Primary Music in the Home

“We, who have the gospel of Jesus Christ, have something to sing about!”

-Janice Kapp Perry

Let Primary music strengthen your family! Sing...

  • on the Sabbath
  • in home evening
  • during scripture study
  • at prayer time
  • as you work and play
  • as you travel together
  • as lullabies


Teaching the Gospel
music note  I Am a Child of GodDivine Identity
music note  My Heavenly Father Loves Me Creation
music note  FaithFaith
music note  He Sent His SonJesus Christ’s Example and Atonement
music note  Help Me, Dear FatherRepentance
music note  When Jesus Christ Was BaptizedBaptism and Holy Ghost
music note  Teach Me to Walk in the LightLearn the Gospel from Parents and Leaders
music note  Keep the CommandmentsObeying Commandments Brings Peace and Safety
music note  Follow the ProphetLiving Mouthpiece for God
music note  I’m Trying to Be Like JesusFollow Jesus Christ’s Example

Understanding The Covenant Path
music note  Baptism1st Saving Ordinance: Baptism
music note  Holy Ghost2nd Saving Ordinance: Confirmation
music note  The Priesthood Is Restored3rd Saving Ordinance: Melchizedek Priesthood
music note  I Love to See the Temple4th Saving Ordinance: Temple Endowment
music note  Families Can Be Together Forever5th Saving Ordinance: Temple Marriage
music note  Seek the Lord EarlyPrayer and Scripture Study
music note  A Young Man PreparedPrepare for Priesthood Ordination
music note  I Want to Live the GospelDesire to Live an Obedient Life
music note  The Lord Gave Me a TempleSacredness of Physical Body
music note  I Will Follow God’s PlanPlan of Salvation

Inviting the Spirit
music note  A Child’s PrayerHeavenly Father Answers Prayer
music note  I Feel My Savior’s LoveLove of God
music note  Where Love Is
music note  Search, Ponder, and PrayPersonal Revelation
music note  If I Listen with My Heart
music note  As a Child of God
music note  Love One AnotherFollow Jesus Christ’s Example
music note  If the Savior Stood Beside Me
music note  Jesus Said Love Everyone
music note  Reverence Is LoveReverence

Sharing the Restored Gospel
music note  An Angel Came to Joseph SmithHistory of the Church
music note  On a Golden Springtime
music note  The Sacred Grove
music note  The Golden PlatesBook of Mormon
music note  Scripture Power
music note  Book of Mormon Stories
music note  I Belong to the Church of Jesus ChristMissionary Work
music note  Holding Hands around the World
music note  I Hope They Call Me on a Mission
music note  We’ll Bring the World His Truth

Strengthening the Home and Family
music note  Love Is Spoken HereParents’ Examples
music note  Family PrayerPrayer with Family
music note  A Happy FamilyLove of Family Members
music note  When We’re HelpingService in Family
music note  Quickly I’ll ObeyObedience to Parents
music note  SaturdaySabbath Preparation
music note  Family History—I Am Doing ItFamily History
music note  Tell Me the Stories of JesusParents Teaching Children
music note  Sing Your Way HomeSing with Family
music note  Kindness Begins with MeKindness at Home

Encouraging Fun and Activity
music note  “Give,” Said the Little Stream           
music note  Popcorn Popping 
music note  The Wise Man and the Foolish Man 
music note  Smiles 
music note  Fun to Do 
music note  If You’re Happy 
music note  Hinges 
music note  Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes 
music note  Nephi’s Courage 
music note  Lift Up Your Voice and Sing 

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