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November 19, 2017

YSA Face to Face with Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard

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On November 19, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. MST, Elder Dallin H. Oaks and Elder M. Russell Ballard will host a Face to Face event for young single adults. The event will be broadcast live from Logan, Utah. Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard will answer questions from young single adults around the world. If you would like to submit a question, you can do so below.

We invite you to gather with your family, ward members, or friends at institute to participate. You can view the event live on this page, the LDS Facebook page, or YouTube (Mormon Channel).

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Questions Asked:

Anonymous User an hour ago Idaho, United States
While serving a mission, I feel there are many problems going on at home that I could help solve if I were back home too. Hearing about them just makes me question why I'm here if I could be doing more good in my own home. How can I accept my purpose out here so far away from helping my loved ones?
Nathan S an hour ago Arizona, United States
I actually been Thinking what kind a Job Healthy Farther Needs me to Work at in my Life when the Time Comes like I love Acting stuff out like in the Scriptures and who maybe I get 2 Movies Act That may or May not Happen I Just Curious How wait for an Answer that will Take Longer to Answer like I starting get Interest in Being Blogger for Tv Shows i Enjoy and who Knows What Happens but that may or May not be what the Lord Has Plan for me
Lexie W an hour ago Utah, United States
How can I be sure that certain insights I have come to devolop over time are inspiration or just my own thoughts? I'm not sharing anything that cannot be defended with quotes from the prophets or scriptures. None of these insights are anything wild or against what the gospel preaches. Mostly they're just more about the true meaning of things like temple ordinances. How can I be sure I'm correct?
Anonymous User an hour ago Utah, United States
How can I become more a genuine person when caring for others?
Anonymous User an hour ago Guatemala
I struggle with mental illness (PTSD and MADD) there are good seasons and bad ones. Sometimes I don't know If I sinned or I'm sick again. Whenever I start having feelings of unworthiness and bad thoughts about me, I spend weeks analyzing myself, waking up and going to bed digging in my brain what I did to feel this way. I go to my bishop and confess again stuff I have confessed a while ago. He tells me to let go and allow myself to feel forgiven, which I try to do but never succeed. I go to my psychologist and she puts me on meds and therapy until I feel better. After a few months, It happens again. Although I have a calling, read my scriptures, go to Institute, I'm active and I have a temple recommend, I can't find peace. This has no end. What if its not a sickness but I'm just not worthy? How can I turn to peace?
Anonymous User 2 hours ago Utah, United States
How can I help my family and friends who have been deeply hurt by ward leaders in the past? There's so much more to these problems than "just get over it and forgive." Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? Furthermore, how can I continue to sustain leaders that have treated others in a way I strongly disagree with? I full heartedly believe that it's important to sustain God's servants in their callings, despite imperfections, but how can I do so when I feel they have misused their authority? How should I deal with these sorts of trials if and when they happen to me personally?
Anonymous User 2 hours ago Idaho, United States
Hello, ever since returning home from my mission almost 4 years ago I’ve had a constant feeling of fear, fear that I will fall away into past habits and lifestyles. I feel like this fear is strengthened when I say my prays because I really struggle to know what to pray for or even believe that he answers MY prayers. I believe he answers others, but how can I better my prayers in a manner that draws me close to God.
Anonymous User 2 hours ago Idaho, United States
How do I meet single adults? I am a single mother of 3. I live in a small town with no mid-singles ward. I have tried going to the college wards here and taking institute classes to meet similar minded singles. But without similar life experiences, they just seem so much younger and we don't connect.
Anonymous User 2 hours ago Utah, United States
I am only 21 years old and am going through a divorce. I felt like marrying the man I did was the right thing to do...but now I know that getting a divorce is the best thing to do. I am afraid of what other people will think and I have a hard time talking about it. I am embarrassed. How do I go about coping with this?
Nathan S 2 hours ago Arizona, United States
I Have a Question to Help me Move Forward with the Pain I Just Have To Endure though my Question elder Russell and Elder Dallin How do You a Girl that You will be Married to one Day Because from my Experience I wanna the Few out There who Dont Trust my sisters I have came in contact with in Wards Seminary Missionary Prep its Because the Pain they have Caused me in my Life the Pain That Healthy Farther have to Use Those who I Trust the Most in Seminary a Few Years ago to Help me end up Worst I have been Experiencing the Pain for so Long that I used to The Pain and Th its Normal and for me in my Life Thats why I dont Trust Girls itts the Reason I dont ask girl to Dance because I thinking of what if She Saids No or Dont want Dance with me and just a Year ago someone did that and it Hurt and it Just Reminds why I dont trust girls but i do Know though my Patriarch Blessing that I Do get Married with my Future Spouse honestly its Really only thing that Helping me this Far I could use some
Anonymous User 2 hours ago Utah, United States
Everyone seems to have something different to say about what to expect to feel when you meet the person you're supposed to marry. Some say you feel something almost magical immediately, while some say it takes time to recognize your future spouse. What is something reliable we young adults can look for while dating to marry?
Valerie C 2 hours ago Lima, Peru
After finishing with our partners, we want to return the relationship and it does not work and we do not want to give up. How to know if they are signs that we are not made to be together or if they are just challenges to be together?
Anonymous User 2 hours ago California, United States
It's been a roller coaster after my mission. I'm doing everything right. I graduated with my master's & I feel like I'm still not progressing spiritually. I've been dating around but many men think that I'm intimidating. What can I do to find my significant other? Or what do they have to do to see me as who I am inside instead of my accomplishments? Pleaseeeee help!
Anonymous User 2 hours ago Oregon, United States
Why haven’t the apostles made an offical response to things like
Anonymous User 2 hours ago Utah, United States
Being a missionary, I have a handful of friends that I'm afraid of them falling under tempation and sin while I'm away. I felt that I was a good influence around them while I was home, but now that I'm on my mission I feel I can't do a whole lot. What can I do as a full-time missionary to help influence my friends and family to continue to do better and live the gospel of Jesus Christ?
Anonymous User 2 hours ago Texas, United States
I know that the ultimate goal with marriage and dating is to date those that are worthy to enter into the temple with the same goal to be sealed and have an eternal family. I am currently dating a guy that got baptized but now doesn’t want to be involved. As I have been praying, I feel like I have been following the spirit and have spent time in the temple receiving counsel that I am following the path and doing the right thing by continuing on in dating and marrying him in the future. I have felt impressed and guided by the spirit, but I question if I truly am following the spirit. How can I decipher these feelings and do the will of our father in heaven?
Anonymous User 2 hours ago California, United States
After dating my companion, who is not a member, for several years, marriage was proposed. I had sought to date other members of the church but I did not feel the prompting to marry. Upon much prayer and fasting, I consistently received the same answer to marry despite a knowledge that a temple marriage would not be possible at this time. I am conflicted how to proceed.
Anonymous User 2 hours ago Utah, United States
I don't believe that same-sex attraction is wrong, and I feel very certain that my opinion on the matter will never change. It's not something I'm looking to change. My experiences have led me to desire the greatest happiness for my gay brothers and sisters, and I believe that spending their lives being in a relationship with someone they love is one of the best ways for them to find happiness. My question is this: is there still a place at church for me with this belief? I still truly believe in the Atonement of Christ, and have seen it work miracles in my life when I diligently pray for forgiveness and strength. I still hope to have a family and raise my children in the church, but I feel a sort of fundamental divide between myself and other members of church. I often worry that I won't be able to find a faithful church member willing to marry someone with my beliefs. Is it okay for me to try to be a good church member while also supporting same-sex marriage?
Anonymous User 2 hours ago Texas, United States
After serving a mission and experiencing the light that came with those two years, How do you maintain a closeness to the Lord in what often seems like a dark and dreary world without feeling apathetic?
Anonymous User 2 hours ago Utah, United States
What is your advice to young single sisters who are planning on serving missions but are developing feelings for young men that they date?
Kristen S 2 hours ago Utah, United States
How can we keep the overwhelming gratitude, the kind that wants to burst out of you, that comes after being forgiven alive and a driving force in our lives?
Elizabeth R 2 hours ago Lima, Peru
I understand that Pres. Eyring once talked about not being a "the one" or "meant to be person". That any worthy young men and women can be happy together. Although I can understand this and seems very rational, I can't help but notice how many love stories that end in temple marriage looks like it was really meant to be and the destiny wanted it to happen.
Emily G 2 hours ago Idaho, United States
I feel like in today's world, we know a lot about how date and have a good time, looking for someone who we like to spend a lot of time with. I am not being prepared to raise a family and that I don't know what traits to look for while dating. I feel like this is a problem stemming from less emphasis on the importance of families today. It is easy to look for traits in a potential spouse that please me and fit me, but how do I prepare for a family and how do I prepare to raise a family while dating? When in a relationship, how do I and my partner prepare to raise a family as we progress toward marriage?
Anonymous User 2 hours ago Texas, United States
What is the relationship between church policy and doctrine? For example, the church handbook says that trumpets produce a "less worshipful sound." That sounds like an opinion, and it confuses me even further because trumpets were used in sacred ordinances in the old testament. Additionally, with all I've read about tattoos, it seems to be policy and not a commandment nor to get them. Why does church policy sometimes seem to nor follow doctrine, or rather, why does it seem like some church policy is based on opinion?
Sarah T 2 hours ago California, United States
I have a strong testimony of the gospel and a strong desire to keep my covenants and do what the brethren ask. Elder Ballard, in conference you gave wise counsel that was (per the footnote) specifically referring to energy healing work among other things. During the past two years I have been led by God to this type of work after praying for many years for healing from abuse. I have also been asked by God to start my own mentoring business where I teach clients this and other personal development strategies. The fruits are good. I do not feel this is secret knowledge and it CANNOT replace priesthood just like Western medicine doesn't. I know there are some teachings from these philosophies which are not doctrine, and need to be avoided. I have prayed much since your talk and feel to continue what I'm doing. Can you give more counsel to help ensure that I avoid what you were warning against while I continue in the course God has asked of me? I would seriously give it up if you asked.
Anonymous User 3 hours ago Arizona, United States
I decided to get a divorce from an abusive husband. We are not divorced yet, when is it okay to start dating? And what counsel can you give me and what counsel would you give my future spouse?
Elizabeth R 3 hours ago Lima, Peru
I have trouble accepting how sometimes even after working hard to achieve a goal and trusting in Heavenly Father it still doesnt happen.
Christopher G 3 hours ago Utah, United States
What does it mean to be a ‘special’ witness of Jesus Christ? What are some differences among the testimonies of the apostles and the general members of the church?
Laura R 3 hours ago Arizona, United States
Good morning. When I first joined the church I felt very welcomed I felt as if I had found where I belonged and what I was missing. I ended up moving and started at a singles ward since I am a convert I am not 100 familiar with everything at my new ward I did not feel welcomed instead I felt judge and out of place I have tattoos and piercings which doesn’t help. I also have to work weekends so that I can attend school which prevents me from attending service. I still very much try to be a good person volunteer and have a relationship with God but I would love to get back to how I felt when I first started l. How can I stay involved and strengthen my relationship with God with our having to give up my education?
Anonymous User 3 hours ago Utah, United States
A year ago, I came home early from my mission while still in the MTC on a medical release. I had thought that I had come to terms with what had happened. But when people ask about my mission I feel ashamed and less than because I wasn't able to finish or even make it to the field. Do you have any advice on how to be able to share my experience to help others without feeling like that?
Anonymous User 3 hours ago Utah, United States
I have been praying for an answer to find out if my boyfriend is the one for me. I feel deeply that my Heavenly Father has given me the answer of yes over a course of time and it has only gotten stronger and more clear. I cannot deny the feeling. My boyfriend felt that way before also, but now is having feelings that we shouldn't be together. I am confused but moving forward in faith with my answer. What do I do?
Anonymous User 3 hours ago Texas, United States
What is the nature of the relationship between church policy and doctrine? For instance, it is church policy that trumpets and other brass instruments are not to be played in sacrament meetings. The church handbook says that trumpets produce a "less worshipful sound." In Old Testament times, trumpets were used in sacred ordinances to worship the Lord. Is this just someone's opinion turned to policy or is it something else? Additionally, with everything I've read about tattoos, it does seem to be only a policy as well, and not a sin. Investigators tend to ask about that and my response is that it is a church policy and not a commandment. I suppose my real question is this: Can you please explain the difference between things that are "strongly discouraged" by church policy and actual commandments from the Lord?
Elizabeth R 3 hours ago Lima, Peru
I' only two weeks far away from going on a mission but I've lost somehow the motivation and the desire to serve. And im afraid this might be a problem during my mission.
Anonymous User 3 hours ago Utah, United States
I frequently feel unworthy to date because of personal struggles with pornography. How can I overcome this and find a future wife?
Anonymous User 3 hours ago Utah, United States
How do you know when you have enough faith?
Anonymous User 3 hours ago Utah, United States
Because of different experiences in my life, I feel as I walk down the halls of church I am shunned like the plague. None of these experiences are connected to worthiness at all, but I feel that I don't belong. I have a strong testimony, but having some friends would make things a little more bearable.
Anonymous User 3 hours ago Idaho, United States
Is there anything wrong with dating someone before his mission and planning to wait for him through his mission? Most people are telling me not to wait because two years is a long time. Do you have any advice? I had heard some of the apostle's wives waited for them on their missions. Is this true?
Danielle M 4 hours ago Idaho, United States
Is it good to share huge sums of money to those who are struggling and if you are able to? Where is the line between serving others and an creating an abusive relationship?
Caleb R 4 hours ago Utah, United States
How can I gain total self-mastery? In all aspects, physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional?
Anonymous User 4 hours ago Utah, United States
I am divorced, but still highly believe in the institution of marriage. My ex and myself have been working on co-parenting for the sake of our children. In the process, I feel we've been more connected and more of a "family" then we ever were before. I've developed feelings of potential reconciliation, but any time it is brought up, I have fingers pointing in my direction. It was MY confirmation to go ahead with the divorce, and now it's MY confirmation of hope that something will work out, I struggle with patience and agency. How come I feel so strongly now that marriage is the best thing, when I felt so strongly before to dissolve the same relationship? We both, along with our children, have grown with the experience.
Zachary B 4 hours ago Idaho, United States
I am serving a mission right now. I know my missionary purpose and try very hard to fulfill it by focusing on our investigators. How can I keep fulfilling my purpose and working hard to help others progress in the Gospel with out forgetting my own Spiritual progression and preparation.
Anonymous User 4 hours ago North Carolina, United States
Before I found myself campaigning against homelessness for my and 23 other famies, I would never involve my self in activism, political discussion, or informing myself of local laws. This experience has opened my eyes to a world where I can help others and learn so much of what is going on in my community. It has opened up opportunities to be able to serve in a much more meaningful capacity. I have met many amazing and involved people. Among those people are people who fight for women's rights and abortion safety as well as lgbtq who fight for their rights of not being killed and being able to choose their identity. I know that it is a commandment for marriage to be between a man and a woman. I know that children are precious and should not be aborted, of course taking into consideration health of the mother & child and also rape situations that may find abortion appropriate. I love them as I am commanded to do. Can I fight their fight with them? They're fighting to not be killed.
Tiffany M 4 hours ago Washington, United States
When and how can we see the influence of the rising generation on the world wide church?
Anonymous User 4 hours ago Seoul-teukbyeolsi, South Korea
How can I be truly humble and pure in heart?
Chibuike O 6 hours ago Rivers, Nigeria
Elder oaks and elder ballard. Good day please i have really long to ask you this. I honestly want to serve couple mission. i and my wife are returned missionary. we have the desire to serve.
Daniel O 8 hours ago Utah, United States
What are couple of the most common doctrinal misconceptions that you hear from church members that need to be clarified or corrected?
Anonymous User 10 hours ago Callao, Peru
a cordial greeting, I have a question that makes me very thoughtful, we are always told that when looking for a partner for marriage we must first be friends, however when someone is concerned, friendship is often limited to being distracted in a group and just saying hello without looking deeper into the unknown of "who is this person?" but many times you can not really know someone beyond distracting, sometimes I think that perhaps the word "friends" has been manipulated to maintain a wall that only serves to entertain and distract without getting anywhere and be just a friendship empty and meaningless, then I get the question "who is a friend", thank you very much for your attention.
Anonymous User 10 hours ago England, United Kingdom
I have a less active friend who has served a mission and loves the church but doesn’t feel like they have ever had a relationship with God and questions if he even exists. I have never questioned the reality of our Heavenly Father so I don’t know how to help and I fear that all I’ll do is make things worse. How can I help them to know of the love Heavenly Father has for them and how they can feel it for themselves?
Marydene C 10 hours ago Camarines Sur, Philippines
My bishop already signed my patriarchal recomendation but everytime I went to the patrich some unexpected circumtances happen that became the reason for delay, like forgetting to bring my recommendation or the patriach telling me that he forgot the scheduled meeting. Sometimes I wonder if I am worthy enough or I just need more preparation. How can I know that I am prepared to receive my patriarchal blessing? And how can I battle this feeling of unworthiness?
Anonymous User 10 hours ago Davao del Norte, Philippines
Hello Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard. I'm not sure if I'll be able to watch this event live since I'm in the Philippines and we're in a different time zone. But I'll be happy to hear your insights about my query. I am a returned missionary and a fresh graduate from the university. I have pretty decent job now but my mom is really sick. She needs our constant attention and time. Sometimes I don't know how to balance my time so I can also fulfill my other priorities such as dating and courtship. Do you have any suggestion how I can manage my time so I get to take care of my mom without compromising my other priorities?
Anonymous User 10 hours ago Nueva Ecija, Philippines
What do you do when you have the desire to serve for a full time mission but very unsure and then a worthy priesthood holder suddenly courts you and offers the highest covenant?
Anonymous User 11 hours ago California, United States
I go to a very small school of only girls where I am the only LDS member. The majority of the rest of the school is among the party and substance abusers. I find it really hard to genuinely connect with these people because of the huge juxtaposition between our standards. All they talk about is sex and drinking and smoking while I just want to read books in the woods and hang out with my family and other uplifting people. How can I 1) keep the spirit in my life in that kind of environment and 2) genuinely connect with my fellow classmates despite our stark differences. I stick out like s super sore thumb there and it’s really exhausting because they tease me all the time in a joking way and tell me “I haven’t lived” and they want to show me how to live. It’s just hard to be around for 35 hours every week.
Anonymous User 11 hours ago California, United States
I know that we are all children of God and that we are created in His image but I have been struggling for a while to even be able to look in the mirror and call myself beautiful. I just do not see myself in that way ever. I am the girl that is the friend to everyone but that always gets passed up for someone cuter. I can never see the positive in myself but i can always see the negative. I want to know how I can see my worth and find the value and beauty in myself?
Anonymous User 11 hours ago California, United States
A lot of us younger people, including myself, have trouble with different addictions. I feel that no matter how hard I try, I seem to keep falling. What advice can you give us to help us overcome our addiction and come closer to the Lord so that we can have the spirit with us?
Anonymous User 11 hours ago California, United States
How can people who are introverted or shy feel more comfortable bearing their testimonies and standing up for their beliefs? What can they do to make friends and reach out to people when this is difficult?
Anonymous User 12 hours ago Utah, United States
I never thought I would serve a mission. Even at 19, when I became eligible to serve, I had neither the desire nor the prompting to serve a full time mission. Last year, I was able to go through the temple to receive my endowment, though I was not getting married or going on a mission. However, now, at 21, I suddenly feel that I should go. How do I know that this is right for me, and can I be comfortable in feeling that it wasn't right for me to go at 19 or 20?
Jacob M 12 hours ago Utah, United States
Elder Ballard, you have a lot of experiences with setting goals and making plans. I feel like I am a goal oriented person, but I’m still working on accounting to myself for the goals. How do you account to yourself for the goals you set (Elder Oakes can answer too )?
Anonymous User 12 hours ago Utah, United States
I understand that you prayerfully spend hours upon hours for months preparing your General Conference talks. What is that process like for you and how I can better prepare to listen?
Anonymous User 13 hours ago Utah, United States
It seems to me that if I study the scriptures every day, attend church every week, and listen to General Conference twice a year, I am going to get so many different ideas of how I can improve. Sometimes the Spirit will give a prompting, and other times a speaker will extend an invitation. My question is, how can one respond to all of these different invitations without also becoming overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to do?
Anonymous User 13 hours ago Guayas, Ecuador
¿Cómo encontrar consuelo en un hogar disfuncional?
Anonymous User 13 hours ago Utah, United States
What we’re some of the struggles you faced as a young single adult and how did you make it through them?
Haily M 13 hours ago Hawaii, United States
I have tons of friends that are active members born into the church. They believe in all the church teachings yet I feel like I'm the only one who lives it. Without getting into the details, I just feel lonely. Do you have any advice or encouragement that could help me in this situation?
Anonymous User 13 hours ago Colorado, United States
I recently turned 30 and I'm struggling with trusting promises that I will have a family when that fulfillment depends on the choices of others. How can I remain faithful with trusting the promises of the Lord when I'm starting to lose hope?
Anonymous User 13 hours ago Utah, United States
How do we follow the law of chastity in a serious relationship? I have a girlfriend, we love each other deeply, we have talked about marriage, and we both want to be sealed in the temple someday. I think it will happen. I am a return missionary, and prior to this point in my life I always avoided any serious relationships because I knew that I was going on a mission. Now I've discovered that there is a very fine line between kissing, and making out, and to be quite honest I have no idea what is ok, and what is not. I know as a youth I was told to stay as far from "the line" as possible, but now I want to get married. What line should I be staying away from, and how do you suggest doing that? I really appreciate any advice you can offer.
Robert L 13 hours ago California, United States
Joseph Smith once lamented about the difficulty of getting the saints to understand the Gospel, and "receive the things of God". And wondered as to how many of the saints would be able to abide Celestial law. Is our generation very different from Joseph's? I know that the things God is prepared to teach us are beyond anything we can comprehend. What can we do to be better prepared to receive those blessings?
Anonymous User 13 hours ago Utah, United States
How do I help a loved one who is struggling with their faith? How can I help them with their struggles and with finding answers to difficult questions?
Gabriel A 13 hours ago Utah, United States
So I am reading the Infinite Atonement, from Tad R Callister, and I am in Ch. 10-Infinite in Power. While reading, a question popped in my head-why did our Heavenly Father need to send Jesus Christ? Heavenly Father has all power in everything, and gave all the power Jesus Christ has, so why couldn’t He just do the Atonement? Or was sending Jesus Christ the way He exercised His ultimate and infinite power to save us and eventually have that opportunity to return back to Him?
Haily M 13 hours ago Hawaii, United States
In the midst of much political confusion, tension, and turmoil life can get pretty discouraging. All my friends ever want to do is have arguments about these politics just because they can. And every time I turn on the radio or TV or scroll through social media it's the same thing. I feel so stuck in the middle of it all. How can I remain optimistic when all I see is negativity?
Anonymous User 14 hours ago Utah, United States
With missionary work how do you stay focused without getting distracted by the world when your doing your best to be focused
Anonymous User 15 hours ago Texas, United States
Do converts have the same obligation/responsibility life-long members have to serve a full time mission as a young adult?
Rachel G 15 hours ago California, United States
1. What is the Church doing to better help members with disabilities become more self-reliant? 2. How can I KNOW, without a doubt, that my career choice is EXACTLY what Heavenly Father wants for me? 3. As I pray earnestly and do all that I can do to help my family join the Church to no avail, it is so easy to become discouraged. I try to live righteously, but, as a YSA, the thing that I want more than anything is to be sealed to my family in the Celestial Kigdom. What more can I do to help them find the joy and blessings of the Gospel?
anthony c 15 hours ago Lima, Peru
queria preguntarle que pasaria si siento algo por una persona del mismo sexo y quiero servir a npc siento algo por un elder de tiempo completo y que puedo realizar y poder cambiar
Anonymous User 16 hours ago Washington, United States
At what point does a relationship with someone of the same sex become a sin? If two people in a homosexual relationship never break the laws of chastity, for example, have they still sinned in some way?
Anonymous User 16 hours ago Utah, United States
Is there a connection with LDS and freemasonry?
Jason A 16 hours ago Utah, United States
I attend church every week and pray and read my scriptures everyday and I enjoy doing so. I feel that I'm doing everything I know to do in order to be the best disciple I can. Each day I see new ways I can improve my discipleship but at the same time, my motivation feels like it's diminishing. How can I increase my motivation and excitement for discipleship, especially magnifying my calling?
James C 17 hours ago Utah, United States
What lack I yet? What Can I do to improve my relationship with my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ?
Anonymous User 17 hours ago Utah, United States
What is the best way to prepare for a everlasting eternal marriage?
Anonymous User 17 hours ago Alberta, Canada
How can single women of the church deal with the fact that many good, single, member men refuse to date? (Or they won't date anyone that doesn't fit their image of a perfect woman...) What can we do to stay hopeful? Etc
Anonymous User 17 hours ago Antioquia, Colombia
He cometido un grave error, y debo hablar con mi obispo, lo que me da susto es lo que mis padres piensen de ello, ¿es deber que mis padres estén enterados? ¿o es mi decisión si les digo o no?
Aiden W 17 hours ago Texas, United States
As we rise to missions and marriage and leadership in the church, what is most important for us to do now to prepare for our roles in God's Kingdom?
Katherine L 17 hours ago Utah, United States
What is the churches view on transgender?
Anonymous User 17 hours ago Washington, United States
I am torn inside about the problem of pornography is prevalent today. I am 27 and single and have dated guys that are good individuals striving to do what is right but have struggled greatly with pornography. I feel terrified to get married. How can I have confidence in the choice to marry and whom to marry. I have met a guy who is worthy today and seems great, I feel peace with going forward. But I feel terrified for marriage. I want to be confident in my choice in whom to marry without falling into the trap of trying to find the perfect person that doesn't exist, and I know I am not. How do I strengthen my testimony of marriage and the need/importance of it?
Angel'a G 17 hours ago Virginia, United States
My patriarchal blessing is very specific about my future spouse saying he will be in the military. Does that limit me to marry a guy that will serve in the military? What if I marry a guy who is not capable of being in the military? Am I going against the blessings of God that are promised to me?
Rachel T 18 hours ago Ohio, United States
Sometimes it's hard to imagine myself going from where I am now to doing the things talked about in my patriarchal blessing. How can I use the future things talked of in my blessing to help me in the things I decide to do now?
Julianna C 18 hours ago Utah, United States
I know that happiness is my choice, but how do I choose to be happy even through trying times?
Anonymous User 18 hours ago Idaho, United States
I deal with same gender attraction and often feel like I can't relate to a lot of council given to my peers, how can I be confident in dating/marriage and find peace and inclusion when I fee like an outcast?
Anonymous User 18 hours ago Utah, United States
What are some things we can do to better recognize the promptings of the spirit?
Anonymous User 18 hours ago Idaho, United States
We hear a lot about how pornography destroys relationships, especially families. How should we treat it in dating relationships? Should we pursue relationships knowing we or the other person struggles with pornography or should we wait to date until we feel we/they are clean? The church website about pornography says a lot about helping spouses, but little about dating. I know a few people that feel they should wait to go on dates until the problem is resolved through the healing power of the atonement is this right, or should we keep from procrastinating dating as well?
Talmage S 19 hours ago Utah, United States
How do each of you study the scriptures and the gospel?
Anonymous User 19 hours ago Utah, United States
So as a Missionary they tell us to lock our heart, and to not focus on Girls at home at all. Is it better to go on a mission not have a girl to write back at home or to have one? Also is it a bad thing to think of marriage as part of the next step after the mission? Lastly how can Missionaries overcome feeling of sadness about not writing any girls, when a lot of Missionaries around them are writing girls back at home?
Alex B 19 hours ago Utah, United States
I have difficulty talking with others, which results in me feeling alone frequently. I know my ward is there to help me, but I am afraid to become a burden to them. How can I overcome feeling loneliness without being selfish or being a burden to others?
Elaine W 19 hours ago Utah, United States
I am leaving on my mission in January and as it gets closer to my departure date I have become increasingly worried about going on a mission and often feel inadequate to go. I didn’t feel this way before I got my call. I want to serve God to the best of my abilities. How do I overcome these thoughts and continue to strengthen my testimony of the gospel during this time?
Anonymous User 19 hours ago Utah, United States
As I have gotten older, I have realized more and more that I have no desire to have children. I know this is part of the plan of salvation, but I just cant seem to convince myself that I want kids one day. What should I do?
Anonymous User 19 hours ago California, United States
As a fairly new full-time missionary who struggles with depression, what would your advice be? All of the things that have helped me in my life are back home but serving the Lord is one of the most important things we can do in this life. Should I go home and recover or should I stay in the field and do my best but suffer throughout the course of my mission?
Luis F 19 hours ago Utah, United States
How can one balance their mind, body and spirit/heart to become stable and continue in the plan?
Anonymous User 20 hours ago Idaho, United States
What counsel do you have for young adults who have been through a divorce?
Aaron B 21 hours ago Utah, United States
What are some practical principles each of you practice when seeking to receive personal revelation that I could apply in my life?
Anonymous User 21 hours ago Washington, United States
How can we tell the difference between gods power and the devils? I’ve always heard to listen to the calm quiet voice but what if the loud yelling voice is the one telling us to do something like obey the word of wisdom or repent?
Anonymous User 21 hours ago New York, United States
So my birth mother died when I was a child, and later my dad married a member of the church. We got sealed as a family with my step mom as my mother. What happens to my birth mother in this situation, seeing that I am not sealed to her but want to be?
Anonymous User a day ago Illinois, United States
My friend says he experiences gay feelings and he really hates that part about himself. He's very smart and does well in just about every other aspect of his life, however, he really struggles accepting himself. He's not sure that staying in the church would be best for him. What should I tell him?

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