Director's Workshops

  • Ways to Promote Your Center

    Watch this workshop about ways you can promote your family history center. Directors can reach out to Church members and members of the community and invite them to come to the center to find their ancestors.

  • Youth and Family History: Serving and Being Served

    Watch this workshop about engaging youth in your family history center. Remarkable blessings are promised to youth participating in family history. You can help youth find success and strength through family history.

  • Family History Centers: Places of Discovery

    Watch this workshop on ways you can make your family history center a place of discovery. Directors are finding new and creative ways to engage beginners in family history work.

  • Experience the My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together Booklet

    Watch this workshop for family history center directors on having a personal experience with Find, Take, Teach and Using the My Family: Stories that Bring Us Together booklet.