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Worldwide Training Broadcast on Teaching in the Savior’s Way  

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On November 5, 2016, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and the Auxiliary General Presidents led a worldwide teacher council meeting, answering questions and providing insights about Teaching in the Savior’s Way. If you missed the live event, or if you want to review what was taught, you can watch it here.

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David D 16 days ago Alberta, Canada
I am also a Sunday School President, and I too have a vision of Teacher Council. I see our leaders and teachers, all the members of the Ward, supporting, strengthening, and inspiring each other by the power of true doctrine, love, and the Holy Ghost. I see Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching becoming mighty in quantity and quality. There is no limit to what we can achieve if we are united in the Lord's work. Like the entirety of the Gospel, It is an exciting and humbling opportunity!
Allen H 21 days ago Utah, United States
As a SS President, I see the process as one that will help grow the abilities of each teacher. The Spirit can "speak" to each person differently, even though the message may be the same. We need this situation to continue in the Church of Jesus Christ so we can become more like Him!!
Anonymous User a month ago Arizona, United States
Is the "Share and Council", "Learn Together", and "Invite and Share" process just for the teacher council meeting or should it be applied to other teaching situations?
Anonymous User 2 months ago Virginia, United States
I'm deaf and I was disappointed that there were no English subtitles. Are there plans to add any? What about the availability of transcripts?
Kava M 2 months ago California, United States
I like the training and very informative and helpful to me as a leader.
Boifang M 2 months ago North-East, Botswana
i'm a missionary serving in Botswana Namibia Mission and i have been taught by the spirit that we all need to work together in helping the Lord to do his work by teaching in the saviors way and we should share our testimony with power not just to say it because you know or you want go take time share it it will help those you share to.
Kelly B 3 months ago New Hampshire, United States
I have been a teacher in my ward for several months and I have been to one of the meetings. The teacher did not hold a council but, instead she gave out felt board ideas for primary aged children. I did not return. How can I get my ward to follow this example of a teacher council?
Mark R 4 months ago England, United Kingdom
I feel the spirit in reading The Book Of Mormon. The book feels alive Teaching I agree should be by someone who is doing his best by the the book
Viola L 5 months ago Mississippi, United States
I love this class that has been presented to us called "Teaching in the Savior's Way". It really helps with new and old teachers. We really benefit from this wonderful class. I teach the CTR 4 class, and this is my fifth year teaching. In our ward, things come up when we do not hold our training every Fast Sunday. Now, we need to wait until November to have our next one. We were told we have correlating issues. Our Primary leaders do not like to see us go because children cannot be reverent. We also have our Sunday School leaders that are available to teach, but refuses. We have also used our youth to teach. Any ideas to continue to hold these every month when supposed to?
Lance T 5 months ago Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
We have had 2 months of teachers council meetings and although turnout has been low I feel the desire to march on. I am new in my calling as a Sunday School President in our branch. I'm a convert and feel alone. How ever through the spirit I have work to do and that is to teach doctrine through the spirit. Hi
Anonymous User 5 months ago Tennessee, United States
Ha sido muy beneficioso para los que asistimos cada mes al concejo de maestros, quisiera tener los comentarios de ustedes acerca de dos puntos. Primero como involucrar a los que no asisten? Y segundo está bien invitar a los jóvenes ha compartir un concejo e invitarlos a compartir testimonios acerca de las clases?. Un hermano me dijo que esto no debe ser pues los jóvenes van a repetir mecánicamente un testimonio y no un sentimiento. Muchas gracias por sus comentarios
Soledad S 7 months ago Córdoba, Argentina
Me siento muy agradecida de poder participar cada cuarto domingo del Consejo de maestros en mi barrio ya qué gracias a eso mi experiencia como maestra durante 24 años en diferentes organizaciones, se va puliendo cada vez un poquito más....amo a los niños a quiénes enseño y sé que sólo a través del espíritu puedo llegar a sus corazones...
Anonymous User 8 months ago Western Area, Sierra Leone
Being a member of teacher council is a divine calling, its help me a lot to learn and be edified from class members by and through their questions and answers.
Janette M a year ago Idaho, United States
I love teacher council and have read the pamphlet a few times. I see the value in the program and for young teachers it would be wonderful. I unfortunately do not see the value in our teacher council as I have been attending for a year now and have gained very little. I love meeting with the other teachers but our Sunday School President does all the talking and facilitating and I just don't feel this is how it is suppose to happen. In our daughter's ward they take turns teaching and sharing, is this they way it is suppose to be? I think it would be great and a big benefit. Thanks, Sister M
LaMont G a year ago Oklahoma, United States
Our ward started conducting teacher council shortly after it was introduced. We were all a little tentative when we first started as we learned what the purpose and format of teacher council was all about. Since then the response has been very positive and instructive. Teachers have shared useful experiences to others. Participation has been enthusiastic and lively. All-in-all teacher council has been a blessing which has elevated the teachers' self esteem and confidence as Gospel instructors..
Larry T a year ago Arizona, United States
It was great to hear Elder Holland instruct us in how to teach by the spirit and in the Saviors Way. I have applied many of the principles taught throughout my teaching both in the Church and in my profession. I really appreciate the inspiration that led to the formation of Teachers Councils. This will assist newly called teachers by allowing the positive examples of more experienced teachers to be shared in a non-threatening way. New Teacher orientation is critical in the success of newly called teachers. This program is inspired and inspiring. Thanks
Mauola F a year ago , New Zealand
wonderful example..great training..
Amy J a year ago Utah, United States
Our Stake is choosing not to have Teacher Council. Any one else having the same experience?
Rachael K a year ago Unknown Location
Wonderful to see Elder Hollands example and listen to others experiences.Very useful. Thanks
Paul B a year ago Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Does "Teaching in the Savior's Way" replace the Teacher Development course ?
Roger G a year ago England, United Kingdom
Should we be using the lesson manuals in Gospel Doctrine (Adults) or just pick out principles from selected sections of the D & C?
Giuseppe M a year ago Utah, United States
Is this available in other languages already?
Anonymous User a year ago Utah, United States
What action should I, as a leader take, when an instructor doesn't use the suggested material but always designs his own lesson, which often veers off onto controversial subjects.
Sheila M a year ago Florida, United States
It is always easier for me to teach when I keep myself worthy, when I actually pray to love those I teach, actually go out & teach people w/ the missionaries & of course always prepare & rehearse to make the lesson interactive & productive.
David a year ago Alberta, Canada
I found that it is important for my experience with my class that they understand that I am being taught by the spirit and it is important for the participation of the class in sharing their thoughts and feelings in order for that spirit to be present. It is the spirit that teaches all of us..... including the teachers of children, youth and adults.
Moana P a year ago Utah, United States
I want to implement the new approach/schedule for the Nursery but I feel stuck/lost with what resources to use. I don't know where to find these resources geared for the Nursery children.
Jeffrey B a year ago Washington, United States
I love this: D&C 42:14 inspires us - to prepare ourselves is to prepare OURSELVES, not only preparing ourselves to facilitate our lessons, yet also LIVING the lessons we teach.
Brett M a year ago Utah, United States
In Elder Hollands instruction concerning .."Ye shall not teach," I do believe it is a warning. If we believe that the grace of the Lord will attend us when we have not prepared, then we do not understand acceptable offerings and the resultant blessings. Our prayers, our study, our thoughts and pondering over the students in the class are faith offerings. Would the Brother of Jared's experience with pre-mortal Jehovah been different if he had wandered into the Lords presence with nothing? ...having allowed the cares of other things deter him from preparing for his appointed time of accountability? He wouldn't have had anything for the Lord to touch. And the finger of the Lord would not have been beheld that day. When we offer our preparations as mentioned above, we bring offerings to the Lord that are worthy of the touch of His finger. When He touches them, they shine a light that will edify, inspire and cast away darkness in ourselves and in those we teach. .
Bryce D a year ago Arizona, United States
I think that it could also be viewed as a reminder to do what we need to to have the spirit before we begin teaching. Whether that is done through the bearing of testimony before teaching, or singing hymns until the spirit is there so that we can then begin to teach.
Ralph B a year ago Florida, United States
My wife and I taught the Sunbeams. It was a joy, we found that they had profound wisdom concerning the Savior, and what he taught. One girl had spoken to Jesus and told us that he does not have to speak the words, they just come into your head. Her parents said she had told them of meeting their Mom's brother who had died 17 years ago. His name had never been mentioned and she could pick him out from an old family album.
Zachary G a year ago Florida, United States
How do you correct a lesson when speculatory doctrine is brought up cordially and not embarrassing the student?
Cynthia K a year ago Florida, United States
We do not have teacher council in our ward
demetrio s a year ago Utah, United States
This video would help a knew teacher to lnow where to even begin.
Gilbert C a year ago Camarines Norte, Philippines
I felt so blessed because the gospel of Jesus Christ is always healing me when I repent my sins and mistakes in life. I felt so glorious
Anthony W a year ago Utah, United States
I really liked what Elder Holland said about feeling "weak and inadequate". Reminded me of myself. Then he said that we all have divine destinies, and I believe that, and I'm thankful for all those who taught me what I know today. Just hope I can teach others, pretty well, on my mission.
Stephanie E a year ago Utah, United States
Thanks very much for allowing us to participate in this event.
Susan P a year ago Nevada, United States
I'm here in this training with a new beehive
Ammon H a year ago Utah, United States
Encouragement that you were indeed called by God for a purpose that will be made known in the process of teaching. Also, that you will learn just as those you teach will learn.
Anonymous User a year ago Utah, United States
First be their friend and then their teacher
Cami G a year ago Utah, United States
If I was a new teacher it would be amazing to hear that God has perfect confidence in me and though I am human He will be there every step of the way and magnify my efforts.
Cami G a year ago Utah, United States
When we strive to understand why others do the things they do we grow to love them and we focus on their potential and goodness like the Savior does.
Anonymous User a year ago Utah, United States
I have always loved when people share their past mistakes and what they learned. It helps remind us all we are all human and we can relate and open up to each other. I am happy for my mistakes not because I did wrong but because of the atonement of Jesus Christ I can become better and I can relate to others and others can come to me and feel that I love them and show them I made it through, they can to!
Anonymous User a year ago Metro Manila, Philippines
Teaching by the spirit is effective in teaching the gospel.
Alexander P a year ago Metro Manila, Philippines
I learned in teaching elder's qourum class is the important of companionship of the holy spirit. Without the spirit we cant teach.And by that i can help more the concerns of the individual than teaching lessons.Teachers council meeting is so great WHere we learned more skills in teaching.
Dominique B a year ago Virginia, United States
I am new to the Young Women Presidencies and I was never in the YW. I felt that it is the best calling and the best way to serve that helped me understand YW and other in the church. It a learning process for me that helps me and appreciate the acceptance from my fellow leaders and their faith, support and encouragement by praying for the YW will have a great impact on the learning process.
Anonymous User a year ago Fiji
I love the importance of not letting the lesson brutalise us in over-preparation or over-programming. It is very important to keep it simple and allow for the Spirit to give utterance - a problem I have had in the past with over preparation and sticking to a plan that I was not willing or too scared to depart from when prompted.Teacher councils help us wonderfully to find ways of simplifying rather than complicating in the way we teach.
BreeAnna F a year ago Utah, United States
I like how the teacher in the video studies the lesson all week so she can receive revelation throughout the week and know what to teach.
BreeAnna F a year ago Utah, United States
In Enos 1:3 Enos says the words which his father often spoke concerning eternal life came to his mind. Sometimes we hear the truths of the gospel several times before we have a revelatory experience and understand those truths. As teachers we may not immediately see the fruits of our labors but one day our teachings will make a difference for those we teach.
James L a year ago Utah, United States
Read the lesson one Sunday in advance. Allow the spirit to lead you, guide you and enlighten you in how you should teach that specific gospel principle. Always open the scriptures and ask your class what the scriptures mean to them.
Christopher P a year ago California, United States
It would be great to get feed back from the past teacher , on knowing the needs of the class.
Ricardo L a year ago California, United States
To Earnie K. (all Gospel Doctrine classes) Sister Oscarson gave us a great insight on how teachers should testify and clarify important doctrinal points. She refers to phones as a distraction for youth
Donald E a year ago New York, United States
Viewing the Worldwide Training on Teaching in the Savior's Way is a must view for every Latter-day Saint and certainly everyone in a leadership role. We can all become better teachers and learners and this introductory teachers council shows us how to get started. There is hardly anything of more importance than acting on the advice provided in this broadcast.
Mandy P a year ago Unknown Location
I noticed the great care taken to reduce feelings of being overwhelmed ... I do wonder if simpler teaching manuals which include resourcing notes for additional research are considered for the future?
Tristan A a year ago Bulacan, Philippines
I've been learning a lot of teaching and learning principles as I watch this broadcast all over again. We keep of reviewing many principles during our Teacher's Council Meetings. I'm excited to share these when I visit my home ward in San Pablo Philippines.
Cynthia C a year ago California, United States
In the appendix section on teacher orientation it says, " Encourage the new teacher to visit the My Calling section of and the Gospel Library app for more about how to grow as a teacher." I have searched for a My Calling section of and in Gospel Library app but, I cannot find a My Calling section.
Tom H a year ago Colorado, United States
I am responding to Roland's question regarding “one-on-one contact” when sending messages to youth via social media. The concept of Youth Protection is maintained by not exchanging private communication between the teacher and an individual youth. In other words, when sending an electronic message include other people in the distribution. This may mean sending a message to all class members at the same time. You probably should also copy any messages to the parents of the youth. If a message to an individual youth is necessary be sure to copy the parents on that message. You could also ask the youth to “reply all” so that parents receive a copy of any return communication. This might require using a form of communication that the parents also use, such as using email instead of texts for example. If the parents cannot view electronic media you could include another adult in the distribution such as another teacher, a member of the Sunday School presidency, or even a home teacher.
Michael A a year ago Michigan, United States
Roland asked an important question, but I haven't seen a response yet. I think using group messages is an effective way to reach out to all students, quorum members, etc. while still protecting ourselves from accusations and suspicion. I'm the President of our Sunday School and use a group e-mail to reach out to our less active membership. I've also had my wife post some communications to the Relief Society Facebook page, as I do not use Facebook.Occasionally I do receive an individual response. I save all my e-mails - mostly so I can recall exactly what was communicated, but this is also a protection.
Laura T a year ago Utah, United States
When I was 16 I was called to teach the "Moonbeams". I remember the Bishop impressing me with the importance of the setting apart blessing. I was given the power of love for the children and that I would be able to teach them, and that they and I would learn together, and that the Spirit would help me. I was afraid till I had the blessing. I don't remember much orientation, but the setting apart was a great spiritual experience for a young girl such as I.
Roland I a year ago Nevada, United States
I have a question regarding a segment brought up in the broadcast regarding sending messages on social media to class members who aren't in attendance. How is that to be done with the mindset of Youth Protection? Specifically, the poin to "no one-on-one contact from a leader to a youth, in person, text or social media".How do we do it properly to engage the youth, keep them safe and protect ourselves?
Joshua M a year ago Alberta, Canada
In regards to helping teachers from primary get to teachers' council in my ward the Sunday School presidency sends a sheet asking for subs in primary in priesthood and Relief Society a few weeks prior to the date we hold teachers' council
Hannah S a year ago Idaho, United States
I am a new teacher and the best thing that helped me was after I was called by my bishop to be a primary teacher he said, "i have never seen someone so ready and excited about this calling" i appreciate the acceptance from my fellow teachers as well and their support and encouragment.
Cesar O a year ago Guatemala
Me gusta ya que he aprendido y sigo aprendiendo el detalle es como hacer para que estudiemos las lecciones que nos tocan y las leamos graxias
Hannah S a year ago Idaho, United States
I am a brand new teacher. I am only 19, newly married and feel very unexperienced, even when in front of my five year old primary students. But when we started our teacher council meetings my confidence grew through the thoughts and experiences of others. One teacher mentioned that its ok to talk about deep topics with the primary kids even just for a few minutes, and they will grasp it even if you dont think they will. Today I had the most spritual experience talking about christ and forgivness with my five year olds. I love them more every week I teach them and love seeing them grow in the gospel. I always look forward to our teacher councils.
Russell S a year ago Utah, United States
I loved the suggestions for having the youth occasionally help cover classes to allow teachers to attend the these councils. We tried this recently, and it was a really great experience for the youth to teach and testify! I think the primary children also enjoyed having the older youth in with them.
Lynette H a year ago Oregon, United States
Bringing others to Christ as a newly called teacher, it would be helpful to know more about the students from previous teachers or ward council
Gay C a year ago West Virginia, United States
I LOVE teaching CTR 7 children! Here they are getting ready to turn 8 years old and get Baptized!I have a question about respect and reverence! Why do we not address reverence from the pulpit in Sacrament Meetings like we use to?I feel like respect and reverence truly needs to be taught in our Sacrament Meetings again where the families are there and then it can help in our Primary and Youth areas!
Maria F a year ago Barcelona, Spain
I think it is very important for us to know as well, that we have been call by the Lord and therefor act in consecuence.
Anthony E a year ago Barcelona, Spain
Hi from barcelona, how can we be a good example to the members??
Albert D a year ago Agusan del Norte, Philippines
As I watch the broadcast training I was motivated and been reminded the best way of teaching and that is teaching in the Lord's way. As we always follow the guidelines provided by the leaders which was also comes from an inspiration of the spirit of God plus we do it in teaching others by spirit it will be planted very firmly in their heart. As a leader as a teacher in our ward and also as father of our family I always need to teach in the saviors way so that all may be edified.
Rudiardo P a year ago Batangas, Philippines
New or old teacher has its unique role to invite the spirit and let the spirit has his role to find those ready and prepared to listen .And its amazing how they would start to share experience and testify and would desire to apply those doctrines and principles learned.
Romy G a year ago Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Teaching the saviors way reminds me that receiving revelation is very important like prophet enos do to receive revelation and because of this tools as teachers we may have powerful lesson.
Hanna P a year ago Tarlac, Philippines
I want it to be in saviors way training too. I want them to let me feel i deserve that call
Ivy V a year ago Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Teaching in the saviors way manual is very wonderful its very helpful for me.because when I read this I learn to be effective teacher.and before I don't have confident to teach.but when i read this I gain confidence to teach a powerful lesson.
Bernardo R a year ago Metro Manila, Philippines
There's no more powerful tool to invite the Spirit in the class than living what we are teaching.
Chanda M a year ago Pampanga, Philippines
Teaching in the Saviors Way is of good help for us gospel teachers... Praying for every member of your class will have a great impact on the learning process. Loving those we teach by listening to them and giving them time to speak their feelings will encourage them to apply gospel principles taught.
Anonymous User a year ago Pangasinan, Philippines
To Sis.Apple: Keep appreciating their ability and capability to share and speak, then show them a specific and simple example.
Anonymous User a year ago Pangasinan, Philippines
To Benguet that is asking, Just keep teaching such student and not cease. Know his or her concern why he or she is not responding then pray for a great solution or course that you will have to do for him or her. You can give him or her an assignment or homework then ask him or her to report what he/she have learned.
Anonymous User a year ago Pangasinan, Philippines
Hello, this is Apple. I would like to ask, how are we encourage the young women to speak and trust themselves in sharing their thoughts? Thank you.
Dawn r a year ago Metro Manila, Philippines
Elder Holland explained to us how important the role of every teacher in the church is when he said, "Every child of God has a divine destination that teachers help to reach it." We, teachers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, have a vital role in every Church member's path in attaining Eternal Life.
Linette T a year ago Tarlac, Philippines
It's wonderful to share a testimony and a personal experience in the youth class as the youth in our ward listen intently on how to find answers to their own gospel questions. Letting them find their way to express themselves makes it easier for me to facilitate learning.
Anonymous User a year ago Benguet, Philippines
How can you teach student who doesn't want to respond?
Ismael G a year ago Nueva Ecija, Philippines
I overcome my shyness and become confident standing in front of the members when I become a teacher and my knowledge about the gospel grows. My testimony grows every time I teach the gospel. Preparation to teach is very important.
Ronelyn M a year ago Negros Occidental, Philippines
As I watching this training, I realized that God doesn't want me to teach and teach and teach plainly as a school teacher but God want me to teach in His way... This training really help me know more my calling and be like the Savior who teach with love as general.
Hanna P a year ago Tarlac, Philippines
I am so inspired when president holland said that "i am what i am today because of the leaders who taught me" i could also say that i am what i am today because of the people who taught me. Right now im a y.w president and our young women always use their phone in the class how could we prevent it in a way that they wont be hurt?
Joremie C a year ago Agusan del Norte, Philippines
As a leader and a teacher in our ward viewing the broadcast in this hour makes me feel comforted and motivated to do more to help my students become more nearer to our Heavenly Father and gain testimony about their divinity of Jesus Christ. It gaves me knowledge what to do and how to handle things inside the room. I learn that the scriptures gives us clearer understanding of doctrines and principles. Through the Holy Ghost we will know the truth.I just have a question. How can I handle a person who seems like hypocrite. Who always ask questions that are not necessary and disagree on other principles, saying most likely to be false doctrine and justify himself of his doings?
Lorna G a year ago Nueva Ecija, Philippines
I know that it is very important to be prepared and be worthy to have the spirit when you teach. As i teach with the spirit I the seminaries pay attention and learned much better because they are participating in the discussion.
Nelhjie R a year ago Misamis Oriental, Philippines
I am so bless to have this calling as a First Counsilor of the Young Women Presidency .
Danilo R a year ago Pampanga, Philippines
Another wonderful opportunity to be part of this training,
Rose G a year ago Unknown Location
Every child of God has a divine destination that teachers help to reach it. -I really love this praise from Elder Holand. As a teacher in the church and as a teacher by profession this will help me a lot. This is very applicable not just in the church but in my everyday struggle as a new teacher.
Ranny P a year ago Leyte, Philippines so bless as a teacher or i had a calling..i love this church...
Armando B a year ago Misamis Oriental, Philippines
Share your experience... im impress of this training, it can be a great help for me to teach in the savior's way...
Precious D a year ago Rizal, Philippines
I love the teaching people not lesson..
Florido J a year ago Negros Oriental, Philippines
Could the council meet on a day other than Sunday?
Paul O a year ago Cavite, Philippines
Now watching worldwide broadcast Teaching in the Saviors Way here in Cavite stake.
Rose G a year ago Unknown Location
Watching from Cabanatuan Philippines stake.
Isaiah B a year ago South Cotabato, Philippines
Wow.. That was amazing... I love it..
Jessica J a year ago Unknown Location
I rememer when I was on my mission serving in the Australia Brisbane Mission. We had the wonderful opportunity to have Elder Dallin H. Oaks come and speak to us missionaries. What stood out to me and helps me now in my calling as a Young Women's President and teacher is what he explained about our mantle in our callings. He demonstrated that we may feel that the mantle we carry is too big and we feel too small, thinking it is not for us. He told us that though you may feel the mantle is too big, you will grow into that mantle, the Lord will shape you and build you that you will grow and fit into that mantle and it will no longer be too big but just right. Every calling I am invited to serve, I accept because I know that the mantle place upon me will help me grow and fit into mantle in my callings.
Hannah M a year ago Tokyo, Japan
What is the best way to keep the spirit throuout the meeting?
Chad S a year ago Nevada, United States
Teacher Council was a good first experience for my ward and I. We tried to share what was working and what was not going well in our classrooms, listing out various problems on a chalk board so everyone could follow the same train of thought. As the meeting progressed, it was wonderful to see how enthused the teachers were about getting back to their classes and applying our month goal to "testify" in order to invite the Spirit more strongly.Chad from Henderson, NV
Sonny A a year ago American Samoa
Great training. Are the language translation available yet please?

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