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Lastest news and announcements for Young Men leaders

  • 2014 Mutual Theme Resources

    New 2014 Mutual theme resources have been posted on the Youth website, including the 2014 theme song, videos, and articles. Additional videos will also be made available to correspond with monthly topics.

  • 2014 Mutual Theme

    A notice was recently distributed to priesthood leaders announcing the 2014 Mutual theme: “Come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness” (Moroni 10:32). Leaders are encouraged to use the theme to enrich the lives of the youth throughout the year. Additional resources for the theme will be made available in the coming months.

  • Spring 2013 Auxiliary Leadership Training

    The Young Men general presidency held a training for stake and ward Young Men leaders on May 15, at the Salt Lake Tabernacle. The training was designed to help leaders learn their duties and to introduce resource materials that can be used for priesthood leadership training.

  • Youth Curriculum Training

    We hope you have discovered the rich resources available online for the new youth curriculum. This inspired priesthood direction will be key to the launch of these new teaching resources and will bless you and the young men you serve.

  • Priesthood line of authority available to Church members upon request

    The Church can now provide priesthood line of authority information as a service to members upon request.  Only information about Melchizedek Priesthood lines of authority can be requested from the Church. Aaronic priesthood lines are not available.

  • Young Men: "Arise and Shine Forth"

    Church News
    David L. Beck

    We live in a season when the Lord is pouring out blessings to help you—a beloved young priesthood man—to arise and shine forth.

  • Youth’s Experiences with New Curriculum Show Ongoing Conversion

    Brother Russell T. Osguthorpe
    Sunday School General President

    Come, Follow Me … is a new way of thinking about the whole purpose of why we come together on Sunday and how our time together can affect our lives the rest of the week.” Brother Russell T. Osguthorpe shares how new curriculum is helping youth become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • CES Fireside: President Uchtdorf

    President Uchtdorf explores the question “What is truth?” and how we can discern between the truth of the world and the truth of the Spirit.

  • Mormon Messages: “Patterns of Light”

    What is light? In this three-part series, Elder David A. Bednar discusses how we receive and perceive light from God.

  • CES Broadcast

    In a CES devotional broadcast from Brigham Young University, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland teaches us how to leave Babylon and hear the call of Jesus Christ.

  • Fulfilling My Duty to God

    Visit the new online, interactive version of Duty to God.


  • Youth Website

    Designed for youth, parents and youth leaders, the faith-promoting site is full of safe and interesting content, including videos, free music downloads, words from the prophets, dedicated pages for each of the For the Strength of Youth standards and Duty to God application.

  • LDS Youth App

    A new app designed to share videos, music, articles, and Mormonads from is now available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Access it here. Be sure to share this great news with your young women.