Welcome Message from the MTC President


Dear Prospective Missionaries and Parents,

We are so excited about your mission call from the Prophet to serve in South America and that you will begin your mission with training at the Colombia MTC. We encourage you to begin your preparation early and to prepare properly to make your experience here the most effective possible. Your personal preparation, both spiritually as well as temporally will have a significant impact on your mission.

Your fellow MTC missionaries come from many parts of South America, Central America, Mexico, and the United states, and most of them have been called to missions in Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador.

A typical day will include classes with instruction and practice in all areas of missionary work with the specific focus on becoming master teachers of the gospel. There is significant time spent on language training for those learning Spanish and the practical application of missionary skills, including personal and companionship study and preparation. Your day will also include physical activity in the gymnasium or outdoor sports area. You and your companion will also have the opportunity to participate in an actual proselyting activity in the city where you will be able to practice the missionary skills you have developed. You will find this to be a very enjoyable and valuable experience.

Your time will also include devotionals and regular events in which we are blessed to be taught by General and Area Authorities. Audiovisual materials prepared by the Church and the Missionary Department are also used to instruct and motivate. We also have the opportunity to attend the Bogota Temple, as well as participate in weekly service projects. A weekly personal preparation time is set aside for sending e-mails to your family, other preparation activities for the coming week, volleyball, basketball, and other activities. 

The training texts for your instruction are principally the scriptures and the inspired volume Preach My Gospel. During your stay you will develop an increased understanding and love for the scriptures and for the doctrine of Christ. You will develop skills in teaching in Spanish, especially as you participate in role-play practices. Through your dedicated obedience, personal and companionship prayer, scripture study, and the teachings you receive, your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and testimony of the Restored Gospel will be enhanced and strengthened. You will feel the Lord's love for you. As you prepare to serve the Lord in this part of his vineyard, we invite you to prayerfully read or re-read the Book of Mormon and to become familiar with Preach My Gospel.

For health and visa purposes, we are required to review your immunization record when you arrive. Please make sure you have received the required shots, and that you bring all of your immunization records with official signatures, stamps, and dates. In some missions you are not allowed to leave the country without documented proof of certain immunizations (i.e. Yellow Fever). This is a very important step in your personal preparation.

The Colombia Missionary Training Center is truly a special place, and the experiences the missionaries have here are fulfilling and spiritually edifying. We welcome you to the Colombia MTC. We know you are about to embark on a remarkable experience. Our Heavenly Father will bless you as you faithfully prepare. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions that we can answer. We are excited to meet you and look forward to learning together.

President and Sister DuVall