Heirloom Night

Audience: Families (children, youth, and adults)

Objective: Families will make a personal connection with their ancestors, feel the spirit of Elijah, and actively begin to engage in the work of salvation.

Invite families to the family history center. Ask them to bring a favorite family heirloom. Ask each family to take a turn sharing the heirloom they brought, talking about the ancestor it belonged to, and explaining why the item has significance to the family.

  • Families could take a photo of the item, write a story about its significance, and add the story to the ancestor’s Person page in Family Tree.
  • Families could think about and discuss the things that they own and value today. What items symbolize family values? What items might become heirlooms for their posterity? Why?
  • Families could follow up after the activity with a family home evening during which they create a family time capsule. Families could include photos, goals for the future, and other items that could be opened in the future.