Successful Meetinghouse Care Leadership Practices for

Stake Physical Facilities Representatives

Essential Practices

Watch the videos below to learn the basic meetinghouse care practices of successful stake physical facilities representatives.




Additional Successful Practices

Communicate Regularly with Ward Building Representatives – 
Contact ward building representatives regularly. Find out if they have sufficient supplies, questions about their calling, or concerns about the meetinghouse. Try not to ask ward building representatives, “Is everything going okay?” Ask them open-ended questions that will help you understand what is happening in that ward, such as, “How well do the supplies in the member closet fit your ward’s needs?”

Some ward building representatives will be more willing to proactively communicate with you than others. To ensure regular communication, you need to be proactive in contacting them.

Work Effectively with Ward Building Representatives - There are many ways ward building representatives can assist their bishop with meetinghouse cleaning and care. The ward building representative leadership page teaches several key principles that bishops and ward building representatives are encouraged to implement. Review that page to understand what they are encouraged to do. Thoroughly reviewing that page should take only about 20-30 minutes. You should also speak with each bishop to ensure that your efforts support his needs.

Resolve Problems Efficiently - You will receive reports of various problems that need attention in meetinghouses. You should report maintenance issues to the facilities manager. After reporting problems to the facilities manager, follow up with him to ensure that he received the report. Update the ward building representatives for that building on progress being made.

If your stake uses the Facility Issue Reporting (FIR) system, that is a great way to report concerns to the facilities management group.