Eleven-Year-Old Scouts


A boy enters the Boy Scout program when he turns 11 years old. He becomes a member of the ward Scout troop but participates in a separate patrol for eleven-year-old Scouts. Eleven-year-old Scouts meet separately from the older Scouts because they are not yet part of a quorum. They can participate with the ward Boy Scout troop in occasional daytime activities as well as boards of review and courts of honor (see Scouting Handbook, 4).

The Leader of Eleven-Year-Old Scouts

Either the Primary teacher of eleven-year-old boys or another capable adult may serve as the group’s Scout leader (see Scouting Handbook, 5).

A newly called leader of the eleven-year-old Scouts should begin by prayerfully coming to understand the importance of this calling within the ward Primary and Scouting organizations and the significance this service can have in the life of a boy. This leader should:

  • Work under the direction of a member of the Primary presidency, meeting regularly to discuss the Scouting program and each boy’s progress.
  • Register as the eleven-year-old Scout leader and attend the Boy Scout troop committee meetings.
  • Attend Scout training as applicable.
  • Attend other Primary meetings as invited.
  • Encourage and help each boy achieve the Faith in God for Boys award and advance in Scouting.
  • See that the boys participate in a day camp and help plan it if requested.


The Eleven-Year-Old Scouts Program

Activity Correlation Suggestions

Basic RequirementsYour Adventure Begins, page 16
Learning and Living the Gospel
Read D&C 89. Discuss how Heavenly Father blesses us when we faithfully live the Word of WisdomSecond Class 3g, 8, 9a
Plan and complete your own activityTenderfoot 3, 4c, 7, 9; Second Class 1a; First Class 10, 11
Serving Others
Plan, prepare, and serve a nutritious mealTenderfoot 3, Second Class 3g, First Class 4a
Service projectSecond Class 5
Read and discuss the parable of the good SamaritanSecond Class 5
Developing Talents
Learn how to budget and save moneySecond Class 10 
Make an item from wood, metal, or fabricFirst Class 7b
Plan a physical fitness programTenderfoot 10a
Learn about and practice good nutritionTenderfoot 13, Second Class 11, First Class 12
Preparing for the Priesthood
Discuss with a parent or Primary leader how important a good education is and how it can help strengthen you as a priesthood holder in your home and family and in the ChurchSecond Class 9 or First Class 11

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