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    The Purpose of Relief Society
    Call to Action, April 2011 Sister Julie B. Beck taught, “Righteous women today seek an outpouring of revelation to resist distractions, fight evil and spiritual destruction, and rise above personal disasters by increasing their faith, strengthening their families, and providing relief to others.” How can personal revelation strengthen your faith and increase your own commitment to personal righteousness? Share your thoughts and experiences with us at Julie B. Beck, "Fulfilling the Purpose of Relief Society," Ensign, Nov. 2008, 108–11Julie B. Beck, “‘Daughters in My Kingdom’: The History and Work of Relief Society,” Ensign, Nov. 2010, 112–15Thomas S. Monson, “The Mighty Strength of the Relief Society,” Ensign, Nov. 1997, 94-97

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    Under the Priesthood and after the Pattern of the Priesthood
    Call to Action, March 2011 President Boyd K. Packer taught: “Service in the Relief Society magnifies and sanctifies each individual sister. Your membership in Relief Society should be ever with you” (“The Circle of Sisters,” Ensign, Nov. 1980, 109). Have you personally recognized the blessings of actively participating in Relief Society’s sacred work? Share your thoughts and experiences with us at Boyd K. Packer, "The Circle of Sisters,” Oct. 1980 general conferenceDallin H. Oaks, "The Relief Society and the Church,” Apr. 1992 general conferenceJulie B. Beck, "Relief Society: A Sacred Work,” Oct. 2009 general conference

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    A Restoration of All Things
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    The History and Heritage of Relief Society
    Call to Action, January 2011 In the most recent general Relief Society meeting, Sister Julie B. Beck, Relief Society general president, taught: “We study our history because it helps us change. Ultimately, the value of history is not so much in its dates, times, and places. It is valuable because it teaches us the principles, purposes, and patterns we are to follow, it helps us know who we are and what we are to do, and it unites us in strengthening the homes of Zion and building the kingdom of God on the earth” (Nov. 2010 Liahona or Ensign, 115). There are many types of history: Church history, family history, world history, personal history. What have you learned or what changes have you experienced from your study of these history sources? Share your experiences with us at Henry B. Eyring, “The Enduring Legacy of Relief Society,” Liahona, Nov. 2009, 121–25L. Tom Perry, “The Past Way of Facing the Future,” Liahona, Nov. 2009, 73–76Julie B. Beck, “‘Daughters in My Kingdom’: The History and Work of Relief Society,” Ensign, Nov. 2010, 112–15

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    Our Responsibility to Participate in Temple and Family History Work
    December Call to Action President Boyd K. Packer taught: “Family history work has the power to do something for the dead. It has an equal power to do something to the living. They understand that they are tying their family together, their living family here with those who have gone before.” Sister Beck also reminds us that “family history and temple work continue to be some of the primary obligations of Relief Society.” How are you and your family fulfilling this responsibility? Share your experiences with us at Henry B. Eyring, “Hearts Bound Together,” Ensign, May 2005, 77Boyd K. Packer, “Your Family History: Getting Started,” Ensign, Aug. 2003, 12–17Russell M. Nelson, “Generations Linked in Love,” Ensign, May 2010, 91–94Julie B. Beck, “Studying the Work of Relief Society,” Ensign, Jan. 2010, 32–37

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    As We Meet Together Again
    Please select your message from these general conference addresses. Additional Information Thomas S. Monson, "As We Meet Together Again," Oct. 2010 general conferenceRobert D. Hales, "Couple Missionaries: A Time to Serve," Liahona, July 2001, 28-31M. Russell Ballard, "One More," Liahona, May 2005, 69-71Russell M. Nelson, "Senior Missionaries and the Gospel," Liahona, Nov. 2004, 79-82 November Call to Action In the first address given in the October 2010 general conference, President Thomas S. Monson issued this call to action: "May I mention a matter close to my heart and which deserves our serious attention. I speak of missionary work. "First, to young men of the Aaronic Priesthood and to you young men who are becoming elders: I repeat what prophets have long taught-that every worthy, able young man should prepare to serve a mission. . . . "A word to you young sisters . . . we welcome your service. "And now to you mature brothers and sisters: we need many, many more senior couples. . . . "To those of you who are not yet to the season of life when you might serve a couples mission, I urge you to prepare now for the day when you and your spouse might do so." As you ponder this message, ask yourself, "How am I preparing myself, my children, and others for missionary service?" Share your experiences with us at

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    Our Responsibility to Nurture the Rising Generation
    By Julie B. Beck Relief Society general president Liahona and Ensign, Sept. 2010 As parents, leaders, and Church members, we are preparing this generation for the blessings of Abraham, for the temple. We have the responsibility to be very clear on key points of doctrine found in the proclamation on the family. Motherhood and fatherhood are eternal roles and responsibilities. Each of us carries the responsibility for either the male or the female half of the plan.

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    Our Responsibility to Be Worthy of Temple Worship
    By Silvia H. Allred First counselor in the Relief Society general presidency Liahona and Ensign, Aug. 2010 Through His prophets, the Lord invites those who have not yet received the blessings of the temple to do whatever may be necessary to qualify to receive them. He invites those who have already received these blessings to return as often as possible to enjoy again the experience, to increase their vision and understanding of His eternal plan.

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    Strengthening Families and Homes
      By Barbara Thompson Second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency Liahona and Ensign, July 2010 Scriptures, family home evening, and family prayer will strengthen families. We need to take every opportunity to strengthen families and support one another to stay on the right path.

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    Renewing Covenants through the Sacrament
    It is not possible to make real change all by ourselves. Our own willpower and our own good intentions are not enough. When we make mistakes or choose poorly, we must have the help of our Savior to get back on track. We partake of the sacrament week after week to show our faith in His power to change us. We confess our sins and promise to forsake them.

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