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November 19, 2017

YSA Face to Face with Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard

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On November 19, 2017, Elder Dallin H. Oaks and Elder M. Russell Ballard will host a Face to Face event for young single adults. The event will be broadcast live from Logan, Utah. Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard will answer questions from young single adults around the world. If you would like to submit a question, you can do so below.

We invite you to gather with your family, ward members, or friends at institute to participate. You can view the event live on this page, the LDS Facebook page, or YouTube (Mormon Channel).

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Questions Asked:

Anna L 39 minutes ago New York, United States
In 1998, President Hinckley told the young men of the church: "The girl you marry will take a terrible chance on you. She will give her all to the young man she marries. He will largely determine the remainder of her life." I'm a single, female RM with multiple degrees and a good career in a highly competitive field. I've worked extremely hard to get where I am, but I'm willing to give it all up to raise a happy, stable family. Unfortunately, it seems like most of the marriage options are what Elder Christofferson calls: "young adult men who are going nowhere in life, who are not serious about forming families and making a real contribution in this world." I don't want to be prideful, but I can't see myself in a happy marriage with a man I don't even respect. I want to have a family, but I want a helpmeet, not a deadbeat. Can you let the young men of the church know that we don't care about their gym selfies we care about their career and ambitions.
Anonymous User 3 hours ago Andhra Pradesh, India
How can I become more Christlike? I really wanted to be an example to everyone around me and I want to represent jesus christ in everything I do. How do I deeply stand in this gospel?
Anonymous User 3 hours ago , Ghana
Im a young man of 20 years old. I've been struggling to stop watching of pornographic materials for a number of years now. I more of the shy type of person. I feel bad to even approach my bishop or elders. This even prevents me from going to church sometimes because i feel the lord is disappointed in me. What should i do?
Dede S 3 hours ago Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
I just returned home from my mission about a month and a half. i have seen a lot of problem around the church. How can I be a good example to others if in other chase they like to judge one another without knowing what is true?
Anonymous User 4 hours ago Unknown Location
I never grew up with Semonary. What is a few things that can help with personal scripture study? And what is a few ways to feel the love of the lord in my everyday life?
Anonymous User 4 hours ago Unknown Location
What are a few ways to help with repentance and coming back to the lord after committing serious sins
Anonymous User 5 hours ago Utah, United States
The Mormon and Gay website is an inspired spiritually uplifting source for those who face same-sex attraction. What additional spiritually uplifting sources are available for faithful members of this trial? Similarly, are there sources for the faithful who may encounter gender dysphoria?
Anonymous User 6 hours ago Hawaii, United States
I am a returned missionary who is struggling with my relationship with God. I have developed an anger towards him and I don’t know how to handle it. I feel as if God has never been there for me.
Alexis R 8 hours ago California, United States
What are some of your favorite "secular" books to read? Since we are encouraged to seek learning in all praiseworthy areas, I thought it would be interesting to hear what some of your favorites are. Is there one that shaped your life, or that uplifted you in a trying time? Or even a favorite picture book from your childhood? (I figured might as well take this chance to get to know you both better :)
Anonymous User 9 hours ago Utah, United States
For YSA women, it is important to get a degree for a career if it is needed for providing income in the future. But for me, I am really struggling with school and was wondering if it would be better to focus on searching for a husband rather than attepting to finish school when there seems to be no hope. What council would you recommend?
Anonymous User 9 hours ago Utah, United States
How do you truly repent from years of pornography usage? I don't know what to do? I feel very inadequate at church and when I pray. I want to fully repent and get my temple recommend back, but I'm afraid I'll just keep going back to it. What can I do?
Anonymous User 10 hours ago Metro Manila, Philippines
I grew up hearing from people that mothers know best. Im struggling to know where to stand between what i want to be in life especially with my career choice to what she wants me to do. I feel being forced, pressured, and unhappy. How should i respond to this kind of situation?
Anonymous User 10 hours ago Unknown Location
How do you know if you are supposed to marry your significant other? And how long should you wait for them to agree, if you are ready to marry them?
Anonymous User 10 hours ago Idaho, United States
With the world moving so fast around us, how do we make roots that will not waver in the storms of life? Especially after the lost of two people that are close to you.
Abbey W 11 hours ago Utah, United States
I feel like I am filling my life with a lot of good things: school, job, church, family and friends. But often I feel unfulfilled. How can I feel more fulfilled/have more joy in life?
Alexandra V 11 hours ago Virginia, United States
Is it okay for a woman to focus on a career instead of marriage or family?
Anonymous User 12 hours ago Utah, United States
I feel like I have these big dreams and hopes but I feel that most of the time I am either paralysed by fear or non motivated due to the great tasks ahead of me. How do I keep motivated to press forward daily?
Akshay K 12 hours ago British Columbia, Canada
Hello, How can I know that God knows me personally? Any scriptural insights or revelations on the subject?
Anonymous User 12 hours ago Leyte, Philippines
I was wondering if I should pursue my mission, I am on my process of compiling the requirements. When I think of leaving my family, it makes me feel so sad and lonely.
Anonymous User 13 hours ago Unknown Location
Why does God hate me? And, should I kill myself now, or later?
Matthew D 14 hours ago South Carolina, United States
I've been home from my mission for a year and a half and it's been tough like they say. But what's been my biggest struggle is feeling a real purpose or meaning laboring in my career and job as I did as a missionary. What counsel can you give on this adjustment?
Tuifatu P 15 hours ago Utah, United States
How can I learn to love God more? I want to be more sincere when I tell God in my prayers I love him.
Samantha J 16 hours ago Idaho, United States
Why has God called our generation "chosen"? What can we do to rise up to His expectations for us?
Emma P 16 hours ago Utah, United States
My generation seems afraid to marry, or even date, because we fear that we will pick the wrong person. Where did this excessive worry of perfection come from? How do we as YSA/YA open ourselves to a better mindset? What mindset would that be?
Anonymous User 17 hours ago Edo, Nigeria
Is kissing, petting and necking advisable in a relationship?
Christian B 17 hours ago Utah, United States
How can I make my scripture study more meaningful?
Anonymous User 18 hours ago Utah, United States
How can I remain positive in dating and not base my happiness off of my success or in someone actions? How do I get peace in situations when someone else's agency caused harm/hurt?
Brennon A 18 hours ago Utah, United States
How can we better live the Doctrine of Christ? Especially in exercising faith daily?
Austin M 18 hours ago Utah, United States
How can I prepare to fulfill my future role as a husband, a father, and a leader in the church.
Anonymous User 18 hours ago Utah, United States
How can I keep reminding myself of my worth in a culture that places such a high expectation to marry young?
Anonymous User 18 hours ago Utah, United States
At this time in our lives I feel that receiving revelation is critical. What advice would you give us concerning the process in which we receive revelation?
Anonymous User 18 hours ago Utah, United States
How can I more effectively study the scriptures?
Anonymous User 18 hours ago Unknown Location
Recently my parents have announced they are getting a divorce mainly because my dad is leaving the church. I’m struggling with the concept of eternal families and what this now means for my family? Also, what is the best response/coping mechanism for a loved one leaving the church?
Anonymous User 18 hours ago Utah, United States
How do I recognize the difference betweeen when Heavenly Father isn't giving clear direction because he wants me to make the decision myself, or when I'm just not understanding the answer?
Anonymous User 18 hours ago Utah, United States
How do I better try to understand and help those around me suffering from depression and anxiety without feeling sad or anxious as well!
Anonymous User 18 hours ago Utah, United States
Why do ordinances have to be performed in a physical body if they are spiritual in nature?
Anonymous User 18 hours ago Utah, United States
When a man and a woman are sealed in the temple and one partner gains the highest degree of glory but the other does not gain the highest degree of glory is their sealing broken and do they go to separate kindgdoms?
Anonymous User 18 hours ago Utah, United States
How can I better silence the voice of the adversary?
Anonymous User 18 hours ago Utah, United States
How can I accept Heavenly Father's will and be happy when it's not really what I want?
Anonymous User 19 hours ago Utah, United States
Why are so many symbols that are pure and holy being turned into evil in these last days? Is it pure mockery or to confuse the masses?
Anonymous User 19 hours ago Utah, United States
As someone with severe anxiety and social anxiety, how can I use the enabling power of the atonement fully and correctly to help me battle this life long struggle? How can I continue to serve others when I feel disabled from doing many things even for myself alone, due to this illness?
Bryce B 19 hours ago Utah, United States
Given promises given me of the Lord and Mormon 9:21, how can I know if the reason I am not receiving the blessing is my lack of faith rather than that the time is not yet fulfilled?
Kimberly W 19 hours ago Utah, United States
How can I feel like I can be forgiven? What do I need to do to get there? I am reading and praying and still do not feel like I am going to be forgiven.
Angela S 19 hours ago Utah, United States
Can you let us know how President Monson is doing? Please send him our love.
Anonymous User 19 hours ago Utah, United States
What advice do you have for recently returned missionaries?
Todd S 19 hours ago Utah, United States
How can we better use our gifts and talents to bless the lives of those around us?
Anonymous User 20 hours ago Idaho, United States
How do you best show God that you trust Him?
Nicole W 20 hours ago Utah, United States
As a student at BYU, I find myself trying to do everything I can for the people around me as well as trying to maintain decent academic standing. I have a lot of friends and relatives who are suffering from depression, and I often feel like I'm one of the few who isn't depressed, so I need to be a firm foundation for the people who find themselves slipping. One major problem with this is I'm not taking care of myself, so I'm constantly sick and I'm not eating properly. How can I take care of myself and so many other people, while still keeping my grades up?
Anonymous User 20 hours ago Utah, United States
For the first time in my life, I feel like I don't have a sense of direction of where my life should and is going. I'm trying to focus on the smaller progressive signs in life and trying to find new opportunities to serve, etc. but I feel like I don't know what I should do with life: career, where to live, etc. What can I do to feel more direction and guidance when I feel like I'm trying everything already?
Daniel J 21 hours ago Espirito Santo, Brazil
Elder Dallin H. Oaks and Elder M. Russell Ballard, qual a importância de respeitar e proteger a liberdade religiosa? Como também, partindo-se da premissa da igualdade sob a ótica da liberdade religiosa como deve se comportar um Santos dos Últimos Dias em face das demais entidades religiosas espalhadas no planeta? What is the importance of respecting and protecting religious freedom? Also, starting from the premise of equality from the standpoint of religious freedom, how should a Latter-day Saint behave in the face of the other religious entities scattered throughout the planet?
Anonymous User 21 hours ago Colorado, United States
I live in an area with very few members my age. Where can I go to meet other single adults?
Anonymous User 21 hours ago New York, United States
As I've gained life experience throughout my 20s I've seen more and more instances of times when men abuse their priesthood responsibilities. I feel like often in the Church we think that domestic abuse and violence is less prevalent than it really is and that perhaps it's something that happens to "other people" and not to those around us in our wards and families. I feel reasonably confident that bishops who advise women (or men) to stay in abusive relationships aren't intentionally trying to encourage these people to stay in unsafe situations, but at the same time it makes me question whether counsel they give on other subjects might be equally uninformed. What recommendations do you have for reconciling human fallibility and divine counsel?
Andrew P 21 hours ago Utah, United States
I am a recently returned missionary. In the mission field my whole focus was outward on serving others. Now that I'm home I of necessity need to focus on my own life with school, work and everything else. Focusing on myself feels selfish and doesn't bring the same joy and satisfaction as serving my fellow beings. But if I don't focus on the things I need to do to succeed in life I can't accomplish what thebLord needs me to. How can I find the balance of turning outward to serve others but also make sure I'm taking care of myself so I can be able to provide for my future family?
Madison A 21 hours ago Utah, United States
I am preparing to serve my mission and despite all the efforts I put in, it sometimes feels that it is not working. How can I make sure I am in tune with the Spirit, to ensure that what I'm doing is right?
Joshua B 21 hours ago Utah, United States
The scriptures day to replace fear with faith. But i don't quite understand how this applies to things like education and dating. How does having faith in Christ replace those fears?
Kira D 21 hours ago Utah, United States
In your preview you mentioned that we don't understand how large of a role we will have in the future of the church. This is true, so if you could help us understand this better, what would you have us know?
Anonymous User 21 hours ago Utah, United States
I struggle with anxiety. I am trying to get an education but it has been a challenge with my anxiety. To keep up with my work to pay for school and to get good grades as well as dating. Its hard even for a mentally healthy person but i have anxiety disorder so its even harder. I am trying to keep take care of my self I don't know if I will be able to pass school. I don't know if school is what is best for me. I have tried to get answers from god when anxiety and mental illness is affecting how I feel the spirit. How do I know gods will when i can't feel peace with almost anything in life,. How will I be able to have a family even though I don't know if I will be able to graduate from school because of my mental illness? What ways can I better feel the spirit when you suffer from a mental illness? How do you make life decisions with these challenges? So much uncertainty
Connor G a day ago Utah, United States
How does the Book of Mormon support the Bible?
Don F a day ago Utah, United States
How do you know when you are having a spiritual prompting compared to just feeling anxious?
Craig A a day ago Utah, United States
There is so much focus on dating and marriage in young single adult wards and, as a gay member, it makes it difficult and even uncomfortable to go to church and sit through non-stop lessons on dating and eternal marriage. What can LGBTQ members do to still get the most out of our church experience? What do we have to look forward to, if not marriage?
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
I struggle with anxiety and dating has been challenging with it. I was lead to someone who I was able to talk to really well and was able to be myself with even with my social anxiety. I felt she was someone I could marry. Then she friend zoned me but yet she said she still liked me and had to friend zone me cause she didn't know what she wanted. I still care about her but it seems she doesn't want me in her life anymore I feel like I lost a friend. My anxiety is making this all worse by worrying about her, worrying about dating, having no motivation to date, my anxiety is causing me to constantly think about her. I don't understand what to do. I care about her but she is pushing me away. I don't care if she isn't interested in me anymore I just want things not to be awkward anymore. How do I deal with sadness and pain that is compounded and made worse by anxiety, skewing reality how do I fix a relationship I am so confused. How do I make dating simpler and less confusing.
LeeAnne A a day ago Virginia, United States
There is a doctrine that states that, “even if people accept the gospel in the next life, if they denied it in this one, they will only be granted terrestrial glory.” This makes sharing the gospel with my family difficult because I’m afraid they won’t accept it and won’t be able to be in the celestial kingdom with me. Can you expound upon this or give hope?
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
What advice do you have for those in a relationship with someone who views pornography?
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
How can I date when I have social anxiety and I am not seeing relationships and situations clearly, I can hardly trust what I feel and even what I think. I know when I am not feeling and thinking correctly but I just feel stuck, I feel lost, I worry that my worrying about what I want will interfere with gods will, as well as not make me happy because I am not being humble and trying to predict the future, living in the future. Trying to control something I can't control, fearing that I am not doing enough or that I have to fix something, so I worry and worry about it. I worry that I am not allowing Christ into my life enough because of my anxiety. I worry that God will want me to marry someone that I am not attracted to or that I can't talk to. I worry that because of my anxiety warping my view of the world I will mess up gods plan for me, by not trusting him, even though I do trust him, I just sometimes don't trust myself to follow the prompting or know if they are a prompting.
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
Are spirits in the spirit world able to, in a sense, "poof" or transport their consciousness? As in, can they view anything happening in the world at any time like God or Christ or the Holy Ghost?
Bryce D a day ago Utah, United States
When apostles are called are they called by the prophet shortly after the death of the late apostle or a little bit before the next conference? For example how is seniority determined when multiple apostles are called at the same time like in October 2015?
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
My roommates are inactive and often make jokes about people or things that make me uncomfortable and treat me poorly if I defend those people or things they’re making fun of. How can I respond in a way that will help me to stand up for what I believe?
Jaxson J a day ago Utah, United States
How best can young single adults be loving and caring to all men, while still holding firm and sharing the importance of living gospel standards?
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
Why did the Pharisees hate Christ so much even though they would ask Him for advice or help? (e.g.: the adulterer woman, master what should be her punishment? daughter of Pharisee, raised from the dead etc) They witnessed so many of Christ's miracles and still they persecuted and ultimately crucified Him.
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
I’m wanting to serve a mission within the next two years at least but I’m not sure when I should you have any suggestions for me?
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
What motivated Christ to not give in to temptation, and how can we use that to help us resist temptation?
Anonymous User a day ago Idaho, United States
My sister recently took me to an "energy healing conference", I felt odd while at the conference, where most of the presenters were LDS, what is the church's stance on this, and how can I discern between right and wrong with something such as an "energy healing conference"
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
How can I love people who are consistently rude or unkind to me?
Cambry J a day ago Utah, United States
I know that Christ's atoning sacrifice is real. I know that Christ knows me perfectly because of the Atonement He performed. How can I more fully allow Jesus Christ into my life, feel His influence and receive more fully the blessings that come from His Atoning sacrifice?
EmmaLee W a day ago Utah, United States
Recently I lost a little nephew to SIDS. I'm finally feeling like myself again, but for those who might be struggling with a loss like this: How would you suggest they draw closer to Christ and receive comfort for their grief, sorrow and pain?
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities I have, such as full time employment, receiving a new position at work, serving in a RS presidency, attending institute and trying to find and eternal companion. How can I best remain balanced and overcome my feelings of being overwhelmed? Is it ever okay to ask for a new calling that isn't so stressful/time consuming?
Kayla F a day ago Utah, United States
I’m a freshman at BYU from out of state. How do I do well in school while having to adjust to a new place, new calling, and depression/anxiety?
Jordan W a day ago England, United Kingdom
Hey Elder Ballard and Elder Oaks! I hope youbwere both well -- it seemed like it from the good humour in your video. My question is this: what answer can I give to those who believe gender is fluid when explaining about gender being an essential characteristic of our premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose? Thank you for your love and service!
Nia U a day ago Rizal, Philippines
How can I love and support my non-member friends who are starting to have relationships with their same sex? What can I do to be a good example to them?
NTambwe U a day ago , Democratic Republic of Congo
why polygamy is considered as a sin on the earth and as a celestial law in the world to come meaning in the millenium and in the celestial kingdom? i guess we should begin to exercise or to live that law in this world in order to be prepared for the celestial kingdom.
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
We hear more about the Celestial Kingdom than the other two kingdoms, what can members expect to do while in the Terestrial or Telestial Kingdom? It's still considered a kingdom right? We will still serve God right? So what's so bad about being in these Kingdoms? What are the positive things for these kingdoms?
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
What can the church do to help bishops not be in meetings all day Sunday?
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
Is the church turning a blind eye to how many men and women members are attracted to the same-gender? I hear more and more member stories of men and women all over the world who are attracted to the same gender.
Scott T a day ago Utah, United States
If we are not supposed to pay our way to heaven and we are required to pay tithing to enter the temple worthy, and only members with a temple recommend are considered living all the laws of God, why does the church force us to pay for our salvation? Only temple marriages are even considered for Celestial Glory. It feels like a huge lie and contradictory way to get members to feel like they are saved. I quit paying my tithing because I don't believe I need to pay for my salvation. If God loves me and I know he does I don't see why I need to pay tithing to go to the temple.
Scott T a day ago Utah, United States
I feel like church has become an repetitive and uneventful spiritual experience. You can blame me personally all you want by saying I am not preparing myself to listen to the still small voice, only I feel like a person will go insane for hearing the same thing over and over. In what way is our prophet and twelve apostles truly receiving revelation? I don't feel they are any more. Everything is so sugar coated and not inspiring. I miss the apostles who spoke of revelatory things like, heaven, life after death, spiritual testimonials of their visions. Our prophets and apostles rarely speak of dreams and visions. Why is it that we no longer hear about modern visions?
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
I consider myself Gay-LDS, I am extremely attracted to the same-sex, and I stopped going to church. I served honorably a full time mission to Italy in which I felt immensely the spirit and love of God. I don't feel like I am an evil person and I've always volunteered and served others in many capacities. In what way is our prophet receiving new revelation on this important issue that is a part of more active members lives these days?
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
How can I find hope, acceptance, and love for my future when I have such a messed up past? I was a victim of sexual abuse which destroyed my ability to trust anyone. I suffer from addictions, depression, and self-hatred. Is there any chance for happiness and acceptance in my life?
Anonymous User a day ago Alberta, Canada
What would you say to someone who has struggled with the same sins and weakness for many years, and no matter how hard they try, they just can't seem to overcome these challenges?
William A a day ago Alberta, Canada
“The Family: A Proclamation to the World” states: “By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness”, however it also says “Fathers and Mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners”. I want to fulfill both of these commandments when I am married and have a family, but how do I do this when each statement seems to contradict the other?
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
This has been weighing really really heavily on my mind lately and I pray that the brethren have an answer. I have been dating an incredible young man. We are completely in love and we plan to be married. Early in our relationship he shared with me that he has been addicted to pornography. He has talked with his bishop and has been taking the appropriate steps to overcome his addiction and become temple worthy so that we can be sealed together for eternity. My question is, are there any resources provided by the Church to teach a couple how to be intimate in a way the Lord would approve of? Anything to teach a woman what is acceptable in an intimate situation with her husband, and what she should not allow? I have absolutely no experience. My boyfriend's perspective has been skewed by his addiction. Unfortunately neither of us come from a family situation where we could ask our parents. When we get married, we want to do things right.
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
A great deal of pain is carried in my heart because I suffer from same-sex attraction. Though I intend to marry, I know ill never be physically attracted to my wife. I understand the commandments and intend to live them but what would you suggest I do to relieve the grief? Where is the hope...
Levi S a day ago Utah, United States
How can I stay healthy after a divorce? I feel hurt abandoned and like I’m not enough these feelings make me feel like i want to fall to the temptations of the world, I read scriptures and pray often but I need more what should I pray for? Any particular scriptures i should focus on?
Zakarias H a day ago Arizona, United States
How can we stay resilient against the temptations of satan right before going on a mission?
Jenny a day ago Utah, United States
Hi Elder Ballard & Elder Oakes, how come the Church Focus’s more on the YSA? And not the SINGLE ADULTS both Divorced & Single. I was born and raised in Utah. I moved home after 14 years in Charlotte, NC. I think the church needs to be more aware of those 30. How can I reach out to those whom are single and looking for friends, or something more? ~ Jenny M
Bailey B a day ago Arizona, United States
How can we strive to be united in our marriages in a world that is so divided?
Lisette G a day ago Utah, United States
How can I best prepare for a mission while working, going to school and so on?
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
What should I do if I can't find any marriage prospects who are willing to follow the counsel taught by past and present church leaders and in the For Strength of Youth to not french kiss or make out before marriage? Since the vast majority of people who get married in the temple make out before marriage, why don't church leaders teach against this practice more forcefully instead of only mentioning it only a few times briefly?
Anonymous User a day ago Utah, United States
What advice/ guidance would you give for answering tough questions about things like church history when we are asked about them by someone who is struggling with their faith in the church? And how do you do it without making them feel like they are dumb or simply being deceived when they are asking a logical question that deserves a true and honest answer?
Marcus M a day ago Utah, United States
I have so much that I want to improve about myself, and many times I feel extremely spread thin with all of my responsibilities such as work, school, church callings, and dating. Because of this, I feel less than adequate in almost every aspect of my life, and I can't help but see myself as a failure. How am I supposed to do it all? And how can I improve my self-image and quit comparing myself to others?
Nicole H a day ago Oregon, United States
What advice do you have for those of us re-entering the Young Single Adult group because of divorce?

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