Temple and Family History Callings


The First Presidency has recently approved a change to the names of all family history callings in the Church. Going forward, all members serving in a family history role should be called temple and family history consultants (Notice to General Authorities; Area Seventies; Stake, Mission, and District Presidents; Bishops and Branch Presidents, dated February 9, 2017). This change was made to more closely align family history and temple service. President Gordon B. Hinckley has said, “All of our vast family history endeavor is directed to temple work. There is no other purpose for it. The temple ordinances become the crowning blessings the Church has to offer” (“New Temples Provide the ‘Crowning Blessings’ of the Gospel,” Ensign, May 1998, 88).

To this end it is expected that all temple and family history consultants, whether at the ward, stake, or area level, have as their primary responsibility the opportunity to assist members with a personalized one-on-one family history experience. They should prayerfully seek the Spirit as they prepare and deliver these experiences.

The resources below are provided to help you understand the changes being made and your role in helping families.