Follow the Footsteps of Your Ancestor

Audience: Families (children, youth, and adults)

Objective: Families will use online tools such as Google Earth, RootsMapper, and Historic Map Works to explore places where their ancestors lived and follow their migration routes.

Invite youth, adults, and families to get to know their family’s origins by exploring places and streets where their ancestors once lived or by following their migration routes.

Accommodate two to three individuals per computer to ensure a better experience.. Help them to think about their ancestors as they identify places and to establish a connection with these places and ancestors.

Here are some examples of tools and ways to use them:

  • Google Earth: Explore the places where ancestors lived. View places down to the street level to explore the neighborhoods their ancestors knew
  • RootsMapper: View the migration patterns of generations of ancestors, see their route displayed on a world map, and view their places of origin and settlement. Zoom in to see more detail about the places, and see family tree information about specific ancestors. Site is in English.
  • Historic Map Works: See the world your ancestors knew. View maps and atlases from many locations around the world. Some maps can be searched for by city, address, GPS coordinates, or geographical and other points of interest. Site is in English
  • For an additional activity, members can create posters to display details about their ancestors’ homes or migration routes. These posters can be shared at a ward or branch gathering, displayed in the family history center, or shared with family members.