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An Hour with President and Sister Russell M. Nelson

President and Sister Nelson

Due to the recent passing of President Thomas S. Monson, the Face to Face event with President Russell M. Nelson, originally planned for February 3, has been postponed. This event will be rescheduled later in 2018.

The new date for this event, along with details about how to view it, will be communicated to leaders and members when more information is available.

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Anonymous User 2 days ago Michigan, United States
I current serve as a bishop and love our youth so very much, they are outstanding youth, any suggestions on how we keep these youth on the covenant path and how can we reach to those to come back?
Anonymous User 2 days ago South Carolina, United States
I tried to ask a question last night and it said it was published, but I don't see it anywhere. Then I tried to ask another one but it said "Rate exceeded". Anyone know what is wrong?
Anonymous User 2 days ago Oregon, United States
What can women (and men) in the Church do to learn more about our Heavenly Mother and the role of women in the eternities? The vast majority of scripture is dominated by stories about men. We are taught we have a Heavenly Mother, but know nearly nothing of her role in our lives. Admittedly I am not a youth, but I have nowhere else to pose my question. I have two children and cannot have more for medical reasons. I love my children, but I also have a post-graduate degree and will hopefully have many years to use it and develop skills and talents in that area. It is painful to me to only see women being depicted as child bearers in eternal depictions, whereas men are creators, messengers, and priesthood bearers. I love my children dearly and love the concept of eternal lives for infinite future children, but I have so much more to offer. Emotionally, I can't imagine eternity to be infinite time as a nursery leader. Do women get to sit at the table in full equality with men at some point?
Tennille A 2 days ago Idaho, United States
I participated in a Young Women Visiting Teaching pilot program around 1998 where the 14-17 year old YW would be VTing partners with her mothers. I appreciated and love that time I was able to learn from my mother and gain a testimony of visiting teaching before I entered Relief Society. We had one less active sister that would only listen to a message when it was my month to give it. Why are the young women not given the opportunity to learn and gain a testimony by going visiting teaching in their youth?
Tricia A 3 days ago , Jamaica
I recently reread your Plea to the Sisters of the church. How can I increase my influence for good? I want to expand my spiritual growth but wonder if there is more I can do that I may be overlooking.
Anonymous User 3 days ago South Carolina, United States
Sister Nelson, this question is specifically for you, since you were married later in life. I plan to marry in the temple one day and hope it will be sooner rather than later, but the Lord's timing isn't always ours. I'm sure that throughout the years that you were unmarried, you met many wonderful men. So how did you know to keep waiting until President Nelson came along? And how did you make sure that your other pursuits weren't getting in the way of your goal of marrying in the temple at the right time to the right person?
Anonymous User 3 days ago Utah, United States
I try to be a light to everyone around me but I feel like they look at me as if I’m a goody two shoes. I serve because I have a sincere desire to serve not because I want praise. I honestly don’t like it when they praise me. How can I feel peace in serving and know that my friends won’t judge me for being “too” righteous?
Cody W 3 days ago Arizona, United States
In regards to the Word of Wisdom, was is some advice you would have for us to take care of ourselves physically? Obviously something your doing is working, 93 and still skiing! Please share with us some pointers.
Kimberley P 3 days ago Maryland, United States
Why do the yw not get to joim in visit teaching like the ym get to with Home teaching? It could help yw gain testimony of vt and RS as well as make friends before they turn 18...make it easier to enter into RS.
Anonymous User 3 days ago Maryland, United States
It seems to me with experiences so many good women are facing in and out of our church that men in general are either getting bad rap or just becoming evil and lazy. So many husbanda seem to think they do not need to help raise their children. They refuse to help in chores around home and yard and speak unkindly to their wives and then complain of their lives. What would you say to those women who endure that and continue to be mothers faithful to their apousea, children, church and faith?
Anonymous User 3 days ago Washington, United States
How do I cultivate righteous desires?
Anonymous User 3 days ago Utah, United States
Thank you for postponing the Face to Face! I was so sad because I have a dance competition that would not allow me watch it and I am so excited to hear from President Nelson!
Anonymous User 3 days ago Utah, United States
How many apostles are there?
Anonymous User 3 days ago Utah, United States
How do you stay faithful and positive when the world is sending so many negative messages?
Samuel M 3 days ago Wyoming, United States
I too would like to know how I can center my study of the Book of Mormon on Jesus Christ and grow to know Him better as my Savior and friend. The Lord has promised that through prayerful and daily study of the Book of Mormon, we will be empowered to overcome and resist addictions we suffer with. I have been studying the Book of Mormon daily for a long time, and am struggling to see progress in myself. What can I do to make my study more meaningful and focused on Christ?
Gary M 3 days ago England, United Kingdom
Being a convert I often stand all amazed, not at the church not at the prophet and not at the truth spoken, I stand amazed that I got through 53 years without knowing it's existence one day I will become at peace with that, no one can ever say that about the saviour simply because we are not perfect, so our is to be the best we can be by trying to emulate our saviour Jesus Christ. Keep your light burning with learning the saviours teachings.
Jonathan K 3 days ago Oregon, United States
I am a veteran of the US military facing serious and debilitating mental health issues as a result of my service. What council can you offer to help me, and those like me, overcome these issues and find the joy that our loving father in heaven has in store for his children?
Devon J 3 days ago England, United Kingdom
How can I become more interested about reading and studying the scriptures every day?
Emily K 3 days ago Idaho, United States
I have depression and anxiety, and oftentimes, it can feel overwhelming to go to church. Some weeks it’s hard to even get anything out of my meetings because it’s so mentally exhausting to socialize. How can I overcome this so that I can get the most out of my Sabbath day?
Jeffrey W 3 days ago Ohio, United States
I just wondered how you maintain such energy? What time do get up each day and how many hours of sleep do you get? What do you do for exercise? What is a typical meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Do you take vitamins? I know the word of wisdom is great but wondered what specifically you like to eat or do you attribute your longevity to genetics?
Bonnie G 3 days ago Utah, United States
Loved, Loved, Loved, seeing our church leadership sitting together as husbands and wives, at the World Wide YA Devotional. Thank you!
Alexis B 3 days ago Utah, United States
We all have good and close friends and friends but not close. So how do I tell if my friends are good friends. And tell if my friends aren’t good friends?
Anonymous User 3 days ago Texas, United States
At school, I am one of the only Mormons. So many kids ask me about the Church, and I feel so nervous talking about our beliefs for some reason. I was wondering if you have any tips for sharing the Church's beliefs through our actions and words.
Anonymous User 4 days ago Colorado, United States
How can I explain the Word of Wisdom, especially the reasoning behind abstaining from coffee or tea, to my non member friends and family? I'm a recent convert and don't feel well-enough equipped to answer in a way that makes sense.
Makayla Y 4 days ago Washington, United States
I just recently finished re-reading the loved Book of Mormon, and I got a prompting to read it again cover to cover, I have loved reading the Book of Mormon during my life and have always gotten a lot out of it, my question is, how can I get more out of the Book of Mormon? How can I center my reading on Christ and his ministry and get out the most of the Book of Mormon?
Grant D 10 days ago Arizona, United States
How can I be motivated and try my best to live the Gospel when others around me don't care or don't want to live its teachings, when I care so much?
Elizabeth G 10 days ago Maryland, United States
I want to feel the Spirit, but I don't like to be emotional in public. Can I still be touched by the Spirit without closing my emotions?
Nathan A 12 days ago Utah, United States
We all have good friends and some not so good friends. How can I know if my friends are good people? If they are not, how can I keep my standards and still be friends with them?
Lauren S 13 days ago Arizona, United States
How can I come to know God's plan for me? I am in the process of making some big decisions in my life and I'm wondering how I can better council with the lord in my prayers.
Anonymous User 13 days ago Idaho, United States
What is the effect of addiction in the Spirit world if you don't have a body? So many people pass away addicted to things, what is their experience when they die?
Anonymous User 14 days ago Oregon, United States
How can I stay excited and ambitious about learning and living the gospel when those around me, even the youth in my ward, seem distracted and unenthusiastic about the gospel?
Jayde P 14 days ago Washington, United States
I have had a really hard time the last few months and have made some really bad choices. How do I know if I have repented fully and am ready to go to the temple again?
Elizabeth E 14 days ago Utah, United States
My older brother has been reluctant to go on a mission, he says that he doesn't want to miss his siblings growing up without him. He doesn't usually attend all three meetings of church. I desperately want him to serve, how can I help encourage him to go on a mission?
Braylee C 14 days ago Washington, United States
Who will greet the lord and savior at the second coming?
Alyssa F 18 days ago Washington, United States
Today, many people's belief's are getting further and further away from the lord's beliefs. Sometimes it is very hard explaining to friends not of our church our belief's. I try to be the best missionary I can, but I just get yelled at. I know that I can not control their actions, but I want to teach in the way the lord wants me to: with the spirit. How do I know who to teach, and what to say?
Sophia L 18 days ago Washington, United States
How can I improve my reading of The Book of Mormon?
Anonymous User 19 days ago Utah, United States
Can I get this in Russian?
Elizabeth G 21 days ago California, United States
I love the Book of Mormon and desire to have a testimony of my own. What will help me make scripture study more meaningful and have a greater impact on me?
Brennen M 21 days ago Texas, United States
what is the hardest part of being an apostle
Mykenzy M 21 days ago Texas, United States
How can I be an example at my school when my family and my friend's family are the only ones that are LDS?
Dayton W 21 days ago Montana, United States
I am currently serving a mission in the Arkansas Bentonville Mission and a thought that has been puzzling me lately is why people go less active in the church and what ways can help them get back on track with living the gospel again?
Cameron B 21 days ago New York, United States
How do you recommend we study the scriptures and what would you consider to make up a meaningful scripture study?
Elise D 22 days ago Utah, United States
How can I study the Scriptures in greater depth?
Anonymous User 25 days ago Utah, United States
Jesus atoned for all of our sins to pay the demands of justice, but what were the demands of justice and who was giving them?
Tiare E a month ago Utah, United States
How can i develop habits that will benefit me and my life (and keep them) and how do i rid myself of bad habits?
Ephraim S a month ago Sorsogon, Philippines
How can i keep my self worthy to enter to the temple?
子耀 黃 a month ago , Taiwan
How to be a good father? What is the boundary between discipline and children' agency? Could you share your experience?
James S a month ago Utah, United States
What are your weaknesses and strengths?
Katie E a month ago Hawaii, United States
How can we know Heavenly Mother better?
Anonymous User a month ago Hawaii, United States
Sometimes I hear that the family is central to God's plan other times I hear that Christ is central to the plan of happiness. When I read the Book of Mormon, I read about Christ and not family relationships like mothers to daughters. Why Christ empathized in the Book of Mormon and not families?
Anonymous User a month ago Oregon, United States
As a Stake YW leader a topic of discussion has been retaining young women after they turn 18 and go into Relief Society. One concern mentioned by Young Women has been the lack of friends within their groups and wards. What suggestions do you have for building unity among the young women and what are your thoughts about the sometimes difficult transition from being a youth in the church , to being an adult in the church? And by the way, we love you and thank you for your service!!!
Anonymous User a month ago Utah, United States
After all the schooling and training you went through to be a surgeon, with the knowledge you have in the church, how are you able to reconcile the differences between solid science and religion?
Diane P 2 months ago Pennsylvania, United States
I recently join the Church for over a year and I am my own modern day pioneer in my family generations. I was raised in a Non-Christian family, and Is having a tough time to know that Christ blesses families. Knowing I was not raised in a happy home environment. A question came to mind that I've came across puzzled. How can I press forward and have faith in the Lord to understand his love through the Savior atonement? I think many converts can relate to this question when being unable to find their character/voice in the Gospel.
Samantha A 2 months ago Utah, United States
There are SO many options and supplements for Gospel study. We are of course encouraged to read the Book of Mormon daily. But with all of these different options - which are overwhelming to me - how does one choose what to study? I pray and ask to know what to study. But I feel like I still go to my scriptures everyday feeling overwhelmed with everything I need and want to study.
Anonymous User 2 months ago California, United States
Bully from church members is our personal thought! Damage it has done to our family no words can express what we have gone threw from trust members of the church and many of them hold temple Recommends themselves. Lack of support from our leaders and social out cast of our own children at church events... Were do we belong?
Isaac O 2 months ago Utah, United States
Swearing is a big problem at my school. I can't take two steps without hearing a swear word at least twice. What should I do to prevent the words from entering my thoughts and actions?
Ruth S 2 months ago Arizona, United States
Hi, I sometimes feel like people look down at me because I am small and just a behive. do you have any advice for me to feel like people respect me?
Christine J 2 months ago Utah, United States
Mitchell M 2 months ago Utah, United States
What is the best thing to do while someone else is offering a prayer?
Anonymous User 2 months ago Utah, United States
In the past, I broke the law of chastity. Since then I have completed my repentance process. Now, I want to start dating again, and move on with my life, but I am afraid to because I don't want to have the person I try to date to find out and turn the other way. How should I get over this fear, and if things get serious enough that this is something they should be aware of, how to I tell them without scaring them away?
Casey W 2 months ago Alaska, United States
How does someone who has already passed away accept the temple ordinances in the spirit world once their their temple work was completed for them in the temple, years after they passed away?