Recent Messages from Prophets, Apostles, and Other Leaders

“The greatest blessings of general conference come to us after the conference is over. Remember the pattern recorded frequently in scripture: we gather to hear the words of the Lord, and we return to our homes to live them.” —Robert D. Hales, “General Conference: Strengthening Faith and Testimony,” October 2013 general conference

We've heard the words; now how do we live them?

Jeffrey R. Holland

I Will Bring the Light of the Gospel into My Home

Jean B. Bingham

“We want to use the light of the gospel to see others as the Savior does—with compassion, hope, and charity. The day will come when we will have a complete understanding of others’ hearts and will be grateful to have mercy extended to us—just as we extend charitable thoughts and words to others during this life.”

Jeffrey R. Holland

The Master Healer

Carole M. Stephens

“Sisters, I testify that—

“You don’t have to continue to carry the burden of sorrow caused by sin—alone.

“You don’t have to carry the pain caused by the unrighteous actions of others—alone.

“You don’t have to experience the painful realities of mortality—alone. …

“‘[He] would do anything to take this from you.’ In fact, ‘[He] already has.’”

Jeffrey R. Holland

Rise Up in Strength, Sisters in Zion

Bonnie L. Oscarson

"Women in this Church are presidents, counselors, teachers, members of councils, sisters, and mothers, and the kingdom of God cannot function unless we rise up and fulfill our duties with faith. Sometimes we just need to have a greater vision of what is possible."  

Jeffrey R. Holland

Fourth Floor, Last Door

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“The purpose of faith is not to change God’s will but to empower us to act on God’s will. Faith is trust—trust that God sees what we cannot and that He knows what we do not.”