Other Ward Relief Society Callings


Visiting Teaching Coordinator

What is my role as a visiting teaching coordinator or supervisor?

9.2.5 In a ward with a large number of women, a sister may be called to help the Relief Society president coordinate visiting teaching and make sure it is done effectively. …

The visiting teaching coordinator receives monthly reports of visits and other contacts that visiting teachers have made. She may be assigned to help prepare a monthly visiting teaching report.

9.5.3 Adapting Visiting Teaching to Local Needs

In a ward with limited resources, leaders may adapt visiting teaching to ensure that sisters with the greatest needs always receive a monthly visit.

9.5.4 Reporting Visiting Teaching

The Relief Society presidency or those who are called to assist them receive monthly reports from visiting teachers. The visiting teachers report any special needs of the sisters they visit and any service rendered. In addition, presidency members meet with visiting teachers regularly to discuss sisters’ spiritual and temporal welfare and to make plans to help those in need. Confidential information should be reported only to the Relief Society president, who reports it to the bishop.

How can you help the presidency prioritize the needs of the sisters in the ward?

How can the presidency help sisters understand that visiting teaching can play a powerful role in helping sisters and their families progress toward eternal life?

How do I fulfill my role as a compassionate service coordinator?

9.2.5 A sister may be called to help the Relief Society presidency identify needs and coordinate compassionate service. Assistants may also be called.

9.6 Welfare and compassionate service are central to the work of Relief Society.

Under the bishop’s direction, the ward Relief Society presidency, the elders quorum presidency, and the high priests group leadership share the following welfare responsibilities:

  • They teach principles of temporal and spiritual self-reliance.
  • They care for the poor and needy and encourage members to give service.
  • They help individuals and families become self-reliant and find solutions to short-term and long-term welfare concerns.

9.6.2 All Relief Society sisters have a responsibility to be conscious of the needs of others. …

Through the help of visiting teachers and others in the ward, the Relief Society presidency identifies those who have special needs. …

[The Relief Society president] may ask a counselor, a compassionate service coordinator, or a visiting teacher to help coordinate these service efforts.

How can you help the presidency identify those who have special needs?

How do I assist the Relief Society president in fulfilling her duties with welfare?

6.1 The purposes of Church welfare are to help members become self-reliant, to care for the poor and needy, and to give service.

9.6.1 The bishop normally assigns the Relief Society president to visit members who need welfare assistance so she can evaluate their needs and suggest ways to respond to them. If there is not a woman in a home she visits, she takes one of her counselors, the Relief Society secretary, or the compassionate service coordinator with her.

Relief Society Meeting Coordinator and Committee

How do I serve the sisters in the ward by planning meaningful additional meetings?

9.2.5 A sister may be called to help the Relief Society presidency coordinate the planning of Relief Society meetings that are not held on Sunday. These meetings may include service, classes, projects, conferences, and workshops. 

As a presidency, consider the following questions: What needs has the bishop shared with us? What other needs do we know about? What kind of additional meeting could we plan to meet those needs?

Assistant Relief Society Secretary

What is my role as the assistant secretary?

9.2.5 An assistant secretary may be called to help the secretary with her responsibilities.

Advisers to Young Single Adult Sisters

What is my role in supporting young single adults by helping them draw near to the Lord, strengthen their testimonies, and take responsibility for their own spiritual, social, and temporal well-being?

9.2.5 Advisers to young single adult sisters work under the direction of the Relief Society counselor assigned to young single adults. They watch over and strengthen young single adult sisters.

9.7.2 Relief Society leaders teach young single adult sisters the purposes of Relief Society and give them opportunities to participate in the work of Relief Society. They assign young single adult sisters to serve as visiting teachers. Relief Society leaders may also give young single adult sisters other meaningful opportunities to serve and may recommend them to receive callings to serve in the Relief Society.

The Relief Society presidency assigns visiting teachers to each young single adult sister.

Prayerfully discuss with the presidency ways to help young single adults progress on the covenant path.

16.3.4 In a ward with a significant number of young single adults, the stake president and bishop may feel that a ward young single adult committee is needed.


Can the Relief Society presidency have additional committees?

9.2.5 The Relief Society presidency may form committees to accomplish ongoing work such as strengthening individuals, families, and homes; watching over young single adult sisters; welfare; emergency preparedness; temple and family history work; missionary work; convert retention; and activation. Leaders of the committees report to the Relief Society president or an assigned counselor. Committee members may be given specific areas of responsibility.

Prayerfully discuss forming additional committees based on the needs of the sisters.

Music Leaders and Pianists

What is the purpose of music in Relief Society meetings?

9.2.5 Appropriate music helps invite the Spirit in Relief Society meetings. The Relief Society presidency may recommend sisters to serve as music leaders and pianists for Relief Society meetings.

Review the purpose of music in Relief Society meetings, and ask if the selected music invites the Spirit in these meetings.

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