Resources and tools for priesthood leaders to help young Church-service missionary candidates and their parents or guardians

We invite you as priesthood leaders to familiarize yourself with the existing young Church-service missionary program, to identify those who are eligible to serve, and to develop a unique mission experience for each missionary candidate.

Those eligible for young Church-service missions are called by the Lord to serve in YCSM assignments at Church operations, approved nonprofit community organizations, or stake service assignments. The stake president is the YCSM’s ecclesiastical leader and sets the spiritual and behavioral expectations. He also provides consistent guidance and support during the missionary’s term of service.

Young Church-service missionaries provide meaningful experiences that will help bring souls closer to Christ and bless the missionaries, their families, the Church, and the organizations where they serve. Each young Church-service mission is uniquely designed to match the personal abilities of each individual with needs in the kingdom.

Those eligible to serve as a young Church-service missionary include:

  • Worthy young men ages 18–25 who have been honorably excused from serving a proselyting mission for health reasons or other considerations and who have a strong desire to serve. 
  • Worthy young women ages 19–25 who desire to serve a mission and have been honorably excused from serving a proselyting mission.
  • Worthy proselyting missionaries who have returned home early due to accident, illness, or similar conditions. These missionaries may choose to finish their term of service as a YCSM.

The young Church-service missionary program will help deepen testimony, faith, and feelings of self-worth in all young men and young women who have a desire to serve. It also allows those who cannot serve full-time proselyting missions to still commit themselves to serving the Lord as dedicated service missionaries.  

Questions to Ponder: 

  • Who do I know who might be a worthy candidate to serve a Church-service mission?
  • What opportunities might exist in my branch, ward, or stake for Church-service missionaries?

Additional Resources

  • Resource Guide for Bishops and Stake Presidents—click here to access this guide for instructions to help bishops and stake presidents.
  • YCSM Leadership Council Discussion Guide—click here to access this guide to use in branch, ward, and stake council discussions.
  • Video for council discussion—click here to view an inspiring video of young men and young women serving as young Church-service missionaries. This video is referenced in the YCSM Leadership Council Discussion Guide.
  • YCSM Roles and Responsibilities—click here to access this document describing the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in the YCSM program.
  • Stake-Assigned Compassionate Service—click here to access examples of service that stake presidents and bishops can assign that can be included as formal YCSM assignments.
  • Video for priesthood leaders—click here to see the viewpoint of a bishop who helped a young man serve as a young Church-service missionary. This priesthood leader perspective helps explain the vision of the YCSM program.
  • Other inspiring videos—click here to see other inspiring videos of how the YCSM program blesses the lives of young men and young women, as well as those they serve.


All YCSM candidates are evaluated by the Missionary Department to determine if they should serve full-time proselyting missions. Unless the YCSM candidate has been honorably excused by the Missionary Department, they go through a screening step, and additional health information may be needed. This process may result in the candidate being asked to submit a recommendation for full-time proselyting service through the Missionary Online Recommendation System. Missionaries will not require this review if they have returned home early from a proselyting mission and are being recommended for a young Church-service mission.