Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

For specific questions, please send an email to

My signature does not match the name printed on my passport. Is that a problem?

If you did not sign your full name on the passport, all your documents must be signed the way you signed your passport. You must wait to fill out the online application until after you receive your passport.

Should missionaries wait to start their documents until after they receive their passport?

No. Missionaries should get started on their visa documents right away. There are multiple steps in obtaining a visa, and missionaries may be delayed if they wait. 

Why do I need a birth certificate apostilled along with all of my other visa documents?

The country of Brazil is requiring that a religious visa holder now carry with them a birth certificate that has been apostilled. Please obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate. Get the birth certificate apostilled. Once you get the apostilled birth certificate, scan and email us a copy. Then your missionary will keep the apostilled birth certificate when they travel to Brazil.

Where can missionaries obtain their seminary transcripts?

If you did not get your seminary certificate or transcript, please contact us first and we will send you those documents. You can also contact your local seminary or your stake Seminary & Institute representative and they can help you get your transcripts.

Who can sign the Priesthood Ordination Certificate?

A Priesthood Ordination Certificate can be printed by the missionary's current ward clerk, and any priesthood authority can sign the Priesthood Ordination Certificate. This must be done in front of a notary.

How do I obtain an Apostille (authentication)?

In a search engine, type in your state and authentications; e.g. “Utah authentication.” Make sure you click on a .gov site.

Can missionaries apply for their own visa and bypass the Missionary Travel Office process?

No. There are multiple steps and additional documentation required for the issuance of the visa that will be handled by the Missionary Travel Office. 

Any attempt by missionaries or their parents to apply for their own visa or to contact the Consulate directly will jeopardize Missionary Travel's relationship with the Consulate and could cause delays for all missionaries.

The electronic application asks for a permanent address. If missionaries are away from home (ex: attending school out of state), what address should they list?

Missionaries must use their home address. 

Can missionaries use their passport for an international trip before they go on their mission?

Your passport is required for the issuance of the visa, so it is best for missionaries to plan on NOT having their passport. If missionaries already have an international trip scheduled, they should call Missionary Travel at 1-800-537-3537.  

If missionaries are not living at home, in which state should they get their documents notarized?

The missionary should call Missionary Travel at 1-800-537-3537 to verify they received the correct visa packet. 

Please explain the FBI requirements.

  1. Go to the Accurate Biometrics website at:
  2. Please fill out 2 application forms. Fill out and sign both, but only put a date on one application form. Please mark to live, work, or travel in a foreign country. Please obtain 4 fingerprint cards. Do not choose email as a form of delivery. Email is not an acceptable delivery option. Send one application form, 2 sets of fingerprints, and payment to Accurate Biometrics. Send the other application form and the other 2 sets of fingerprints to our office. For this second application do not complete form of payment. This will be used to renew the visa in one year. Please note the FBI clearance does NOT need to be authenticated by the US Department of State, though Accurate Biometrics may send you instructions on the apostille process.

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