Scouting Materials

A collection of Scouting resources to help you plan and conduct safe activities.

Scouting Handbook

This outlines guidelines and policies relating to Scouting programs in the Church.

Tour Plan

The BSA Tour and Activity Plan is no longer required to be completed for Scouting-related activities. However, the need to preplan activities does not go away. Assessing the risks and hazards for each activity, while identifying appropriate safety measures is still appropriate. Remember, “Be Prepared” means that we need to plan ahead for activities to be safe and successful. For more information, please visit the Tour and Activity Plan Terminated FAQ.

Youth Protection

Policies to protect against physical, sexual, or emotional abuse during Church activities.

BSA Safety Resources

Resources to help leaders conduct Scouting activities in a safe and prudent manner.

LDS-BSA Relationships Website

Specific BSA resources for Latter-day Saint leaders.