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Worldwide Training Broadcast on Teaching in the Savior’s Way  

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On November 5, 2016, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and the Auxiliary General Presidents led a worldwide teacher council meeting, answering questions and providing insights about Teaching in the Savior’s Way. If you missed the live event, or if you want to review what was taught, you can watch it here.

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Lucille S 21 days ago Alberta, Canada
I am So glad to hear all what is being said, I pray that all wards and branches heed to these teachings, as I had a bad experience when I first joined and was asked to teach.
Jon T 3 months ago Utah, United States
During a teacher council meeting a member of our young men's presidency voiced concern about helping the young men to feel a desire to fulfill priesthood responsibilities. The council gave encouragement and sought guidance in "Teaching in the Savior's Way". As a counselor in the Sunday School Presidency I offered my assistance at any time to observe the class and give further council on how to address this matter further. They accepted the invitation and I attended. I saw amazing work being performed by the presidency and observed a few things that I could provide assistance. They then invited me to their presidency meeting to provide information on behalf of the Sunday School presidency in regards to the challenges they were facing. I offered it during the first ten minutes and then was on my way. These council meetings are an amazing beginning point for true collaboration to occur in the education system of the church.
David D 4 months ago Alberta, Canada
I am also a Sunday School President, and I too have a vision of Teacher Council. I see our leaders and teachers, all the members of the Ward, supporting, strengthening, and inspiring each other by the power of true doctrine, love, and the Holy Ghost. I see Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching becoming mighty in quantity and quality. There is no limit to what we can achieve if we are united in the Lord's work. Like the entirety of the Gospel, It is an exciting and humbling opportunity!
Allen H 4 months ago Utah, United States
As a SS President, I see the process as one that will help grow the abilities of each teacher. The Spirit can "speak" to each person differently, even though the message may be the same. We need this situation to continue in the Church of Jesus Christ so we can become more like Him!!
Anonymous User 5 months ago Arizona, United States
Is the "Share and Council", "Learn Together", and "Invite and Share" process just for the teacher council meeting or should it be applied to other teaching situations?
Anonymous User 6 months ago Virginia, United States
I'm deaf and I was disappointed that there were no English subtitles. Are there plans to add any? What about the availability of transcripts?
Kava M 6 months ago California, United States
I like the training and very informative and helpful to me as a leader.
Boifang M 6 months ago North-East, Botswana
i'm a missionary serving in Botswana Namibia Mission and i have been taught by the spirit that we all need to work together in helping the Lord to do his work by teaching in the saviors way and we should share our testimony with power not just to say it because you know or you want go take time share it it will help those you share to.
Kelly B 6 months ago New Hampshire, United States
I have been a teacher in my ward for several months and I have been to one of the meetings. The teacher did not hold a council but, instead she gave out felt board ideas for primary aged children. I did not return. How can I get my ward to follow this example of a teacher council?
Mark R 7 months ago England, United Kingdom
I feel the spirit in reading The Book Of Mormon. The book feels alive Teaching I agree should be by someone who is doing his best by the the book
Viola L 9 months ago Mississippi, United States
I love this class that has been presented to us called "Teaching in the Savior's Way". It really helps with new and old teachers. We really benefit from this wonderful class. I teach the CTR 4 class, and this is my fifth year teaching. In our ward, things come up when we do not hold our training every Fast Sunday. Now, we need to wait until November to have our next one. We were told we have correlating issues. Our Primary leaders do not like to see us go because children cannot be reverent. We also have our Sunday School leaders that are available to teach, but refuses. We have also used our youth to teach. Any ideas to continue to hold these every month when supposed to?
Lance T 9 months ago Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
We have had 2 months of teachers council meetings and although turnout has been low I feel the desire to march on. I am new in my calling as a Sunday School President in our branch. I'm a convert and feel alone. How ever through the spirit I have work to do and that is to teach doctrine through the spirit. Hi
Anonymous User 9 months ago Tennessee, United States
Ha sido muy beneficioso para los que asistimos cada mes al concejo de maestros, quisiera tener los comentarios de ustedes acerca de dos puntos. Primero como involucrar a los que no asisten? Y segundo está bien invitar a los jóvenes ha compartir un concejo e invitarlos a compartir testimonios acerca de las clases?. Un hermano me dijo que esto no debe ser pues los jóvenes van a repetir mecánicamente un testimonio y no un sentimiento. Muchas gracias por sus comentarios
Soledad S 10 months ago Córdoba, Argentina
Me siento muy agradecida de poder participar cada cuarto domingo del Consejo de maestros en mi barrio ya qué gracias a eso mi experiencia como maestra durante 24 años en diferentes organizaciones, se va puliendo cada vez un poquito más....amo a los niños a quiénes enseño y sé que sólo a través del espíritu puedo llegar a sus corazones...
Anonymous User a year ago Western Area, Sierra Leone
Being a member of teacher council is a divine calling, its help me a lot to learn and be edified from class members by and through their questions and answers.

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