Travel to the Assigned Training Center

Provo MTC Questions

How do missionaries get from the airport to the Provo Missionary Training Center?

Missionaries will need to make arrangements with Super Shuttle for a ride to the Provo Missionary Training Center. The Church/MTC does not provide a shuttle to the MTC.

It is best to make reservations several days before leaving home. Missionaries should be prepared to give the airline, flight number, and date and time of their arrival. The current shuttle cost is $20 and can be paid directly to the driver or pre-paid over the phone or via the Internet. Prices are subject to change without notice.

What if missionaries are driving to the Provo Missionary Training Center? Will they be reimbursed for driving?

The Church will only reimburse airline tickets from a missionary's home to the Provo Missionary Training Center. If a missionary's family will be driving him or her to the MTC, the missionary and family will not receive reimbursement. If this is a burden to the missionary and family, they should contact their stake president, who can use stake funding to cover the family’s expenses.

How do parents coordinate traveling with their missionary to the Provo Missionary Training Center?

Parents should contact the Church Travel Office (801-240-5111) to obtain the travel allowance amount for the missionary. Parents will need to make travel arrangements for themselves and their missionary. They should email their travel plans with the amount spent for the missionary’s ticket to the Missionary Travel Office. Missionary Travel will mail parents a reimbursement check in the amount originally quoted, or if the ticket the parents purchase is less, Missionary Travel will reimburse the lesser amount when the missionary enters the Provo MTC.

Where can parents and missionaries find out more information about the Provo Missionary Training Center?

International MTC Questions

When will missionaries receive their ticket, passport, and visa?

If missionaries are traveling to an international missionary training center and there is no delay with their visa, they will receive their documents 3-10 days prior to departure. If missionaries are traveling to an international missionary training center and there is a delay with their visa, missionaries will be contacted through their local priesthood leader 3-10 days prior to their scheduled departure. 

Can parents accompany their missionary to an international missionary training center? 

This is strongly discouraged for the following reasons:

  • Parents would need to purchase their missionary’s ticket, and Missionary Travel would need to send parents a check for the amount that Missionary Travel would have spent. In most cases parents will end up paying more than the Church would have spent.
  • If there is a problem with a missionary’s visa, parents will likely be left with two or three non-refundable international tickets that will not be used because the missionary would then attend the Provo MTC.
  • If a missionary’s MTC date is changed or if for some reason a missionary is redirected to attend the Provo MTC, parents will be left with non-refundable international tickets.
  • If parents and their missionary have delays or travel problems along the way, parents are responsible to pay for and resolve those problems.
  • International MTCs do not have any sort of welcome program. 
  • It would be parents' responsibility to coordinate the arrival with the international MTC staff.

Will missionaries be traveling alone?

Typically missionaries will meet up in a gateway city and travel the last portion of their flights together.

Will parents be informed when their missionary arrives safely?

Each training center operates differently, and it is up to them. Typically they will allow the missionary to email home within the first few days.

The travel itinerary shows the missionary arriving the day before the missionary training center date. Is that okay?

Yes, it is common to arrive the day before when a missionary is attending an international missionary training center.

There is a temple near the Missionary Training Center where my son or daughter will be attending. Do they need to bring temple clothes?

Missionaries will visit the temple during their time at the Missionary Training Center, but there is no need to pack temple clothes. Temple clothing is provided at no cost at all temples for all missionaries while in the MTC and the mission field.

What if missionaries don't receive their visa for the assigned country? What happens and when will missionaries and parents find out?

If visas are not received in time, missionaries will most likely attend the Provo MTC. Missionaries will be notified through their local priesthood leader (stake president) the weekend before the missionary's training center arrival date.

When will missionaries receive their name tag?

Name tags will be given when missionaries arrive at the MTC.

Where can missionaries and parents find out more information about the international training centers?

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