How Do I Become a Young Church-Service Missionary?


Complete the Recommendation for Young Church-Service Missionary form and meet with your bishop and stake president to let them know your desire to serve. They can guide you as you look for the mission that best fits your abilities and availability.

How Will I Receive My Call?

  1. Your stake president will forward the completed recommendation form to the local CSM coordinator's office for review and authorization to extend your call.

  2. Your stake president will then extend your formal mission call by letter. Your bishop will set you apart as a YCSM under the direction of the stake president.

  3. After you have been set apart, you should contact the operation(s) where you will be serving. The operation(s) will supervise and train you in your mission assignment.

  4. Your stake president and bishop will remain your ecclesiastical leaders during your mission.

  5. Your mission leader will be your stake president.