Cultural Night

Audience: Families (children, youth, and adults)

Objective: Families will experience life in another culture and learn how the family history center can help people learn about their own cultural heritage.

Select a particular culture to focus on for this event, and plan activities that will help families learn about that culture.

For example, you might choose to host an Italian cultural night and offer the following activities:

  • Provide participants with a passport or airline ticket with a map of events and activities.
  • Take a photo of each family in front of a background representing Italian culture. Photos could be posted on Facebook for families to access and share.
  • Create posters or displays that focus on famous Italians, or offer a time line of significant Italian historic events.
  • Share a story about the Church’s beginnings in Italy.
  • Show a video about the Rome Italy Temple, which is currently under construction.
  • Provide instruction on how to index Italian records.
  • Invite children to color pictures on butcher paper attached underneath a table (like Michelangelo did on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel).
  • Identify an area where families can learn how to play a game from that country (bocce ball, for example).
  • Provide food samples from the country (such as a taste of gelato).


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