Young Single Adult Leadership



Ministering to Young Single Adults

How can Relief Society leaders support young single adults?

16  Men and women who have not married or who are divorced or widowed make up a significant portion of Church membership. Priesthood and auxiliary leaders reach out to these members and include them in the work of the Church. Worthy single members should be given opportunities to hold leadership and teaching positions.

Leaders support single members by helping them draw near to the Lord, strengthen their testimonies, and take responsibility for their own spiritual, social, and temporal well-being.

As Relief Society leaders, discuss ways you can help include young single adult sisters in the work of the Church to help them strengthen their testimonies.

What is the responsibility of leaders in ministering to young single adults?

16.2  Stake and ward leaders work continually to identify, locate, and shepherd young single adults in the following ways:

  • They help young single adults find and fellowship those in their age-group who are less active in the Church.
  • They create opportunities for young single adults to associate together in meaningful service, gospel learning, and social activities.
  • They support young single adults in fulfilling worthy personal goals and in making decisions about marriage, education, careers, and finances.

9.7.2 Relief Society leaders teach young single adult sisters the purposes of Relief Society and give them opportunities to participate in the work of Relief Society.

  • They assign young single adult sisters to serve as visiting teachers.
  • Relief Society leaders may also give young single adult sisters other meaningful opportunities to serve and may recommend them to receive callings to serve in the Relief Society.
  • The Relief Society presidency assigns visiting teachers to each young single adult sister.

9.2.5 Advisers to young single adult sisters … watch over and strengthen young single adult sisters. An adviser may be given any of the following responsibilities:

  • She may serve as a visiting teaching companion to a young single adult sister.
  • She may help with young single adult activities.
  • She may encourage young single adult sisters to participate in institute classes or other religious instruction.
  • If the ward has a young single adult committee, she serves on the committee (see 16.3.4)
  • If the ward has a Relief Society class for young single adult sisters, she may attend the class.

Consider ways you can help young single adult sisters prepare for their future.

What resources are available to help Relief Society leaders minister to young single adults?

Stake Presidency

How can the stake presidency minister to young single adults?

16.3.1   Young single adults are highly mobile. They may be unevenly distributed across the wards in the stake, and they may be difficult to locate. Because of these challenges, opportunities for social interaction, gospel learning, and service are often most effective at the stake or multistake level.

  • In his regular interview with each bishop, the stake president asks for a report on the progress of young single adults in the bishop’s ward.
  • The stake president assigns one of his counselors to oversee the work with young single adults in the stake. The stake president also assigns a high councilor to assist in this work.
  • Stake leaders prayerfully consider what programs and activities will best serve the needs of the young single adults in the stake. A variety of options are listed in 16.3.5.

As you discuss the needs of the young single adults in your stake, make a list of the activities that will best serve their needs.

Stake Young Single Adult Committee

What are the responsibilities of the stake young single adult committee?

16.3.2  A counselor in the stake presidency presides over the stake young single adult committee.

  • This committee also includes the high councilor assigned to young single adults, a member of the stake Relief Society presidency, a couple called to serve as young single adult advisers, and the young single adult leaders from each ward.
  • The committee meets as needed. Committee members may plan ways to give young single adults opportunities to come together for service, gospel learning, and sociality beyond their wards (see 16.3.5).
  • As they plan young single adult activities, they maintain a focus on spiritual growth and service, not just social experiences.

As the stake young single adult committee meets, consider ways to keep a focus on spiritual growth and service.

Classes and Activities

What meetings, classes, and activities can young single adults be involved in?

16.3.5 Young single adults should be offered a variety of gospel learning, service, cultural, and social activities that can take place at the ward, stake, or multistake level. These activities may include temple visits, priesthood or temple preparation seminars, missionary work, community service, choirs, cultural events, dances, and sports.

16.3.6  Multistake and area activities can give young single adults opportunities for social interaction, leadership, and service without leaving the ecclesiastical care of their bishops.

Think about activities that can bring young single adults together.

What options do leaders have in planning young single adult activities?

16.3.5 The stake may periodically organize activities designed to find and fellowship young single adults in the stake.

  • Young Single Adult Service Committees—Young single adults should frequently be called to serve together on service committees.
  • Home Evening Groups—Priesthood leaders may organize one or more home evening groups for young single adults.
  • Sunday School Classes—Wards with enough young single adults may have a separate Sunday School class for young single adults (see 12.4.2).
  • Weekday Gospel Study Classes—Young single adults are encouraged to enroll in institute classes.

Pray for guidance to know the activities that will strengthen the young single adults in your area.

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