Sunday School Presidency Responsibilities for Meetinghouse Libraries

President Packer Letter, December 5, 2003

In a December 5, 2003, letter to priesthood leaders, President Boyd K. Packer explained, among other things, the responsibilities of local Sunday School presidencies for meetinghouse libraries. Relevant excerpts include the following:

  • "The ward Sunday School president recommends … members to serve as librarians. A member of the bishopric calls and sets apart the … librarians."
  • "In multiward buildings, the meetinghouse library coordinating committee now consists of the Sunday School president from each ward rather than a member of the bishopric from each ward. The agent bishop assigns one of the Sunday School presidents to serve as chairman."
  • "Sunday School presidencies and librarians should be fully familiar with the policies and guidelines in 'Meetinghouse Library,' section 12.6 of Handbook 2: Administering the Church."