What Happened the Day You Were Born

Audience: Families (children, youth, and adults)

Objective: Family members will explore what happened in history on the day they or their ancestors were born.

Gather families around a computer (you can divide large families into two smaller groups) where they will learn about specific events that took place on the birthday or in the birth year of family members or their ancestors.

The participants may record interesting facts in their journals or add them to family tree as notes or stories. As families look back in time with this activity, they also reflect on the circumstances and challenges of their ancestors. This activity can generate conversation among family members that help them think of historical events they have witnessed in their own time and how they have been affected by them.

Participants may want to begin their search at Wikipedia.org. Start by searching for a month and year or just a year associated with their ancestor. To find other helpful sites, perform an Internet search for “This day in history”.