Additional Leader Resources

A collection of online resources and information to help you fulfill your calling

Instructions and Guidelines

Handbook 2: Administering in the Church

The Sunday School section of this handbook includes guidelines on ward and stake Sunday School leadership, leadership meetings, Sunday School classes, meetinghouse libraries, and more.

Handbook 2 also includes references to the Sunday School presidency's responsibility with teaching improvement in sections 5.5.2, 5.5.3, 5.5.5, and 5.5.7.

Worldwide Leadership Training

View the February 12 training broadcast regarding the new Church handbooks. You can also visit the archives of past training broadcasts.

Videos: Learning and Teaching in the Church

We are all learners and teachers with the responsibility to strengthen faith in Jesus Christ. These videos discuss how we can help one another, with particular emphasis on the role of Sunday School presidencies.

Leadership Training Library

Lesson Preparation

Explore Come, Follow Me

Explore Come, Follow Me, the new youth Sunday School curriculum for 2014 is for ages 12-18.

Instructions for Curriculum 2016

These instructions list curriculum materials for use in Sunday classes during 2016, instructions for organizing Sunday quorums and classes, and a list of Church materials for use in the home.

Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual

For Gospel Doctrine instructors.

Book of Mormon Class Member Study Guide

For class members in Gospel Doctrine classes.

Marriage and Family Relations Instructor's Manual

For an optional course that can be offered during Sunday School.

Marriage and Family Relations Participant's Study Guide

For class members in the Marriage and Family Relations course.

Endowed from on High: Temple Preparation Seminar Teacher's Manual

For temple preparation seminar teachers' use in helping prepare Church members to attend the temple.

Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple

For class members attending the temple preparation seminar.

A Member's Guide to Temple and Family History Work

For use by members and instructors in an optional Temple and Family History course that can be offered during Sunday School.

Gospel Principles Manual

For investigators, new members, members returning to activity, or others who would benefit from basic gospel instruction.

Resources for Improving Learning and Teaching

Teaching, No Greater Call

A resource guide for gospel teaching. Can also be used for the optional Teaching the Gospel course.

Videos to Support Teaching, No Greater Call

Meetinghouse Libraries

Includes additional information referred to in Handbook 2, 12.6.3.

Disability Resources

Church leaders have a responsibility to care for every member of their flock, including members with disabilities. Seek ways to help the individuals with disabilities feel loved, accepted, and included.