How Well Do You Know Me?

Audience: Families (or other groups)

Objective: Families will spend time together and learn more about one another, which will help family members to see how they are unique in their family and what they all have in common.

Give each member of the family a question list on which they will write their own answers to about 10 questions and then write how they think their family members will respond to the same questions. Here are some sample questions you could include on the list:

  • What is your favorite dessert?
  • What is your favorite color?
  • What is your favorite song?
  • What do you most like to do for fun?
  • Where would you most like to go on vacation?

While they are writing down their answers, take one person at a time into another room to create an audio recording of their responses to each question. Ask the person to say his or her full name. The staff person reads the question, and the person respond to it. After each person finishes, pause the recording so every answer is part of one large recording. When the recording is finished, give the recording to the family to keep.

Once everyone has filled out the list, they will play the recording and each person will keep track of how many he or she guessed correctly.