Operating an Effective Meetinghouse Library

The ward librarian helps leaders, teachers, and families learn how to use the materials, supplies, and equipment that are available in the library (see Handbook 2, 12.6.1). To do this, consider organizing your efforts around the following ongoing activities.


With the help of the bishopric, auxiliary, and quorum leaders, regularly clean out and discard unused or unauthorized materials. Make sure that you keep the materials in the library organized and accessible. Only books and audiovisual materials produced and distributed by the Church may be stored in and circulated from the meetinghouse library. Commercially produced books and materials, even if authored or created by Church members, are not to be included in the library.


Information about the materials available from the Church for meetinghouse libraries can be found on the Meetinghouse Library Materials list. 


Organize the material in the library so that it is easy to find. A list of available materials for individuals and families may be helpful. In larger wards, you may consider calling one or more assistant librarians to help with compiling this list. You should also use a simple system to keep track of materials that have been borrowed by members.


Find appropriate ways to publicize the availability of the materials in the library. Be creative. You could write occasional articles in the ward newsletter or hold regular “open houses” where you invite families or organizations from the ward to visit the library to learn about the resources that are there. A systematic invitation list would soon help every ward member to know what is available to borrow from the library. Where members have access to the Internet, you may want to offer help to teachers and families in learning how to use the wonderful resources available through Church websites.

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