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    June 2012 Visiting Teaching Message
      As visiting teachers, we have an important spiritual mission to fulfill. “The bishop, who is the ordained shepherd of the ward, cannot possibly watch over all of the Lord’s sheep at one time. He is dependent on inspired visiting teachers to help him.” Seeking and receiving revelation as to who should be assigned to watch over each sister is essential.

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      October 2011 Visiting Teaching Message
        Call to Action, October 2011 Sister Julie B. Beck has taught, “The Lord has told us that our time should 'be devoted to the studying of the scriptures' (D&C 26:1) and that 'the Book of Mormon and the holy scriptures are given … for [our] instruction' (D&C 33:16). … If you have not already developed the habit of daily scripture study, start now and keep studying in order to be prepared for your responsibilities in this life and in the eternities.” How has scripture study strengthened you personally? Share your thoughts and experiences with us at Jeffrey R. Holland, “Safety for the Soul,” Liahona, November, 2009David A. Bednar, “Watching with All Perserverance,” Liahona, May 2010Craig C. Christensen, “A Book with a Promise,” Liahona, May 2008Julie B. Beck, “My Soul Delighteth in the Scriptures,” Liahona, May, 2004

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