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    Converted unto the Lord
    • Self Reliance
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        March 2011 Visiting Teaching Message
          Call to Action, March 2011 President Boyd K. Packer taught: “Service in the Relief Society magnifies and sanctifies each individual sister. Your membership in Relief Society should be ever with you” (“The Circle of Sisters,” Ensign, Nov. 1980, 109). Have you personally recognized the blessings of actively participating in Relief Society’s sacred work? Share your thoughts and experiences with us at Boyd K. Packer, "The Circle of Sisters,” Oct. 1980 general conferenceDallin H. Oaks, "The Relief Society and the Church,” Apr. 1992 general conferenceJulie B. Beck, "Relief Society: A Sacred Work,” Oct. 2009 general conference

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        • Visiting Teaching, a Work of Salvation
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            July 2012 Visiting Teaching Message
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              January 2012 Visiting Teaching Message
                Training for Visiting Teachers Sister Julie B. Beck recently taught, “Visiting teaching is an expression of [our] discipleship and a significant way to honor [our] covenants. This element of our discipleship should closely resemble the ministry of our Savior.” Question: As a disciple of Jesus Christ, how am I improving in my ability to minister one by one as a visiting teacher? Julie B. Beck, "What I Hope My Granddaughters (and Grandsons) Will Understand about Relief Society," Liahona, Nov. 2011Daughters in My Kingdom, page 105Daughters in My Kingdom, page 123

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                  The temple is a house of learning. Much of the instruction imparted in the temple is symbolic and learned by the Spirit. This means we are taught from on high. … Our understanding of the meaning of the ordinances and covenants will increase as we return to the temple often with the attitude of learning and contemplating the eternal truths taught. … Let us enjoy the spiritual strength and the revelation we receive as we attend the temple regularly.

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                    By Silvia H. Allred First counselor in the Relief Society general presidency Liahona and Ensign, Aug. 2010 Through His prophets, the Lord invites those who have not yet received the blessings of the temple to do whatever may be necessary to qualify to receive them. He invites those who have already received these blessings to return as often as possible to enjoy again the experience, to increase their vision and understanding of His eternal plan.

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                  • The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Savior and Redeemer
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                      February 2012 Visiting Teaching Message