What Is a YCSM?

Young Church-service missionaries (YCSMs) are called and set apart to serve a mission for 6 to 24 months. They live at home and serve locally. They serve as close to full-time as their capability and situation allow.

With unique abilities, each YCSM is provided a customized mission experience. YCSMs serve at Church operations, at approved nonprofit community organizations, or in stake service assignments.  

The Lord has said, “Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work” (D&C 4:3). Almost every young adult who is worthy and has a desire to serve may be called as a YCSM. Whether a young adult serves a proselyting mission or a young Church-service mission, both are acceptable offerings to the Lord.

The missionaries and their families are responsible for the expenses related to their missionary service. This includes but is not limited to transportation, food, clothing, medical and dental care, and medical insurance.

Ponder: How could serving a young Church-service mission bless the life of a young adult you know?

If you are aware of young single adults with a desire to serve who would like to explore options, please invite them to counsel with their parents or guardians and priesthood leaders, who are ready to assist them.

Who Can Serve as a YCSM?

  • Worthy young men ages 18–25 who have been honorably excused from serving a proselyting mission for health reasons or other considerations and who have a strong desire to serve. 
  • Worthy young women ages 19–25 who desire to serve a mission and have been honorably excused from serving a proselyting mission.
  • Worthy proselyting missionaries who have returned home early due to accident, illness, or similar conditions. These missionaries may choose to finish their term of service as a YCSM.

Standards of worthiness for YCSMs are the same as for full-time proselyting missionaries.

Where Do YCSMs Serve?

YCSMs serve close to where they live. Because each mission opportunity requires particular skills and abilities, candidates may need to explore several options before they find a good fit. YCSMs serve at Church operations, at approved nonprofit community organizations, or in stake service assignments. Priesthood leaders can help candidates discover the most appropriate opportunities.

Why Do YCSMs Serve?

YCSMs help build the kingdom of God in meaningful ways by:

  • Caring for the poor and needy by serving in one of the many Church welfare operations.
  • Providing service to approved nonprofit organizations.
  • Strengthening individuals and families through meaningful service.
  • Enabling the salvation of the dead by serving in the family history program.
  • Supporting efforts to share the gospel by serving in a mission office.
  • Helping members live the gospel more fully by supporting seminary and institute and other Church programs.
  • Completing special projects as assigned by a stake president or bishop.

How Are YCSMs Recommended for Service?

No matter the task, YCSMs serve a mission for the Lord. Priesthood leaders can help guide them to the mission the Lord has prepared for them.

  1. The bishop meets with the potential YCSM. The bishop interviews the candidate to (a) ensure mission worthiness, (b) confirm the desire and ability to serve, and (c) confirm that the candidate will live according to the mission rules as outlined in the Young Church-Service Missionary Guiding Principles Handbook.
  2. If the candidate qualifies, the bishop recommends the candidate online.
  3. The YCSM system sends an email to the candidate with a link to the website. The candidate follows that link and fills out and submits the online profile. The YCSM Central Office and the Missionary Department will then review the profile to determine if the candidate should be considered for a proselyting or service mission.
  4. After the candidate submits the profile, a local YCSM facilitator contacts him or her to help find one or more suitable service opportunities in the area.
  5. The local facilitator completes and submits the mission assignment schedule on the online recommendation form.
  6. The stake president interviews the candidate, approves the assignment schedule, and completes and submits the online recommendation form.
  7. Once processing is complete, the stake president issues the call to the candidate.
  8. The stake president sets apart the missionary, and then he or she begins serving.
  9. The stake president releases the missionary when the mission ends.

All YCSM candidates are evaluated by the Missionary Department to determine if they should serve full-time proselyting missions. Unless the YCSM candidate has been honorably excused by the Missionary Department, they go through a screening step, and additional health information may be needed. This process may result in the candidate being asked to submit a recommendation for full-time proselyting service through the Missionary Online Recommendation System. Missionaries will not require this review if they have returned home early from a proselyting mission and are being recommended for a young Church-service mission.




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