am sure he feels the loss of this dear man as much and most likely more than we do. I am hoping that people can see this need is normal and healthy. Let us pray for President Nelson and his wife and family. What are some things we can do that can reflect our support? Where do we send a letter to President Nelson?
Anonymous User 2 months ago England, United Kingdom
Why should the man be the head of the home and could you help us understand how this can work in a home without righteous leadership? How do we help our women not to be oppressed and realise it is ok for them to have desires too. Whenever I try to learn more about this subject from scripture and modern revelation I am left feeling at best, uneasy and at worst, shocked. I long for clarity.
Anonymous User 2 months ago Idaho, United States
How can we get over an apathy for the beautiful teachings of the gospel if we are stuck in a rut?
Michael B 2 months ago Idaho, United States
How does a person stay focused on the path of the Lord, when the world is so full of adversity and hardship that it causes darkness in life that the path is not always clear or lit for us ? My daughters 18 and 25 are falling away from the church because of the anti messages they here about the church. Please give me hope and help that my family can stay on the path of the Lord!
Anonymous User 2 months ago Thuringen, Germany
My husband and I are a "young couple", as in we have only been married for 6.5 years and have three boys under 5 years. He is a convert and has come from a broken home. I see him continue these negative behaviours he learned in his own family with our children and with myself. I love him and I want our family to stay in tact. How can I help him without him feeling attacked, lectured, pushed, etc?
Christine T 2 months ago England, United Kingdom
As I now a grandmother of 6 i would like to say i love watching the youth grow up and as they come and go in 17 years as a Mormon I love how when we make mistakes god as given us the gift of repentance at 16 I was in a Jehovah Witness home we did not have this gift and as a Teen i could not talk to my friends for 3 month as they said i was unclean and a sinner , i love how in our church how we would have all got together and mad the young girl a friend and make a friend and see if she had a problem instead , it is wonder full how the lord as made it so when some thing happens we can see are folts and yet where we can help our selths with a friend i am so glad of church and pleas all the youth love each other as you need each other to get there and who was your best friend in youth xx ?
Anonymous User 2 months ago California, United States
My family suffers from emotional abuse from when I was a child to having a family of my own as an adult. What can I do to help it stop especially if one of my parents does not see anything wrong and the other afraid (or won’t) take any action? Do I leave it be and just pray? Or do I intervene when I see the abuse? And how to do it, without angering the parent causing the pain.
Paula W 2 months ago Maine, United States
I am very thankful for prophets and seers. I could not properly follow Christ, I would not know how to follow Him without the great constant guidance that comes from the prophets. I know that President Russell M. Nelson is the Lord's prophet at this time in the dispensation of the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that President Nelson will lead the Church through inspired revelation from God. My family and I are in safe hands.
Anonymous User 2 months ago California, United States
Should I continue with my calling if I know I'm not following the word of wisdom? and don't plan to immediately stop
Jackie S 2 months ago Idaho, United States
How can I bring more love, selflessness and kindness into my home with 7 kids ranging from ages 10 to 5 months?
Justin T 2 months ago California, United States
How do you keep a regular habit of daily prayer and scripture study?
Richard S 2 months ago Washington, United States
How can I center my life on the Light of the World so that I may let His light shine through me so that others might desire to come unto Him?
Ilse C 2 months ago Valle del Cauca, Colombia
como puedo saber si con la persona que estoy saliendo es mi compañero eterno
Elizabeth D 2 months ago California, United States
What counsel do you have for parents of a high school student who is on the fence regarding holding fast to the iron rod, gospel standards and friends making good choices versus the enticements of the world and worldly standards and friends not making good choices?
Anonymous User 2 months ago Arizona, United States
What is meant by “Obey thy husband”?
Anonymous User 2 months ago Nevada, United States
I have full faith that new exciting things are coming to the church that you as the president and the rest are going to bring. I believe everything is base on faith. One small question I would like to hear some sister Nelson’s testimony how she joined the church, and some bigger challenges she has faced?
Anonymous User 2 months ago Free State, South Africa
How can the youth rely on the spirit when they feel that there life is surrounded by bad choices that leads to bad feelings and the spirit is not felt anymore
Anonymous User 2 months ago Alaska, United States
How can I teach my daughters to have self worth and good self esteem if I am struggling with my own?
Paul A 2 months ago Rizal, Philippines
how can i be a good leader as missionary and good example to others?
Ashlee P 2 months ago Utah, United States
How can we better encourage the youth to spend less time on social media. There is an unhealthy greed, perfectionism, and narcissism that is causing youth and adults to compare themselves to others, bullying or constant "Buy this" or "swipe up" to be like me. We are wasting time online looking at others lives that seem perfect but it's all smoke and mirrors. The suicide rate is so high in Utah.
Stanford H 2 months ago Oregon, United States
Thank you President Nelson for all you do.
Anonymous User 2 months ago Texas, United States
I’m so grateful and excited you are the prophet! I feel in my heart that more nations will become open to recieving the gospel in your time as the prophet. Is there anything I can do to help facilitate that?
Anonymous User 2 months ago Texas, United States
I’d love to hear our new prophets perspective on women’s roles. As I prepare to worthily enter the temple and be sealed to an eternal companion, I sometimes become confused because the church doctrine on the new and everlasting covenant of marriage is in relationship to polygamy. Thinking about polygamy breaks my heart. I am also confused about why men can still be sealed to more than one woman, but not vice versa. I feel confused and disgusted thinking about an eternal threesome, which is a reality for even some apostles and prophets in recent years. Please help me to understand. In a world where women are valued for their sex appeal I sometimes feel degraded reading the scriptures and realizing ways in which women are valued for their child bearing only, and I’m not sure there’s much of a difference. I truly have a strong testimony and am a very faithful member, but as much as I try to accept not knowing, these thoughts just keep coming back to haunt me.
Anonymous User 2 months ago Idaho, United States
Thank you for doing the Face to Face events, and for being the new President of the Church.
Anonymous User 2 months ago Arizona, United States
Will our Heavenly Mother play a larger, more visible role in the church going forward? I love Her and would love to see Her in art published by the church and in Sunday lessons and manuals. I would also love to have Her included in official church publications like the Articles of Faith and the Young Women theme. It would help me in understanding my divine role as a woman. I feel that it is vitally important for all of us learn about her, young and old, female and male.
Anonymous User 2 months ago Arizona, United States
I would love to See Sister Wendy Nelson's name listed on this and not just "President and Sister Russell M Nelson". She has a name and identity too!
Jessica F 2 months ago Arizona, United States
The word of wisdom states that meat is “to be used sparingly And it is pleasing unto me that they should not be used, only in times of winter, or of cold, or famine.” Considering this and all that is known about how the agriculture industry affects the environment, is it pleasing to God that we, as stewards of the Earth, not partake of meat for our health and for the protection of the planet?
Makayla 2 months ago Utah, United States
How do I cope with the choice of a loved one a choice that negatively effects their eternal salvation? example: marriage outside of the temple, leaving the church, choosing to be gay, living unrighteously, immorality, betrayal, transgender, excommunication, drugs, etc.
Dennis B 2 months ago North Carolina, United States
How does it feel to be president of. Of such. A. Large chruch
Lori K 2 months ago Utah, United States
How abt a face to face for older single adults? It is tremendously difficult to be a divorced member of the Church.
Anonymous User 2 months ago Utah, United States
As a woman who wants to be strong and independent, I often wonder what it will mean to let my husband preside. Can you help me understand how I can stay righteous and yet not feel that I have to sacrifice my independence to let my husband preside ?
Richard F 2 months ago Texas, United States
what is pres nelson's middle name
Anonymous User 2 months ago California, United States
I have found that after slowly sliding off the right track, it is very hard to get back on it. How can I believe in myself and have confidence to keep going and return to the right track that the Savior wants me to be on? Sometimes I struggle with self-trust. How can I trust Heavenly Father and myself?
Madisen M 2 months ago Idaho, United States
What were the most important lessons you learned, having raised 10 children? Please help those of us that who are starting on this journey, and humbled by our weakness in the endeavors of parenthood! Lol.
Anonymous User 2 months ago Utah, United States
We have always been taught that after careful consideration, we make the decision of who to marry. As taught by Elder Uchtdorf in the YSA devotional, to the Lord "it mattereth not" who we choose, "only be faithful". As taught by President Monson, "Choose your love, love your choice". Yet, in some cases the Lord seems to intervene and tell one person that this isn't the one for them. How are we supposed to trust the doctrine taught by both ancient and modern day prophets if God seems to be answering otherwise?
Drew K 2 months ago California, United States
President Nelson I want to share my testimony I testify that Jesus Christ lives I testify that the book of Mormon is true I testify that the Lord called prophets to devine the lords work amen
Anonymous User 2 months ago Utah, United States
As a young women, who’s currently trying to figure out her future, how can I incorporate the gospel and my schooling more efficiently?
Anonymous User 2 months ago Utah, United States
Have to ask but seeing how in only 12 years the church will reach 200 years of operation. At least modern day operation. What do you think might happen in those 12 years?
Ruth S 2 months ago Arizona, United States
When do you two believe people should receive there patriarchal blessing? I'm only 13, yet I would like recieve mine soon
Anonymous User 2 months ago Utah, United States
I have read many times of the "ministering of angels". Exactly what is this? What is it that angels do when they minister to us? How exactly do we benefit from this? It sounds wonderful. I would have this in my life and wish to understand it better.
Leah B 2 months ago British Columbia, Canada
I have a friend who's sister is changing her gender to male how can I help her. How can I help my friend understand Heavenly Father's plan for us and her sister without making them feel bad?
Jarrett W 2 months ago Arizona, United States
There is a sister in my ward that has come home from her mission due to medical issues. What should I say if we saw each other somewhere and had a conversation?
Sadie T 2 months ago Texas, United States
I have invited so many friends to church my whole life. But out of all those friend I have only gotten 1 to come. What can I do or change in order to get them to come, or at least to want to come?
Susie A 2 months ago California, United States
Thank you for your commitment to Heavenly Father and to all of His children. Thank you for the sacrifices that you make in service of all of us. I am so grateful to be a member.
Faith 2 months ago Utah, United States
So many prophecies of the times preceding the Second Coming are being fulfilled today, including oppression of God's Church and His people. It scares me to see attacks against the Church coming from both within and without the Church. I understand that in the next life all will be well, but how can I find the courage to face the trials that will come before then?
Albert A 2 months ago Arima Borough, Trinidad and Tobago
I am a member The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for 25 years I am from the Island Trinidad at that time. The Prophet at the time was President Benson and since that time President Benson gave the church the challenge to read the book of Mormon all the Prophet ever since have given us instruction with a warning my question to the brethren is why should we read the Book of Mormon every day, my answer it is a book of Revelation for me My question is on behalf of my Brothers and Sisters in the Port of Spain Trinidad Stake. We love the Prophet and we believe he was called to lead the church at this time
Caroline S 2 months ago Auckland, New Zealand
How can sharing the Gospel bless your life? Please I have a answer but i want to know what to know Priestdent?
Anonymous User 2 months ago Michigan, United States
Sister Nelson. Thank you for coming to Michigan and encouraging us sisters to take the 21-day challenge to increase our time doing family history and temple service. What a blessing it has been. Not only have I grown my tree and increased temple service, but, indeed, miracles did happen as you said they would! Tomorrow I will begin the challenge again. Thank you for your inspiration!
Anonymous User 2 months ago Nevada, United States
I have been a member all my life, I still do not understand the concept of "families can be together for ever". When I was young we were taught that when we lived in the pre-existence we were all brothers & sisters. When we marry & have children here on earth those children are actually our brothers & sisters that we knew in the pre-existence that our children are on loan for this earthly life. So how are families sealed for all eternity when our children really aren't ours?
Rommel P 2 months ago La Union, Philippines
I am currently serving as a full time missionary here in Australia Sydney South Mission. I know President Monson is in good hands now. I loved President Monson and I will sustain and honor our new Prophet and President of the Church Russell M. Nelson. I know he is a prophet of God and he is receiving a revelation from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I am so grateful that I have met the Church. Our Savior changed my life and the loves of my families. I know that God knows each and everyone of his children. He knows what is your desire and he will help you to fullfil your dreams as long as you will put your trust to him. I love the church and I love sharing my testimony. Love, Elder Pabona
Nathan M 2 months ago Utah, United States
I Am 40 Yrs Old And I Want To Know Is there a Certain Age to Be A Bishop Or A High Priest? I Am Currently a Gospel Doctrine President.
Anonymous User 2 months ago Texas, United States
how does grace allow me to change the person i am into the person heavenly father wants me to be?
Anonymous User 2 months ago , Samoa
I am a Stake President of Savaii Samoa Fagamalo Stake,we have a meeting so many times with the Bishop's and ask them to stay close to the Youth and try to connect them to Heaven,we need some more idea to prepare the youth for the Mission.
Randy O 2 months ago Idaho, United States
How old is either nlsons
Anonymous User 2 months ago Hawaii, United States
Thank you for all you do. We love and sustain you with all our hearts and soul
Jaron T 2 months ago Tennessee, United States
I am so grateful for the plan of salvation. Even when someone dies we can take comfort in knowing where they are. I am thankful that missionary work continues after this life. Ultimately that is the greatest purpose we have to bring others closer to Heavenly Father.

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