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February 3, 2018

An Hour with President and Sister Russell M. Nelson

President and Sister Nelson

On Saturday, February 3, 2018, at 11:00 a.m. MST, President Russell M. Nelson and his wife, Wendy, will participate in a Face to Face event for youth. This event will originate from Salt Lake City and will be unique from previous events—the questions will come from President Nelson’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Youth ages 12–18 and their leaders are invited to participate. We encourage families and youth groups to gather to watch the broadcast together. It can be viewed on, YouTube, or the LDS Youth Facebook page. Those who cannot watch it live can view it on any time after the event begins.

Since the questions will be coming from President and Sister Nelson’s family, please share your thoughts and impressions about the event, rather than your questions, below.

Share Your Thoughts and Impressions


Katie E 3 days ago Hawaii, United States
How can we know Heavenly Mother better?
Anonymous User 3 days ago Hawaii, United States
Sometimes I hear that the family is central to God's plan other times I hear that Christ is central to the plan of happiness. When I read the Book of Mormon, I read about Christ and not family relationships like mothers to daughters. Why Christ empathized in the Book of Mormon and not families?
Anonymous User 3 days ago Oregon, United States
As a Stake YW leader a topic of discussion has been retaining young women after they turn 18 and go into Relief Society. One concern mentioned by Young Women has been the lack of friends within their groups and wards. What suggestions do you have for building unity among the young women and what are your thoughts about the sometimes difficult transition from being a youth in the church , to being an adult in the church? And by the way, we love you and thank you for your service!!!
Anonymous User 5 days ago Utah, United States
After all the schooling and training you went through to be a surgeon, with the knowledge you have in the church, how are you able to reconcile the differences between solid science and religion?
Diane P 6 days ago Pennsylvania, United States
I recently join the Church for over a year and I am my own modern day pioneer in my family generations. I was raised in a Non-Christian family, and Is having a tough time to know that Christ blesses families. Knowing I was not raised in a happy home environment. A question came to mind that I've came across puzzled. How can I press forward and have faith in the Lord to understand his love through the Savior atonement? I think many converts can relate to this question when being unable to find their character/voice in the Gospel.
Samantha A 7 days ago Utah, United States
There are SO many options and supplements for Gospel study. We are of course encouraged to read the Book of Mormon daily. But with all of these different options - which are overwhelming to me - how does one choose what to study? I pray and ask to know what to study. But I feel like I still go to my scriptures everyday feeling overwhelmed with everything I need and want to study.
Anonymous User 7 days ago California, United States
Bully from church members is our personal thought! Damage it has done to our family no words can express what we have gone threw from trust members of the church and many of them hold temple Recommends themselves. Lack of support from our leaders and social out cast of our own children at church events... Were do we belong?
Isaac O 8 days ago Utah, United States
Swearing is a big problem at my school. I can't take two steps without hearing a swear word at least twice. What should I do to prevent the words from entering my thoughts and actions?
Ruth S 8 days ago Arizona, United States
Hi, I sometimes feel like people look down at me because I am small and just a behive. do you have any advice for me to feel like people respect me?
Christine J 14 days ago Utah, United States
Mitchell M 18 days ago Utah, United States
What is the best thing to do while someone else is offering a prayer?
Anonymous User 22 days ago Utah, United States
In the past, I broke the law of chastity. Since then I have completed my repentance process. Now, I want to start dating again, and move on with my life, but I am afraid to because I don't want to have the person I try to date to find out and turn the other way. How should I get over this fear, and if things get serious enough that this is something they should be aware of, how to I tell them without scaring them away?
Casey W 22 days ago Alaska, United States
How does someone who has already passed away accept the temple ordinances in the spirit world once their their temple work was completed for them in the temple, years after they passed away?