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3 червня 2018 р.

Всесвітній духовний вечір для молоді: Послання Президента Рассела М. Нельсона і сестри Венді В. Нельсон

Президент Рассел М. Нельсон і його дружина, сестра Венді Нельсон, виступали на всесвітньому духовному вечорі для молоді у неділю, 3 червня 2018 р. Трансляція велася з Конференц-центру в Солт-Лейк-Сіті, шт. Юта.

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Anonymous User 23 дні тому Unknown Location
So Inspiring!!!!
David D 3 місяці тому Idaho, United States
Wow, that's cool, saving money for my mission now, Gona keep saving as well.
Mollie H 4 місяці тому Colorado, United States
I loved it and I'm joining the youth battalion
Katrina L 4 місяці тому Arizona, United States
I just watched this devotional today for the first time. It was an answer to my prayers. Thank you
Azzieb 4 місяці тому Tasmania, Australia
i have learnt so much while i have prepared for the talk i have studied this topic so much - Aaron Buckley (im the anonymous user from Tasmania Australia
Anonymous User 4 місяці тому Tasmania, Australia
I have to give a talk so I’ve been studying the topic and found it very interesting
Joseph 4 місяці тому Florida, United States
Thank i will be giving a talk in sacrament meeting today on this address and i just wanted you to know that i am very thankful that you President and Sister Nelson took the time to share this with us Thank you
Jomarie J 5 місяців тому Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Thank you president and sister nelson.
Anonymous User 5 місяців тому Oyo, Nigeria
Thanks to president Nelson for that wonderful challenge. We thee o God for a prophet
Anonymous User 5 місяців тому Negros Occidental, Philippines
thank you for the challenge Prophet Nelson I and my friends have really learned something new without using any social media and because of your challenge,We now spent most of our time reading the Scriptures and sharing the Gospel with others so that we can train ourselves to be a future missionary someday. Thank you Prophet Nelson. From:Calumangan Ward,Bago Stake Philippines
Leobert S 5 місяців тому Leyte, Philippines
thanks prophet nelson and i love u god bless
James P 5 місяців тому Utah, United States
The new song "Our prayer to thee" was so amazing I loved it same with the other two songs.
Paul C 5 місяців тому Arizona, United States
I really enjoyed president Nealson’s counsel to take a break from Socail Media. I found that as as took his counsel into account, I found that I felt different and wanted to extend my socail media fast to one month and see how it went. I find that i am still using socail media but I feel happier and more of a light than if I am always on Socail Media.
Cumorah S 5 місяців тому Idaho, United States
Thank you President Nelson for being so clear and distinct about what the youth need to do and why we are needed. So many confusing messages are in line that distort why we came to earth and what we were sent here to do. These messages cleared my confusion and made sharing the Gospel a thrilling mission to complete, rather then a burden. As I have worked towards completing the 5 challenges, especially the social media challenge, I have found more motivation, increasing my creativity and imagination, participated in healthy communication and activities, and been able to take a brake from fake. I have made a goal for myself to continue these challenges throughout my life. (Except, rather then a social media fast, I will use social media for the reason it was created, not for the reason of being fake.) I have found a determination to come closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and that is why I am continuing these challenges.
Tess C 5 місяців тому Tennessee, United States
President & Sister Nelson, thank you so much for this wonderful devotional. It filled me with joy and inspiration and made me excited to become a better disciple and participate in the Lord's work to gather Israel.

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