New Zealand

Missionary Training Center

LDS Missionary Training Center New Zealand

Areas Served: Australia, Tonga, Tahiti, New Zealand, Samoa, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Marshall Islands, Micronesia Guam


  • Three-week English (for native speakers)
  • Three-week French (for native speakers)
  • Three-week Samoan (for native speakers)
  • Three-week Tongan (for native speakers)
  • Six-week ESL (for non-English-speaking missionaries)

Contact Information

19 Redoubt Road
Goodwood Heights
Manukau City 2105
New Zealand

Main: +64-9-263-2400
Fax: +64-9-263-2419

Note: E-mails sent to individual missionaries using the address above will not be delivered. E-mails for missionaries should be sent to their address.