Other Uses for Daughters in My Kingdom


You can use the index in Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society as one of the approved resources to find other examples to support the subjects and topics listed in Handbook 2 for Sunday and additional Relief Society meetings.

“The Relief Society is an auxiliary to the priesthood. All auxiliary organizations exist to help Church members grow in their testimonies of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the restored gospel. Through the work of the auxiliaries, members receive instruction, encouragement, and support as they strive to live according to gospel principles” (Handbook 2, page 64).

As leaders you can encourage those you serve to apply gospel principles found in the scriptures, words of the prophets, and other approved Church resources, including Daughters in My Kingdom. The influence of the history book is meant to extend beyond Relief Society meetings. Consider the following: 

  • Families may study and discuss the examples and teachings in the book together.
  • Families may use the book as one of the approved resources for family home evening.
  • The history can help as a reference in a talk or lesson.
  • Individuals can draw on this history to enhance personal study time.
  • Relief Society sisters may share the book and principles they learn from it with their friends.
  • The book can be a resource for visiting and home teaching.
  • Stories and examples may guide sisters in establishing priorities in their lives.
  • Principles from the book can guide sisters as they write their own personal history.
  • training
    Bishops, parents, and leaders may refer to the history book as one of the resources:
    • For training. 
    • For ward council meetings.
    • To help seminary and institute teachers.
    • In preparing young adults for the temple.
    • To help young men and young women who are preparing for missions.
    • To prepare young women to enter and serve in Relief Society.

Additional information on the history of Relief Society.



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