How Do I Become a Young Church-Service Missionary?


How Do I Apply?

  1. Complete the Recommendation for Young Church-Service Missionary form and meet with your bishop and stake president to let them know your desire to serve. They can guide you as you look for the mission that best fits your abilities and availability.

  2. Unlike a proselyting mission, you will be able to select where you serve your service mission. There are many ways to find a mission that fits your skills and situation.

    1. Review the service opportunities on this website.

    2. Speak to priesthood leaders or other members.

    3. Contact your CSM Group Coordinators (couples called to help with YCSM efforts) in your area.

    4. Some non-Church organizations are approved for service missionaries as long as their purpose is in line with the teachings of the Church and they maintain mission standards. Ask your bishop and stake president for their recommendation.

  3. Feel free to contact the operations managers in charge of different opportunities to discuss and compare positions you believe would be a good fit for you. Contact information for these managers is listed with the opportunity listing on this website. If you found the opportunity through a source other than this website, you can ask your priesthood leaders to help you get in touch with operations managers who are seeking YCSMs.

  4. Prayerfully consider the assignment to determine if it is consistent with your abilities, availability, and health.

  5. Once you have identified a good fit for a mission, complete a Recommendation for Young Church-Service Missionary form and give it to your bishop. Frequently, YCSMs serve in more than one location. List the location(s) where you have arranged to serve your mission, how many hours each week, when you are going to start, and the length of your mission service.

  6. Meet with your bishop so that you can give him your completed recommendation form and be interviewed for worthiness to serve.

  7. Meet with your stake president for a worthiness interview.

  8. You will be called by your stake president and set apart by your bishop who will set you apart as a Church-service missionary.

How Will I Receive My Call?

  1. Your stake president will forward the completed recommendation form to the local CSM coordinator's office for review and authorization to extend your call.

  2. Your stake president will then extend your formal mission call by letter. Your bishop will set you apart as a YCSM under the direction of the stake president.

  3. After you have been set apart, you should contact the operation(s) where you will be serving. The operation(s) will supervise and train you in your mission assignment.

  4. Your stake president and bishop will remain your ecclesiastical leaders during your mission.

  5. Your mission leader will be your stake president.