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November 19, 2017

YSA Face to Face with Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard

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On November 19, 2017, Elder Dallin H. Oaks and Elder M. Russell Ballard hosted a Face to Face event for young single adults where they answered questions from YSAs around the world.

This event can be viewed at institute or with your family, ward members, or friends. Please post your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below. You can also share what you learned on the LDS Facebook page or on Twitter and Instagram using #LDSface2face.


Full Event: 360p | 720p | 1080p


“I Feel My Savior’s Love” 3:52
Opening Remarks 2:31
How do I come to believe what I have been taught? 2:43
How can I stand up for my standards without offending others? 2:16
How can I differentiate between the Holy Ghost and my own feelings or desires? 4:04
What can homosexuals do to stay firm in the gospel, and how can others help? 6:25
What do you suggest to help someone with anxiety? 5:23
How can we achieve balance between the “worldly” and “spiritual” life? 4:02
As someone who is not a member, how can I know the Church is true? 2:43
Should you date someone who is struggling with pornography? 6:14
What advice do you have for answering questions from someone struggling with their faith? 6:02
What advice do you have for a new convert? 4:07
What is your counsel about receiving a spiritual confirmation about who to marry? 11:10
How can I experience the same type of spiritual moments I had during my mission? 4:28
What can I do to help reactivate my loved ones or friends who have gone inactive? 5:04
What is your advice on how to balance getting an education and raising a family? 2:42
What are your suggestions for keeping the Sabbath day holy? 6:23
How can I find the power to forsake my sins and receive forgiveness? 4:43
Elder Ballard’s Testimony 2:54
Elder Oaks’s Testimony 2:34
“I Need Thee Every Hour” 3:08

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Anonymous User 2 months ago Taipei, Taiwan
I loved watching this video! I did gain lots of knowledge about how to balance our life in the gospel. I'm so grateful that His church has been restored in this world! And I'm able to know Him! Thanks for everything!
Lebohang T 2 months ago Free State, South Africa
Iam very greatful for this wonderful face to face for young Adults i truly know from the depth of my soul that the Church Of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints it is true and Book of Mormon is the word of God and that if we hearken to the words it contains we will be blessed i love the owner of this Church even JESUS CHRIST He inspires me thru His teachings and the love I great every day for Him is most unspeakable but you can feel in your Heart i pledge with all my heart that i may merit the life and teachings of the Savior i promise all of you if you take chance and hear everyone who share this gospel that is wonderful and true and make us to be meek and look or search for the savior we are on His right side take time to know more but dont take time to make covenants with Him and understand how He Administered His children and how He taught His true Gospel that change lives and d build more and inspire to exaltation I LOVE TEMPLE IT makes feel pure and Holy and know more of G
Anonymous User 3 months ago Utah, United States
How can i tell if the church is true? Is a spiritual experience really a spiritual experience or just my subconscious mind ?
somuah b 3 months ago , Ghana
It was a moment in time where everything seems so right and the answers to the various questions were touching.I have heeded to council of elder Ballad were He said do away with the technology and speak face to face with the sister.I really appreciate their efforts.
Triahna C 4 months ago Unknown Location
I never thought an apostle could be so funny!! I loved this face to face event I loved hearing their personal stories anexity from Elder Ballard and that Elder oaks sharing about his mum and that I can have both.
Tanner P 4 months ago Utah, United States
Loved watching, what a wonderful devotional with them. Loved hearing their thoughts resonate with many of the things I have been feeling and impressions I have received. Further testifies that there are modern-day prophets and apostles on the earth today who receive revelation from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Love hearing their witnesses and seeing how personable they are. How awesome are they?! So funny too!
Rachel S 4 months ago Utah, United States
I love the face to face events. I feel the Spirit very strongly. We are very blessed to be able to have our personal questions answered. Because the Prophet and Apostales are the Lord's servants, this shows that God wants us to know that our questions are valid and our voices are heard. God is knowledge, wisdom, and light. He welcomes questions with the invitation, "if any if you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who giveth to all men librally, and upraideth not". I also love how the Apostales say that we don't always have the perfect answers, but we do our best. This was an amazing event where I felt the Spirit very strongly, and I am grateful for the opportunity to watch these events.
Daniel U 4 months ago Rivers, Nigeria
A very inspiring face to face event. Loved all the questions and answers given by these ordained minister of God. Thanks.
Warren P 4 months ago Texas, United States
A wonderful event. Thank you Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard for your answers!! I'll forgive you for your thoughts on Texas
Crystal R 4 months ago Idaho, United States
First of all I want to say I feel a kinship with Elder Oaks. I need saving sometimes too with the things that I say. Second, as I have pondered what was said and the questions that I have in my heart, I have come to the conclusion that life is hard. What makes the difference is how you look at your situation. I will use my own life as an example. I think I can honestly say nothing in my life has turned out the way I wanted it since coming home from my mission. I struggle with those sins that, as the Book of Mormons puts it, "doth easily beset me," and I have issues wit depression. Despite all of this, I made a choice a while back that I was going to be happy. There are times when I have to remind myself of that choice every day or even multiple times a day. Instead of shaming myself everytime I sin, I do my best to turn to the Lord, tell Him I messed up again and make a goal with Him that instead of going four days between mess ups, I am going to go five days, then six, then seven.
Shoshanna M 4 months ago Arizona, United States
What a show!
Valentine M 4 months ago Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe
its nice to get instruction from tthe apostoles and lm felt the spirit talking to me
Zinakho N 4 months ago , South Africa
as a missionary the face to face was a really uplifting, some of these questions we face them in our daily activities and most importantly to know how to resist temptations and to be able to help our friends who are having difficulties. . .looking forward for the next one
Lulama M 4 months ago Eastern Cape, South Africa
I really did Enjoy the face to face and it did answer all of my Questions , really was Amazed of how the Apostles knew what to say and how to say it , i invited a friend to watch with me and she did admit that it really helped her with the questions that she had about life and all the challenges she is facing .
Richard M 4 months ago Western Area, Sierra Leone
I love face to face
joseph s 4 months ago Mendoza, Argentina
¿como puedo ayudar a un amigo a que no decista de ir a la mision?
Augustine A 4 months ago Southern, Sierra Leone
How should I help my date or Court to know the gospel
Nathan S 4 months ago Utah, United States
Can I get this in Albanian??
Corrine C 4 months ago New York, United States
PLEASE can you make sure captioning works on videos for those who cannot hear or wear hearing aids. This goes for all videos, conference talks, and mMormon messages. It's inconsistent at best and it's frustrating knowing that I cannot rely on there being captioning so it's kind of a hit or miss what I can watch and what I cannot. So again, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you put some effort into making this a thing? And hopefully this will be the last time I write this letter (which I've been writing on and off for the last 10 years). Thank you so much!
Vanessa D 4 months ago Rizal, Philippines
I am blessed as I hear those words from our dear Elders :) I always look forward to this kind of event where young single adults just like me is looking for answers or guidance in our life. I loved it!
Success L 4 months ago Lagos, Nigeria
It's really great to have the Lord's Apostles speak to us. Thank you Elders Oaks and Ballard for your time and service. I was not opportune to watch the event, but from the comments I read here, it was an uplifting one. When will the responses to these questions be made available?
Khinna K 4 months ago Seoul-teukbyeolsi, South Korea
I’m a mother of three, and I actually tuned in while checking my Instagram. The answers didn’t just apply to young single adults. I caught the answer to how to we show love to those who have left the church. I really enjoyed the response to not preach but to just love them. I never intend to preach, but sometimes the answer isn’t a handful of “preach” but an action of love, whether it’s just by showing up and serving or just a phone call. I’m glad I was able to hear that portion of the face-to-face.
Sahardid Y 4 months ago Alberta, Canada
I love F2F progrm. I am a convert from Islam. I am grateful for all of you the work you are doing and LDS leadership.
Gavin G 4 months ago Arizona, United States
I had a great time watching the Face to Face event in my YSA Stake Center. I usually do not take notes when it comes to these things, but this time I wanted to open my heart and ears to the Spirit. I wrote down each question that was asked and I would write what answers were given. After I would write the answers, I noticed that I would hear additional thoughts come to my mind! Thoughts of how this question applies to my life or how I can learn from it. I had a spiritual experience of having the windows of heaven open to me and teaching me that there is always more to be said by God. I am grateful for this opportunity to hear from such great leaders. I know that they are called by God and are here to help and guide us throughout this life. This is my testimony of Prophets and Modern Revelation, in the name of Jesus Christ I know it to be true, Amen.
Adolphe H 4 months ago , Benin
i love this face to face.
Anonymous User 4 months ago Colorado, United States
As always, I enjoyed listening to the apostles' insights on important questions of our day. One part concerned me, however. When Elder Oaks talked about how if we don't date now we may become to old to marry, I thought about how sensitive and heartbreaking this is for those of us, many of us who have tried so hard for so long unsuccessfully to find a marriage partner. I think there are some young people out there who don't care and aren't trying. But I think there are so many more, men and women, who want nothing more than to get married and have children but for no fault of our own have been unsuccessful. Such counsel is not helpful for us. It makes us feel like we're going to be old and lonely and it's going to be our fault. It makes us us feel as if dating and marriage are entirely up to us when in reality, we must trust in the Lord's timing. What age does Elder Oaks believe is too old to marry? Sometimes it is God's will that some of us marry older or not at all in this lifetime.
Anonymous User 4 months ago England, United Kingdom
I loved watching the apostles speak and show their dedication to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They raise our spirits and help us to strive to be more like Jesus Christ. We desire to have testimonies as strong as theirs and our love and appreciation of their words resonate through our day to day lives helping us make decisions and choices. We learn from them and from the Holy Ghost how to choose the right. Listening to this face to face helped me to support people in my ward and helped me to know what to do to if a YSA was struggling. It also helped me to welcome new members of the church and helped me to understand how being a new member myself was important to the ward in educating my family and friends of the gospel. I love this church and I know that the Book of Mormon is true. This is the true church of God and Jesus Christ and as long as I live on this earth I will forever strive to be more like Jesus and help others. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Joaquin R 4 months ago Region Metropolitana Santiago, Chile
It was great to watch this face to face. Technology is a blessing for our generation.
Anonymous User 4 months ago Wyoming, United States
being out here in the Modesto California mission and being able to watch the face to face has really helped me with personal questions and also questions to help our investigators
Johnathan W 4 months ago Utah, United States
Being here in Mexico City on my mission and watching the face to face it really has helped me to answer questions of the investigators in the church.
Madison S 4 months ago Utah, United States
I am so thankful for the people who serve in our church, and constantly strive to represent Jesus Christ. I am also thankful that they seek to give us direction, and don't just try and give a blanket solution for us. God loves us so much that he's given us the freedom to choose, and the right to receive revelation. I loved their answers about just loving those who are struggling. Because love is the key to solving so many problems we face in this crazy world.
josiah m 4 months ago Utah, United States
As a missionary in Georgia I LOVED IT! It is always awesome to see how human the 12 Apostles are. It looked like they just had fun answering our questions.
Alison P 4 months ago Unknown Location
I LOVED the face to face event! the spirit was so strong! It was nice to have a bit of a one on one with Elder Ballard and Elder Oaks, I received answers to questions and learnt so much! Technology is truly a blessing and it is awesome so see all the good we can do with it! like these events! love, love, loved it!
Dino D 4 months ago Pangasinan, Philippines
It was a great broadcast! I really felt the spirit and learned so many thing. Attending the broadcast is a testimony builder to me that Repentance is Possible, Forgiveness is Real. I enjoyed it. It seemed that Elder Ballard and Elder Oaks were personally answering my questions.
Joseph S 4 months ago Utah, United States
I loved this even though I only was there for the last half-hour. I will watch the whole thing later. I am a nineteen year old Young Church Service Missionary. I love the gospel and I love my mission! I've been on my mission for almost three months now.
Chelsie P 4 months ago Utah, United States
As a full time missionary, my companion and I watched this face to face with an investigator and the influence that it had on her led her to a conclusion and desire to come to church this next Sunday! I am so grateful for the powerful spirit and loving humor our apostles have. -Sister Parson, Maryland Baltimore Mission
廖鸿芮 4 months ago Unknown Location
Answered my questions. This is a time to talk with each other face to face. To build a good habit to use those social media and technologies .it's a challenge to missionaries to use technology
Courtney R 4 months ago North Carolina, United States
I really enjoyed the event last night. However, a question came to mind while Elder Oaks and Ballard were telling the men to get a move on with asking the women out on dates. What are the Brethren's thoughts about sisters asking the men out on a date? Is there a reason the emphasis is placed on the brothers?
Jonathan D 4 months ago Utah, United States
The best hour and a half of my week! Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard really changed my paradigms. Thanks so much!
Randon C 4 months ago Arizona, United States
They invited our mission to participate in this Face to Face and I am so glad we were able to see it they were excellent questions wonderfully answered by Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard that pertain to both me as a missionary now as well as me as a return missionary in the near future.
Anonymous User 4 months ago England, United Kingdom
Disappointed that the "many questions on this same-gender attraction topic" were reduced to two "safe" questions you spent 10 minutes barely even answering. So many very real and specific concerns related to same-gender attraction were brought up in the other questions asked here and you chose to offer the same old platitudes we've heard time and time again. Can we please get some real answers for once?
Anonymous User 4 months ago England, United Kingdom
Thank you for this wonderful event. I feel one of my questions has been answered so beautifully and directly that I really felt the Spirit's comfort and assurance. I truly believe you are prophets of the Lord. Thank you from England.
Athakhona Q 4 months ago Eastern Cape, South Africa
It was a great experience to watch the F2F, Grateful for the living Apostles
Anonymous User 4 months ago Utah, United States
In reading some of the questions posted below, I similarly wonder about: the relationship between high-functioning individuals with autism in relation to their wards, the bleakness of post-college dating, makeouts and 'passionate kissing,' explaining transgender individuals to young children, how individuals with BPD are expected to cope, when to quit after a prompting seems obstructed, what makes a relationship 'right,' how to have a better attitude about wearing garments, why we don't feel truly satisfied even when we are living in harmony with the spirit, how there seem to be more active women then men and what that means for temple marriage, why many missionaries just seem to wish they were home, if the Church would say homosexuals are ressurected straight, if the priesthood ban was based on error, the attractive v. Christlike dating dynamic, and so on. I'm thankful for everyone's willingness to share, and I hope to study these themes in the coming months.
Anonymous User 4 months ago Utah, United States
I have recently struggled trying to find an answer on wether or not I need to serve a mission. I would love to serve, but I want to receive an answer for my self and not be pressured by social media or family. I would also love stay home, since it is not required of women to serve, but what can I do if I don’t go on a mission but still want to be active in serving and participating in the church while here? How should I continue to seek out this answer? Is there something I should be doing to increase my knowledge to receive this answer?
Karli V 4 months ago Alberta, Canada
I was so happy to watch the Face to Face event! What a marvellous blessing it is to have wonderful apostles of the Lord to gather with us YSA and answer the questions of the difficulties we are facing. I am so spiritually uplifted and so excited to do more.
Anonymous User 4 months ago Alagoas, Brazil
How can I deal with life after mission? I feel so sad and lost for not achieving what I think I should and honestly I feel lonely and not worthy, I even have lost the desire of having a family when I realized maybe I am not enough.
Anonymous User 4 months ago Alagoas, Brazil
How can I deal with lonliness and suicidal thoughts and life not being as I hoped after mission? I have BPD, eating disorder and constant suicidal thoughts no matter how hard I try to chose the right.
Lexie W 4 months ago Utah, United States
Thank you Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard for taking your time to answer some of our questions. I love and sustain you both, and am grateful for your service. I knew it was not possible for every single question to be answered in a way that could satisfy everyone, but I must admit feeling a little disappointed. Im looking for answers that go farther beyond the surface, which you said at the beginning couldn't be done for this face to face. I understand, and I know your answers have helped someone. But I'm still looking for the answers to the questions of my heart. Elders, could you look over more of these questions and prayerfully consider them as you prepare for the next general conference? Can we have another face to face sometime that could be specifically for the deeper questions? I had so many questions and have read so many more that have resonated with me, that just weren't even mentioned in this face to face. Again, thank you for your service and for your efforts.
Nathaniel L 4 months ago Washington, United States
Wow what a song there at the end.
Anonymous User 4 months ago Utah, United States
What can people do when they have bad priesthood leaders? That shouldn't be a thing, but it is...I've heard from several friends who have had judgmental, sexist, or simply uncompassionate bishops. How would you deal with that and why does the Lord allow these people to lead His congregations? Also, I don't believe that women need the same priesthood roles as men to be equal to them...but I can't help thinking that it's harmful to have solely male perspectives in many church councils/callings. For example, a young woman going to a middle-aged man to confess a pornography problem? The patronizing tone in which many male leaders speak of sisters? No thanks. Everyone is, to some extent, a product of their time and culture. And...I don't trust the perspectives of most older men on women's issues, which like it or not are also church issues.
Samuel A 4 months ago Utah, United States
My family has been having problems with health issues lately because of it we dont get to go to church much, could i as a priest bless and pass the sacrament here at home?
Maria C 4 months ago Lima, Peru
Hace poco mi abuela fallecio siendo un gran pilar para nosotros ¿como se puede dar un mensaje de fortaleza para aquellas personas que pierden un ser querido?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Utah, United States
I've been stuck on a question for months. I was told that for me serving a mission was optional, that either way I'd go would be right. But after choosing school, I feel like I have disappointed my Father in Heaven. What is some advice that you could give me?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Lima, Peru
Me gustaria compartir de una experiencia que vivo semana a semana y es con respecto al de asistir a las clases de Instituto. Actualmente asisto a instituto y tengo una asignación en el consejo estudiantil donde pertenezco eso me permite a conocer nuevos amigos, pero muchos de ellos que conosco en el Instituto donde pertenezco a los cuales les ayudo, motivo a hacer de Instituto una prioridad en su vida tal como nos enseño el Presidente Monson pero he podido ver que no muchos asisten a las clases y actividades recreativas y espirituales que se organizan allí. Entonces que recomendaciones, consejos nos podrian dar a todos los jóvenes en general que no asiste a las clases de Instituto ??
Anonymous User 4 months ago Utah, United States
I'm a high-functioning autistic individual and I have to deal with everything that often comes with that (non-heterosexuality, mental illness, executive dysfunction, huge mission difficulties, difficulty communicating with neurotypical peers, etc). There are tons of other members like me out there. And yet, no church leader (as far as I can tell) has ever addressed our particular difficulties. For example, I am susceptible to massive amounts of frustration, and occasionally meltdowns. Sometimes I can't tell the difference, and I can't always control myself. Is my agency limited? Also, I have unrelenting depression and fear becoming suicidal and jeopardizing my chance of entering the celestial kingdom. I want a family, yet I am asexual. I served an honorable mission, but it was a miserable lifestyle for me and destroyed my health. I want to feel the spirit, but no longer can. Please address the problems of people like me. Autism doesn't go away after Primary.
Maria B 4 months ago Washington, United States
How can I be a good friend to my friend who is sufferring from depression? I don’t know what to say or to do.
Anonymous User 4 months ago Utah, United States
I have been engaged for many months now and have seen several “red flags” from my fiancé recently after a stressful trial. I have prayed to know whether or not to continue in this engagement. I received revelation that it would be okay. Why is that? The Lord is not ambiguous and I had received revelation that I should marry her
Hasler S 4 months ago Ancash, Peru
#LDSface2face en cuanto a autosuficiencia, yo estoy emprendiendo en en el mundo del MLM(Multi level marketing) quiero saber su opinión y punto de vista al respecto de esto que estoy emprendiendo, por inspiración ustedes que son grandes líderes seguro tendrán alguna respuesta que me ayude a poder aplicarlo en mi vida en esto que estoy emprendiendo, por favor necesito su guía!
Ana L 4 months ago Hidalgo, Mexico
Soy la mayor de 3 hijas, mis padres se separaron cuando yo tenía 10 años. Mi mamá ha trabajado mucho para darnos lo menos, desafortunadamente, nuestra situación económica no es muy buena. Ahora siento la responsabilidad de sacar adelante a mis hermanas y mamá‬, pero igual siento el deber de buscar a mi compañero eterno, tengo 24 años y para muchos miembros empiezo a ser mayor para estar soltera, pero no estoy segura si debo trabajar para mi familia o buscar a un compañero eterno. Siento que no puedo solo casarme y abandonar a mi familia ¿Cuál es su consejo para mi?
Hunter H 4 months ago Oregon, United States
I'm a missionary in the church, one of our investigators told us he knows the church is true but isn't willing to change. He said he doesn't want to say he's going to do one thing and then join and do the other. He has word of wisdom issues and wants to have "fun". How can we open his spiritual eyes and help him understand the reality and the importance of be baptized and living the gospel?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Texas, United States
What do you do if your significant other is an active member but doesn't want to be sealed to you for eternity?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Utah, United States
Elders, I am in the army. I would like to find and be a worthy companion but my ability to meet other young adults is severly limited by my choice to serve my country. What can I do to pursue both my righteous desire to start a family and serve my country?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Utah, United States
What advice do you have for those of us single adults who are living righteously, seeking out opportunities to date & be social, but are struggling to find success in dating?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Utah, United States
I just bought a car and have a car payment now but now I feel like I’m worthy to go on a mission. What would be the best choice for me to do?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Oregon, United States
I had something happened to me when I was a new member of the church. And it's made me see men differently on how they treat woman. My mom is afraid to get into a relationship because she is a single mother. And because of what had happen to me. I know everyone is different but it's made it hard for me to be able to trust. Its hard to talk to men (because you just never know what will happen) I'm afraid that it'll affect me when I want to have my own companion. How do I let it not effect me if I do get in a relationship? How can I be able to trust again? What should I do?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Chihuahua, Mexico
I'm an RM and during my mission, My parents got split, it really tore my mom apart, she is very hurt, how can I help her get over it? And how can I help my dad repent?
Rebekah A 4 months ago Idaho, United States
I have good parents, and they’re active in the church currently, but my family has recently been torn apart by a divorce. My parents in particular have been hurting a great deal as they have dealt with the emotional blow, and that hurt has caused them to lash out to some of us in the family. I have tried to love them, but it’s becoming unhealthy for me to continue to try and be close to them. How do I balance my need to be a part of an eternal family and my own emotional safety?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Idaho, United States
For a young woman who is choosing to finish her education instead of a mission, how can we become converted and gain as strong a foundation as those who serve a full-time mission?
Aaron C 4 months ago Metro Manila, Philippines
I am a missionary in California. I just wanted to ask how am I supposed to help and encourage everyone to follow the standards of the church regarding dress and grooming?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Utah, United States
I'm adopted by my current father. I've never met my birth father. He is dangerous. I need help because I want to know that side of the family and do my genealogy to find my heritage, and to meet my siblings I've never met. But I don't have any contact (because my mom and I escaped from him) or ways of finding them. What am I to do?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Michigan, United States
It seems like i ask out individuals but it seems like no one is interested or they have prioritized their lives about their schooling or life in general. What can you do to still feel that there is hope when it seems all the doors are closed and still keep your heart open to wanting to date?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Utah, United States
I am not interested in getting pregnant. But the Lord has commanded that we have families. What Advice do you have? #ldsface2face
Sydney B 4 months ago Utah, United States
I would like to hear more about Sister missionaries and their opportunity to serve missions
Anonymous User 4 months ago Arizona, United States
My parents disowned me because i want to be a member of the church. what should i do?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Idaho, United States
How do I know, when the Lord has forgiven me?
Isaiah N 4 months ago Hawaii, United States
What counsel do you have for a member that is considering to marry, or has already married, outside of his/her faith? I have always been taught that if we are faithful to our covenants and the gospel that we will have the opportunity to accept all of Gods choice and promised blessings. However, after some study, I have been led to believe otherwise.
Rebecca A 4 months ago Utah, United States
I'm wanting to go on a mission but I'm feeling afraid and scared. How can I be more confident in going on a mission and how can I tell if it is the right thing for me?
Aaron P 4 months ago Utah, United States
How can I know revelation is from God?
Phillip G 4 months ago Nevada, United States
For those who experienced physical, sexual, emotional etc. abuse and are struggling to make a connection with the gospel, what should we do to create that connection?
Ryan L 4 months ago Utah, United States
How come the brethren always mention men being the problem with dating? My friends and past mission companions and I all work very hard to proactively ask girls out but almost all of them never want to pursue anything g serious. In fact I have heard so many girls say they just want to date and don’t want commitment. How are we as men who want to find an eternal companion supposed to react when it’s actually the women we ask out that don’t want to get married?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Michigan, United States
I’m not sure I see myself going on a mission or getting married in the near future. What can I do now to prepare to receive the temple endowment?
Anonymous User 4 months ago North Carolina, United States
As a recently reactivated member, the amount of church material to study, scriptures, talks, articles, etc... can bee overwhelming. Where is the best place to start personal study after not studying for many years?
Daniel B 4 months ago California, United States
As a young man and returned missionary in the marine corps, what advice would you have for how to stay strong against trials and temptations? And what can we do to strengthen inactive military members?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mi novia salio a la misión, y yo tengo la meta de hacerlo también. Entonces, de que manera se pueden ayudar aquellas parejas en las que uno, o los dos. Están en el servicio misional? (Para vencer las tristezas y aflicciones).
Anonymous User 4 months ago Utah, United States
How do you know when to go on a mission?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Utah, United States
How do you know when to go to the bishop or just partake of the sacrament?
Anonymous User 4 months ago California, United States
Best blessings you have received by staying righteous?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Callao, Peru
Tengo un sentimiento por un joven de mi barrio hace mas de un año y nose como decirle(incluso hemos llegado a salir) pero su mejor amigo me dijo que le gustaba y este joven se esta alejando de mi...que hago
Eric V 4 months ago New York, United States
I live in an area where there are very few YSA around. How can I date a nonmember girl without having membership of the church a background manifesto?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Utah, United States
For the past few years I have been struggling with whether or not the gospel is true. I used to know it’s true but events in my life have made me question it. My question is how do I find out for myself whether or not it’s true when things happing in my life are pointing to one answer but everything else is pointing to another
Maggie C 4 months ago Utah, United States
I was given a blessing by an elder a few months ago that told me to break up with my boyfriend because there was someone else waiting. But I haven’t been happy at all since I broke up with him. How do I know that that blessing was truly from God, and that elder knew what he was talking about and if I want to just get back with this boy, then would I be rebelling against God? Will I really miss out on as much happiness as I could have had with this other person that was referred to in this blessing? It’s just left me so lost and confused, especially after hearing all those things that were said tonight about finding an eternal companion and agency and all of that.
Gabriela A 4 months ago Cercado, Bolivia
Tengo 18 años deseo ir a una misión, pero tengo novio, lo amo y el desea formar una familia, es misionero retornado. Se que mi mamáse se opondria, ella me ve muy niña ¿Qué debo hacer?
Kalicia P 4 months ago Arizona, United States
I keep hearing the use of the phrase "the one" when it comes to dating & getting married. People say "I haven't met 'the one' yet" or "all just know it when I see him/her". I was under the impression that there''s no such thing as "the one", that there only being one person we can marry goes against our agency? Didn't a prophet or apostle once say that any worthy man or woman with Christ-centered lives can get married. Is this no longer the case? What if you never meet "the one"? Does this mean that you'll never get married?
Alyssa A 4 months ago California, United States
What advice do you have for those who are deciding what career path to take?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Utah, United States
I understand that you discourage hanging out. However, a lot of single women only open up to men after hanging out. If the women whom I like want to be friends first, isn't asking for a random date going to hurt my chances?
Wesley S 4 months ago California, United States
What do I do if I find a perfect companion that I could marry in the temple, but my family dislikes them?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Utah, United States
If the LDS church wasn't true, would you want to know? Should I listen to evidence if it proves the church isn't true? How can I stay honest when faced with the facts and still beleive in the Book of Mormon?
Aida L 4 months ago Nuevo Leon, Mexico
¿Como puedo saber si estoy haciendo todo cuanto puedo para alcanzar la vida eterna y la exaltación ?
Anonymous User 4 months ago Paraiba, Brazil
How can I overcome the fear of entering into a new relationship when I was the victim of an abusive relationship that left me with emotional block and resulted in divorce?

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